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Award given to the Tournament champions of the week.

This award will go to League winners and Tournament winners to begin. Steem account and a Brosinopoker account will be needed to gain this award. All games will be played at the Brosino poker site

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Okay. I jumped in this at the deep, or more slipped my way in the deep end when I meant to just dip my toe. I'm here now so may as well see how the water swims.

Random thought.
Does water swim? How does water now which water should float on top of the other water.

^^^ you don't have to answer that ^^^

Brosino poker has opened it's doors. You cannot make a deposit to play poker with. You cannot send extra funds to boost your account. You can play poker for fun and maybe win some Crypto along the way Steem or SBD,. Unsure about the Bro side and if you can win Bro Tokens. Either way. It seems to be pretty much along the lines of the previous versions offered to us by @TuckFreeman (kudos) I do like the winning tickets to poker games :) this clicks with me much better than just winning the Steem.

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How the reward will be structured I have no bloody clue. Give each win a point? 3 for 1st 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. Maybe do that to 6 points as a minimum of 6 is required, That way even frequency of playing can give a reward to tournament players and not just the winner of a game.

Then keeping track of the points week to week. lol More and more I like the simplicity of just adding to a vote fan base and adjust on and off week by week.

Some effort will also be given to support posts for Brosino poker or the poker community within.

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Maybe there is a Brosino poker game starting near you soon. Check out the Brosino poker site and test your skills. The game is friendly with a family atmosphere. As a bonus there are some great people who play there too.


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