Bragbox: I am the first official purchaser of the first full length movie to have its world premiere on the Steem blockchain.

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The first full length movie to have a world premiere on the Steem blockchain is the Juju Gum Conspiracy, directed by @vachemorte and ably assisted in all the things by @juliakponsford. Until Feb 8th 2018, you can watch the whole movie from this post here.

Well, I just had to be the first on the blockchain to buy a copy of this film. So, I contacted the @vachemorte and @juliakponsford and figured out an argeement. For some background, I work with @juliakponsford on the "Make A Minnow" (@msp-makeaminnow) that regularly awards a delegation of 5,000 SP for four weeks to a deserving minnow.

The proof of the deal is in this receipt from @juliakponsford to me, recorded on the Steem blockchain as transaction 4179b7cf5c2750280ca3e9c50f127f83dfa8d3fc in block #19,297,399 at 2018-01-25 21:04:15 (UTC).

The director's cut of the Juju Gum Conspiracy feels quite different without the episodic intro and credit sequences every few minutes. But, I love how the two versions cross-inform each other: in the episodic version having the 'Juju' jingle repeating every ten minutes as the episode intro did get a bit annoying, but I missed the hallucinogenic trance of the 'Juju' jingle's in the film cut. I guess some viewers are hard to please. :)
No spoilers, but this is a film that makes art of it's imperfections. Worth a watch if you like it indie.

I'm looking forward to the next work by this duo.

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Congratulations to you my friend. Totally missed this post, looks like I missed the opportunity to watch it here too as you say feb 8th. In fact I feel like I missed a lot of things the past two weeks. I had basically the worst internet since like 1996 dial up at my moms house in rural up-state NY.

I've been MIA in the Galapagos Islands! If it wasn't for steem auto and whole lot of patience I wouldn't have been able to get any posts up. Galapagos was awesome, but I learned just how addicted to the internet and steemit I am. When even working, the internet's top speed was 30k/s! I couldn't even email most days! So I'm glad I'm out of there and will now be more present here on Steemit. I'll be around, hope you are well. -Dan


Oh that slow internet! Noooooooo.
I suspect the movie will be available again sometime. Probably for a small fee or something.

Amazing!! I am going to check it out! I remember wathing a steemian talk about the potential of movies to appear on steemit. It seems like a good idea to get more engagement for your movie. Excited to see the first movie already appearing!

You got some good juju for yuyu !

First movie premiered on steem blockchain and i am just finding out about it now. I missed it by a week. wish i could have found this post sooner.


I think there will be outlets for the movie in the future.


glad to hear that. thanks for the information.

I congratulate you because it is the first film that is passed through the chain of blocks and that well that was for steemit, enjoy the episodes very much, enjoy the character of cedri who was able to get work but in the end he got. successes


Cedric? He was a great viewpoint character, but his girlfriend Monica, was smarter. I think I really like Doctor Sabrozi. And Sergey was awesome for a laugh.
I'd love to write some Sergey fan-fiction actually. You could do that without making any spoilers for the movie.


OK, then i'm definitely watching it!

Congrats! I'll check out the movie.

hey man, i hit 150 steem power and i want to thank you again for your advice!


I should also say, I haven't been watching my feed much on Steem lately - been much too busy. But, I do catch an occasional video of yours on YT still. Good to see you're keeping on doing what you do.


All organic growth too! That's growth to be proud of - by your own sweat equity.
A couple of tips to accelerate your growth a bit more: It's great you're responding to commenters on your posts. You could try commenting on the posts of others more too. Ideally, you want engaged followers (not just bulk follower) because engaged followers will upvote you more.
Instead of selling you SBD post rewards and then powering up the STEEM into SP, you might consider using the SBD to promote your post via an upvote bot. That will increase your ROI over the SBD->STEEM-SP method you're currently using. An easy bot for beginners to try is MinnowBooster - they give guaranteed ROI - granted, not high ROI, but still more than selling the SBD for STEEM (then SP). And, using this method, you get more visibility for your posts too.


minnow booster was following me for awhile, i guess i was supposed to transfer steem to it? didn't know


You don't have to do anything, but if you send it some SBD (not steem) and inude your post uri in the memo, then you'll get an upvote.

never heard of it. I'll have to check that out. BTW, thank you for all the support over the last 7 months eturner. I really appreciate it.

Greetings @eturnerx, I would like to know if SP contracts can still be contracted and how can they be hired? P.D .: this is a translation using Google translator

Interesting. First movie through blockchain is big thing. Also I think all ateemitian wants to see this movie. May be it attracts more people to watch. thanks for share this most of user unknown from this

Wow this is great, juju gum for you all

postingan yang sangat bermanfaat
good luck @eturnerx
salam sukses dari saya

Congrats great post 👏

following and thanks for your support!

Don't forget upvote my story freind

friend I saw the movies I understand intermediate English but I thought it was great that it was the first movie on this platform, I congratulate the creators, and you who had the first purchase option, I follow you

That would be awesome for movies to be available on steemit :D exciting

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Hay @eturnerx why do not you post again in steemit ... I miss you

I will follow you! Upvote