Starting my BJJ journey

Hi Steemit,

This is my first post ever, and for me this was important post to get out before I Introduce Myself, as I have been putting this off for some time. I have decided to use this as a place for me to journal about my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Journey. Recently I have decided to focus myself a lot more on my BJJ development over the summer, having registered for a competition in August but for now is most likely cancelled. I have purchased ZEN JIU JITSU BEYOND ROLLING BY OLIVER STAARK to help me with this. The book focuses on developing your skills from White to Blue Belt and within the early pages it strongly encourages small journal entries every time you train or spar. My goal with this is to have an additional outlet to expand upon my thoughts/ development/ comments on my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey.

I have been practicing since April '16, so just over a year at this point. Living in Northern Ontario, the biggest challenge I face is getting out and being able to train with different and other practitioners. At our club we generally have anywhere from 6-12 in our BJJ classes but we are about a 50/50 split white and blue belts, with the occasional purple belt stopping in. We are affiliated with a Black Belt academy down in Toronto so we occasionally go down their to train or they come up to put on a training seminar. But for the most part we train with the same 6 or so people. So sometimes it can be tricky when you are training with the same people, as a white belt because I feel like I am only seeing a certain style and not seeing what else is out there.

This was very apparent to me when I had my first competition last March about a year into my practicing. Luckily the event was a round-robin style competition so I was guaranteed 4 matches per division that I competed in, I competed in both GI and NoGI. Going in I was very aware of my abilities and have trained a few times with other people but never in a competition format so I knew that it would be unlike anything I experiences before. That being said I am able to hold my own against most of the people at our club, so I set a goal for myself to win 1 match. And at the end of it all I completed my goal! The whole event was a great experience being able to realize that competition level and seeing where I need to get to if I want to be successful.

It is very unfortunate that they had to cancel this up coming competition but I am looking forward to testing myself again and seeing how I have come along since April.

That being said I want to use this as a tool to help keep myself accountable because given my training situation I am going to have to take some initiative myself if I want to improve and learn different/ new techniques.


Another white belt checking in! Thrilled to find more BJJ here!

@rdhealth, Welcome to Steemit! I am very glad to find more BJJ people, since as you can see if you explore the BJJ tag, it would seem that despite being a few of us here, the field is a bit empty still.

I definitively support your idea of a training journal/log. I have one and it has definitely helped me a lot to improve and it is also handy if you ever need to review stuff (mine is a small notebook that I carry with me where I write on the way back home after training). I think it mostly helps because to write down things you have to review the techniques and your rolls in your head and it helps your brain process them and assimilate them better.

Also, kudos on your past competition! Eight matches, wow. I would also be very happy if I win at least one. I applaud your motivation and it seems like you are on the right path for a visible improvement on your BJJ in the near future.

White belts, unite! Hehehe. Followed you and looking forward to your updates.


Yes I noticed that it is pretty empty here too! Hopefully we can be pioneers for all the lonely BJJers out there

I kept hearing I should be doing it and finally caved and already I can see its importance in furthering my game.

Yes eight was very exhausting but very worth it, as there isn't too many competition around where I live.

White belts FTW!

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Thank You - @blueorgy

Hi Rob, Peter here. Blue belt from Cebu, Philippines. Great to see other jiujitieros here. Also competing in October and started a training log too. :)

Keep it up. IT's not going to be easy but it will be worth it. I recommend buying instructional DVDs too, you can rip them to your computer and resell them when you are done. I think you might also find Stephan kesting's website to be quite helpful. in your BJJ journey. Keep training!

Thanks ehzi! Any DVDs you would personally recommend? I actually already follow Stephan on Youtube, really enjoy his stuff

There are two set's I'd recommend highly:
"Immunity" by Alan Belcher.
It shows a lot of good escapes and defences to the common submissions. It's best to not get that far, but if you end up in a bad spot its good to know something to try and get out

And "the blue Belt requitrements"- by Roy dean
It's a great coverage of the basics.

Hope that helps. Keep training

Thanks! I will be sure to add them to my ever growing list of BJJ resources to check out haha