WIP Morgan concept design version 2 bringaheeytolife

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Second version of Morgan
for the contest bring Ahe'ey to life

rough sketch colored second version, after some direction of you @jamielefay
I hope you like it.

Again looking for some criticism. if you think this is heading the way you like it. I will continue adding details. I am done with the face but I mostly worry about her clothing and her body type. I think it might be to skinny?
I think she is a modern casual girl. I am not adding make ups and I am leaving the hair for the last, As I know what the hair should look like I am not really worry about them.
I will update with one post daily of its progress.



I actually really liked the previous design. I agree this is more Morgan, but I can see the previous clothing design, (maybe without the neck bow and high heels) being used elsewhere in Ahe'ey.

I will keep the previous design and make something out of it for you then. thank you.

Better check that Jamie agrees with me before doing any more with it, though!

I will work on it out of hobby since you like it when I get some free time.
At the moment I have the contest 2 oil paintings sitting on my workshop waiting and a project for my 200 followers millestone as a thank you to my followers.

But I will get back to it. I ll find the time.
no worries.

I like the clothes and the eye expression a lot. Once you finish the hair, it will look great. I read all of Jamie's work, and I could totally see Morgan look like this. The breast action seems a bit sexualised, but that's my only comment.

I like it- but know nothing about Ahe'ey !

The part I read was taking place at 2014 I will read more of it if I have the time to do a novel read! right now I must get to work, speaking of. I found out what to do for my milestone 200 followers

I would love if you name me your favorite flower :)

Orchids . @cryptofunk always buys me orchids- house full of them. Beautiful.

I love them too. but they are so semanding and delicate. It is so hard to keep them alive!

Nailed it. Perhaps a tiny bit less lip and breast contour. Apart from that, it's perfect. I think this lady deserves to wear her curls wild and lose, don't you? Thank you @skapaneas. The fact that you are evolving the work and seeking feedback makes me very happy. I'm a huge supporter of collaboration and agility in creativity. Rock on! J

Ok since we got this covered I will try to finalize her in time and start working with Ba'stion. I get the feel he is a noble warrior maybe.
I ll go for that and we'll see how it goes.

Awesome. I look forward to Bas and the final version of Morgan. Happy Dance!!