If You Care About Steem, Stop Using Steemit

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If you are part of the Steem community, I hope there's one message you hear loud and clear: Steem (the blockchain) and STEEM (the token) are not Steemit (the company) or Steemit.com (the website).

January 2018
STEEM Is NOT Steemit. STEEM Is More Valuable Than Steemit.

February 2020
STEEM is still not Steemit, even if Tron buys Steemit.

The real currency around here is the relationships. The community. The people.

Truly committed people can't be bought at any price.

The Currency of Steemit Isn't Steem Power, STEEM, or SBD. <-- That post made over $1,300. Why? Because it struck a nerve and helped people ask themselves, why am I here? Is it just about money or something more?

If you're just here for some cryptocurrency or a neat social media platform then you're probably not much different than those who float from MySpace, to Facebook, to whatever's next. A blockchain is more permanent than that. You own your data and the interface you use to access it doesn't matter. It will be yours forever as long as the chain is still running and you have your private key. You're not locked into one platform but can freely choose to use any interface you like.

I get that some people don't care about this. They don't care about decentralization, censorship resistance, or the technical details of blockchain technology. Sometimes technology serves those who don't yet understand why they need it. If you build a following on a centralized platform and get demonetized or you find yourself in a country which controls what you can and cannot say, in that moment you may find yourself understanding what Steem is really about. If your very relationships are censored, you'll know why Steem is so important.

Witnesses are working to protect your content.

It's clear to me, the Steemit company, Steemit.com website, and Steemit brand are tarnished beyond repair. From the beginning, the promises made about the ninja-mined stake were not kept. Frustrations with the leadership were never resolved. Most of the employees have resigned. IMO, the new owners don't understand blockchain technology because they don't understand how consensus mechanisms rely on decentralization to remain secure. They worked with exchanges to entirely centralize the chain to be controlled by one person and didn't see a problem with this.

Those of us who expect our Steem based content to live on long after we die do care about this. Where's your content on Geocities, MySpace, Google Reader, or Google+ now? Centrally controlled services can come and go, but a blockchain is forever.

For that reason, I suggest you stop using Steemit.com

Not only that, I encourage you to tell others to stop using it also. Get some hashtags going like #SteemNotSteemit or #SteemitIsDeadLongLiveSteem or #BoycottSteemit or make up your own. Share your reasons on Twitter. Tell people why you no longer trust the entity behind Steemit who have no concerns about centrally controlling your blockchain. If they took that action, what else are they willing to do with the interface you use? Instead, look to the other great options available to you. There are many, but I'll highlight three here:




Screen Shot 20200305 at 7.04.28 PM.png


Screen Shot 20200305 at 6.42.45 PM.png

Your content on the blockchain will live on for many years as long as the chain is running and you can trust the sites you use to access your blockchain data. You can also use great tools like Steem Connect and Steem Keychain to ensure any Steem-enabled site you login to can't access your private keys.

I believe the real value of the Steem blockchain is in the relationships and the community. I think that community has demonstrated its power and value over the last couple of weeks. If we come together to boycott Steemit and focus on community-run projects, we can finally get out from under the stigma of a centralized company and move towards a truly decentralized community.

If you care about Steem, stop using Steemit.


I have made the switch to SteemPeak since this Steemit madness has happened but there is something I hope developers can appreciate....

What I enjoyed the most about Steemit was that...It was simple to use. Clean and not a lot going on. I know some folks love the details and in depth features some of these front ends have...And once you learn it, they are amazing....

But the majority of the people, that we are seeking to onboard, want things...Simple. They wanna pick something up, and use it. Nothing too crazy o complicated at first...And then get more people into the more feature rich applications later.

Minimalism will always win the day. It's how Google surpassed Yahoo and Facebook surpassed MySpace. I am trying to build a Steem project that follows that exact line of thinking for a very minimalist post-and-go sort of experience. I love that multiple platforms can exist without the need to try to be the only one because you can focus on a niche feature-set, but like indie art, it yields mixed results.

What I am working on will have no more functionality than posting, commenting, up/down voting, and filtered feeds. Being designed specifically for mobile and tablet responsiveness through an SPA makes it flexible, light-weight, platform independent, and extremely agile.

At any rate, I think your point is even more crucial than most smaller dev teams end up realizing and so they OVER work the problem. You get so wrapped up in "what could be done" that you forget "what should be done". It doesn't need to be Rube Goldberg, but you might still get your fan/user base that way, too.

Busy.org is clean and almost minimalist. It's sad they stopped working on it and it's gone down the drain in the past years.

The other day steemit.com and the tribes were also down I think but busy.org stayed up. That site always seems to stay running when everything else crashes. Steemit was not down for too long though.

Yeah my thoughts too....Busy never really seems to work for me. It was amazing at it's prime.

For the same look and feel, check out https://Steeming.com website.
I hope you try it.

Posted via Steeming.com

Hi @jongolson. I switched to SteemPeak almost immediately after joining Steemit. With SteemPeak you can save your work in drafts, create templates to make posting easier for contests, speciality blogs such as Freewrites, and Curation Projects. It's a timesaver for me to already have my headers and footers in place. All I have to do is insert my content.

The other feature I like about SteemPeak is the Scheduler. I have frequent internet interruptions, and it takes my ISP several days to respond. By scheduling my post, I don't have to worry about not publishing on a particular day.

I wouldn't switch back or use any other front-end. Also, SteemPeak allows me to utilize 10 tags for my postings. I love the side-by-side preview so as you input information in your blog, you can actual see how it will look when published.

Can't say enough about SteemPeak because it's easy to use. Take care, and have a great day.

Yeah it's brilliant. I really do love how easy you can switch between accounts too....Easy to manage this account and CTP's.

Steemit has drafts.

Hi @joeyarnoldvn. I didn't say that Steemit didn't have drafts.

Oh ok. Good. Well, I am beginning to like Steem Peak and may move over someday.

The other thing I like about SteemPeak is the Scheduler. That way I won't miss a deadline on any contests, etc. My internet is frequently going out, and it takes my ISP several day to get someone out to check our neighborhood hub to see what's going on.

So, you schedule out posts? That is tempting for me. Someday, I hope to find ways around my ISP to access the Internet via more decentralized methods perhaps.

I need to check this out. I love templates.

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Fully agree with the fact a UI shall be clean. For curation I still prefer the Steemit UI a whole lot; Much easier to navigate through hundreds of posts in a s less time as possible.

I love simplicity, so that's why I always loved using Steemit first....But now who knows what is going on there LOL SteemPeak is proving to be fantastic for me...Even if there is a bigger learning curve.

I've been using SteemPeak for sometime now. I love it. I would like to see a more robust content search feature.

I have been dabbling with it for a while now, but really went all in after this Steemit drama....So far, it's been fantastic!

I could not agree with you more. I have not a single negative thing to say about SteemPeak ... except I haven't been using it for the very reasons you stated. I dread having to learn the interface but I will because Luke is right about this.

Minimalism is the very goal we strived for with the Steemhouse Literary Journal site as well. I kept saying over and over and over: "Just the stories. Nothing in the sidebars. Nothing flashing. Nothing to distract." We finally got it live to my satisfaction, but I had to fight tooth and nail to keep the design clean. Everybody likes bells and whistles, it seems, except for me, and you, I suppose.

Yeah I really love simplicity and I think something as complicated as Steem should be easy for the everyday person to jump on board at first...

Get them to poke around and learn what is what....Then graduate to more in depth and feature rich front ends.

A question please. I have always used Steemit because I trusted Ned wouldn't be dumb enough to hijack my wallet (which is now owned by Justin Sun). I have never shared my password with any other site, or the Steemconnect etc. I don't know that I can, as I know nothing about those people who own and run those.

So how would I go about learning who these people are who run and own these alternatives? As much as I disapprove of what Sun is doing, like with Ned, I don't see him raiding my wallet either. I would prefer to have that same confidence before entrusting one of these alternatives with my keys.

It's a good question and thank you for asking it. Steem Connect has been trusted by the community for a long time (github here) and core Steemit developers worked on it as well. Steem Keychain is also used and trusted by many in the community (github here).

I was curious as to why @esteem and @steempeak require an active key through Steem Connect rather than just a posting key?

We certainly don't want you to have to put your active key anywhere. However seems to continue to be a requirement of steemconnect interface.

Thank you for responding. :)

Just a little heads up... We are now testing another system that is similar to steemconnect that makes active key completely optional. Keychain is a wonderful alternative for desktop users however we need something solid for mobile users.

We need to hit the google play store with apps for exposure. Everyone has phone, but not everyone has a computer. Also Steem Monsters would be niiiiice as an app.

Steem Connect adjusts your account's posting permissions so the apps can post for you. Adjusting your posting permissions requires the active key. Here's an example from my account via steemd:


where do I undo these posting permissions? It's outrageous to have so many unknown online identities to be able to post / vote on your behalf. Huge attack surface. Got to prune this list ruthlessly!

Thank you for responding with a concise and easy to understand answer, it's much appreciated! :)

What does the 6.25% mean? Is that a percentage of payout or a percentage of something else that you do not get and which goes out to those apps?

It is the percentage of the listed authorities required to carry out a transaction. Since each is 6.25% and the Threshold at the bottom is also 6.25%, it means that any one of those authorities can make a transaction on your account.

I guess I should write an authority management app for that.

They have already deceived once, and deceived the second time.
Continue to use Steemit - it has a future. They have no future.

Who is they?

And why does Steemit have a future when most of the employees left? Justin seems to just want a return on his investment, not to build something valuable for this community. He's not part of this community, so why would he do anything for it?

Who cares about dinosaurs?
In your opinion, you can’t do something good and make money on it?))) What are you guys doing here then?)))

@thefirstwave You think we're going to listen to you on this? A rookie with a poor reputation, come on. The real question is, what are YOU doing here?

Am I not telling a lie?) Don't you make sculptures, don’t post them here and don’t get paid for it? Or do you not like making sculptures?

Steem-Key extension lives on your desktop. Keys are stored locally. You can use Steem-Key to access SteemPeak but Busy never rolled out support for it.

Seems highly likely Sun will abandon Steemit.com, particularly as the developers have all left. We need everyone to know about the alternative front ends. Particularly Steempeak.com which absolutely blows steemit.com out of the water.

Exactly. That's why I put this post together.

@lukestokes, this is a tiny change of topic, but are you and your family still living in Costa Rica? I'm out of the U.S. myself now, in Morocco. Would be very interested...when this Tron crisis is resolved...to chat with you about some business and banking matters related to Central America.

He will hire developers who truly can and want to work. He will push Steem to such scales that you have not even dreamed of.

Wow... That was... weirdly culty. I mean, if the developers that were there before Sun, the Mighty couldn't and/or didn't want to work, would you even be here? The fact that the ones who put in the work building it in the first place have left is a rather nasty sign of things to come and the intent of the person(s) that drove them to make that decision. Combined with the lengths he was willing to go to get what he ultimately wanted--knowing in advance it would potentially destabilize the community that makes it even worth existing along the way--sort of makes you wonder if he cares as much for you as you do for him.

I have no clue who or what the hell that was, lol. But I do know that "culty" is also launching a campaign to destroy the platform you use to spite someone else who may or may not be a threat to your individual control of it. There was not a wimper from these same witnesses that are now all of the sudden in a "power to the people" mode when this place was getting turned into a parking lot for bots and circle jerk voting herds. Losers came in here to destroy the platform, just like this, and nothing done or said because we are decentralized. Now we are all supposed to go to war because the wrong centralization is running the "decentralization," freaking give me a break. It's also culty to out people who don't for the witnesses you want them to vote, try to censor people with dissenting opinions on discord, whatever there is a public discussion/debate on it. Both sides have shown your ass. Luckily for Justin Sun this is not even a boil on his and this is a full body case of attitude herpes on the mob's part.

Its hard to argue with people that can't see what is clearly in front of their eyes. Its called "cognitive dissonance" and very common actually.

The cultists will say "we can't let 1 man control us", yet not one of them knows who controls @pumpkin and @freedom. Kinda funny actually.

Don't spend too much energy on 'em @cryptkeeper17, they probably still believe the taliban flew planes into the World Trade Center too. After all, those passports from the wreckage proves it ;)

Slow down guys, just talkin' about the verbage and trying to point out that there's no reason to dishonor the developers that put in serious portions of their lives. Also, I'm a dev, and I know what usually happens after a large chunk of the head of a project like this ups and resigns--it means someone stepped on the wrong line and there's a severe division of ideology. I don't buy tinfoil-hat theories. I know what I know and I know what I don't. In this situation, it seems a little of both sides are right--although, it seems one side took to some underhanded approaches out of pure self-interest--and I'll admit that even that information for me is second and third-hand.
As far as decentralization goes, I get that even limiting any power to a system of representation is centralizing it to a degree anyway. My primary concern in the aftermath of all this is potential censorship or bias starting to take deeper root and dividing the community even further than it already is and setting precedents that might not work well long-term.
Again, I could be wrong. I'll play my cards, you play yours, some of us will walk away from the table better or worse off, but let's not forget we're all still at the same table for mostly the same reasons--we like playing the game. Here, we get to play that game AND be part of a better next evolution of expression and technology working together to be something better than Facebook or Twitter. We still have the same goals; I think.

I don't have anything against you or anything you said... Many points you make I agree with you. Thanks for taking the time to write your comment and best of luck to you in the future!

Dear Leader will provide.

Prolly Sun or one of his sycophants trolling on his behalf.

not on mobile

That's a shame. Hopefully the steempeak guys are working on that.

We have used @steempeak since our private beta launched last year. Any other function usually carried out through a steempress linked domain.

How centralized is Steem ownership?

I prefered using Steemleo.com but I got banned there. :(

I've always used dapps like Steampeak, dlike, etc more than Steemit.

Makes sense. I'm happy to use steempeak and travelfeed.io, for example.

Isn't Busy abandoned? You can't even upload photos there anymore. Why are you telling people to go somewhere that won't be there in the future? No front end has any sort dependability that's why I use steemit. They make a percent of the pool, therefore I trust it to continue existing long after whoever runs steempeak quits. They all quit, the chainbbs and the dlives, I only trusted Steemit to be there tomorrow. How many non updated Dapps are there? The health of the steemit ecosystem is 100 percent linked to the health of steemit.com. No matter how much people repeat the steem isn't steemit mantra.
Witnesses should have forked away Ned's stake when Ned still owned it, waiting until someone else bought it to do anything is a dick move. This place was run was run by a bunch of greedy ned fanboy witnesses who stood bye and did nothing while Ned got stinking rich

Thank you voice of reason.. There are like 6 of us left

Thank God I found u guys I thought I was alone( 7 now :) )

Completely agree about this mess caused by the people running the show messing up big time

The steemit funds should have either been coded as non voting or such ( not a programmer) or treated no different to any other steem owned by anybody else otherwise who's wallet is next?

Running a business relying solely on somebody's promise that they won't do a runner with a bag of swag well we all see how that ends.
It seems we might be better off if there is a bit of a shift of power as we could do with a bit of a tidy up and certain issues being
clarified like the selfvote/bot vote issue (best remove the option( my opinion)
And quite a few more

All week Steemgeeks have been saying - use other Front ends like Steampeak...

OK - I've been using Steemit since Aug 2016 - can I log into Steampeak? - NO, buggered if I can - I usually use Opera or Brave, but I tried Firefox, and still got nowhere.

All I got was confused. I know I am a thick fucker sometimes but so are 99% of people on the internet. Steemit is already way too hard to use, and a front end that most people can't log into is not going to help matters.

If there are easy to follow instructions I'll give it a go - but I won't use Chrome, or Facebook, or Google, or Github, or any other spywear to log in, nor will I sign up for any new apps or other bollocks or use any key other than my usual Steemit posting key.



Interesting how many people recently try to tell me what i should do and don't do.

Hear hear, the last thing I want to hear is do this or that bc I used to matter here and now I don't so much

What is the best API node to use?


@lukestokes, In my opinion Steempeak is the best Interface out there with Rich Features and Services. Stay blessed.

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Have you really gone to the dark side Luke?

Were you really one of people who supported freezing his Stake?
I am so disappointed.
I honestly and wholeheartedly believed that you were one of the few honest witnesses

Everything was a OK as long as freedom was the shadowy central figure that bribed witnesses with his almighty stake weighted votes. As soon as the gravy train stopped all these Lil bitches started sniveling and whining.. Stfu Luke

Lets start promoting alternatives ! Maybe this initiative could help?

Here is whole post about initiative.



Now, I have just switched over to steempeak. :)

Only if I get to put oatmeal on your face.

Happy Steempeak user here. 😊 Important post - resteemed & 100% from me. It's important the community not be vulnerable & be prepared & flexible, ready for any structural changes ahead.

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I will never stop using Steem or Steemit... People are paying me to tell Steemit users about alternatives... I know it's almost like spamming, so I won't say who pays and what alternatives people should use...

SteemPeak and eSteem are great and better than Steemit 🤝 Thanks for the heads up 🙏

Just listened to the latest meeting with Witnesses, Roy (TRON) and you. Fascinating. My biggest take is TRON's obsession to powerdown within the quickest timeframe possible. When he mentions (twice) who will prepare the next HF and execution, it is Steemit Inc. Which we know is now TRON, but when he talks about accounts enabled for the quick powerdown, he becomes very vauge about which ones exactly.

My fear is after the code is reviewed by the witnesses and hypothetically accepted. Then it is for Steemit Inc. to execute. What is stopping them adding Steemit Inc. accounts into that powerdown scenario, this after the witnesses approved a HF without the Steemit accounts. Wouldnt it be relatively easy to blindside you and add the extra accounts to the list within the code? Then Tron would be liquid with 70 million Steem.

Does this make sense that this feels a little like a trojan horse?

Ps. Can I have a quick power down which is equal to what is being asked for by TRON. Why are the exchanges privileged to get this perk and the rest of us not?

Steempeak is better anyway!

I anticipate it will get a lot better now they've got funded through the SPS - they are getting a A LOT of money!

If you've written this after the meeting with Tron reps earlier (assuming you attended) I assume that meeting wasn't particularly productive!

Would gladly do that, however steempeak has isssues with utf-8. Hope this will be resolved soon.

If thats the case then i've been charing about STEEM for so long, I first found busy, then I got esteem on my mobile then went to partiko, then back to esteem then found my home on steempeak, by far the best. If it ever gets a mobile app ill be fully steempeaking

Yeah I'm not holding my breath

Lol well nothing is a given anymore this place is a mad house now! How will anyone get anything done or be constructive? As if development wasn’t slow as is

I use esteem since the begining! I love this app!
Very instructive post! It clarify me lots of things, that I didn't understand... I was on Strike of posting content, but I realize that if I publish in other App than steemit, that strike has no reason to be.
Thanks for that post dude!

To say the fact, the whole thing is just too confusing. This community us to be my very day stop. I am just checking in after a long time break

Considering I block steemit.com ads and that I'm aware of steempeak and busy as gateways, is there still any reason I should stop using steemit immediately? I'm just used to it.

Are any of the other sites dependent on certain running costs provided by steemit?

edit ie for infrastructure

At this point, I'm not sure. Some used to rely on the Steemit API, but I think @anyx's API can handle that load now.

Steemit is still my favorite UI. I would encourage the others to make a few changes first.

They're just trying to get people to do what they want. There is nothing wrong with steemit.

Do you like centralization?

I don't have RCs on that account, so i'll reply here.
Centralization is fine if it works well, which it does in the real world. Centralized systems are highly effective. Decentralization exists to curb the excesses and corruption that comes with centralized power. Decentralization removes the need for trust.

I suppose it's not a question of whether one likes centralization or not.
It's about what works best. I bet most of the users on steem don't really care about centralization-decentralization.

So, you love the centralization of Rothschild who had centralized power over banks, of Hitler who had centralized power, the centralized power of Facebook, etc, etc, etc?

Again, no. I do not support centralization
Why would you go to such extremes?

I am simply saying centralization in its entirety isn't the problem. The problem is the corruption with the power that comes with centralization.

How do we minimize power as absolute power can corrupt absolutely?

You don't like IPFS, P2P, Bit Torrent, Bitcoin, etc?

I think you're missing the point. If I didn't like cryptocurrency and decentralization, why am I here?

Exchanges stole money from their customers.

Nope, they 'legally' didn't. As is the first rule of decentralization, if it's not in your wallet, it's not yours. Before saying it's your money, please check the TOS.

I started not using steemit since the day Justin Sun acquired it.

I have been using Steemit for three years as I liked the simplicity and it worked fine for me but few days ago I finally made a decision to switch to another platform and after some research and feedback from people I follow and trust, I decided to go with SteemPeak.

I am still getting used to it and exploring all the options it has, so far it has been a great experience. :)

I need to make the switch but I've never used another front end, I'm not tech savy and for everything I need my partner to check :/ but I'll tell him to see to it. I get off loop easily and I come here as regular content creator, I've not even cashed myself ever. I posted yesterday because it was Women's day and as a woman and creator I wanted to shout out but I don't know now... kind of easy to lose the track of all things happening.

People get rewarded for imposing their opinions on others while countless of great content goes unnoticed. Everyone's busy circle voting their friends to regurgitate content about steem. The money grab is appalling.

There is nothing wrong with the steemit.com interface. Everyone's pretty safe since we're using keychain. I use Busy.org al the time. when I want clarity, I use steemit.com.

Sorry, but I don't subscribe to your opinion.

Not even that, people are getting rewarded for criticizing ned and Steemit, INC. and when I did it two years ago, I was too toxic and too negative, and people turned their backs on me lol.

Never tell people what they need to hear, tell them what they already know. That way, you become popular. Otherwise you're just a toxic truth teller, and no one likes that.

True. thing is, you called out this BS a long time ago, and i remember reading your post about quitting because of how toxic this place had gotten. Who'd have thought it would get worse. lol

The minority who do not support the witnesses' actions are being flagged and called out in various communities. Censorship

but only steemit.com has the community features, right?

That sounds all fine and dandy on the surface, Luke. I see your point, I value your stance. I respect this message through and through.

BUT. My work will still be displayed on Steemit.com, regardless of which front end I decide to use. The value in the form of eyes, attention, clicks, etc. my work (our work)brings to the platform does not go away, if I (we) decide to take a different approach.

As content producers, we should probably begin pushing Steemit.com to give us a cut of the ad revenue.

Does anyone use Steemit anymore Luke?

Then which interface should we use to post our content?

I need to get use to Steem Peak man, I've been using Steemit this whole 4 years.

and I recommend you continue to use it further

What's with all these really indoctrinationy sounding posts from low-rep accounts? Is this programmatic, or did this guy really lean in with a fedora on and a bad 40's Bronx accent under a swinging light in some warehouse and say, "I think it would be wise of you to just stay where you are."

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This is everything in few words. If you want to save the steem community, don't use steemit.com anymore. Because steemit.com no longer belongs to steem, it belongs to Tron now. So, if you are truly part of the steem community, look for another publishing app on the steem blockchain and start using it. If you don't do so, steem community will later lose its value. @lukestokes, is that what this article really mean?

what happened to Eli Powell, I've seen nothing written about her but am not on a lot. anyhow, a lot of us already backed up all our work and it's been rather sad but not surprising to see how this unrolled.
take care everyone, a lot is going on that trumps all of this and maybe a takeaway from this is that if order is to come out of this chaos it can be done so with an ethical compass......even in a "trustless dpos" system

She's been on some Discord calls, but I really don't know what she's been up to. Hasn't posted much on chain at all so in many ways, wasn't really part of this community much either. She still seems to work for Steemit.

Too many posts for me to read all the comments and help out... crazy. But I am around.

I tried all @steempeak ,@esteemapp ,Busy.org @partiko for blogging and also other dapps like @actifit and @Appics

I personally don't like to used steemit.com that's why I preferred esteem app over others and i am actively used it but as you not all steem based dapps and interfaces are not have same feature available on all that's why some time I used steemit.com if there is any feature not available on esteem app

Let us know what features are missing 😉

For example Community feature are not available on esteema app

I am not able to change settings for rewards while posting, if I want to declined my post rewards how I can do it on @esteemapp ?

I am not able to check who and when a steem user active last time

Esteemapp @esteemapp is little bit slow some time as compare to steemit.com

I am not able to check my voting and downvoting mana or power on esteemapp @esteemapp

Please compare esteemapp with steemit.com carefully and you can check by yourself there are many differences between both

Remember my attention is not to degrade esteemapp @esteemapp as you know I love esteem app over steemit and @good-karma is my favorite witness and steem developer you can verify it from my data on steem blockchain

Another thing I want to share with you it's not related to steemit.com

There is a spin feature on esteem app any one can get some free ESTM points once in 24 hours by spinning butt in the picture on spin wheel its shows 150, 200 ESTM points, I am using it from almost one month and I can not get more than 45 ESTM points

Is spinning feature is control by anyone or nobody can get more then 45 points please help me to understand this?

I am not able to change settings for rewards while posting, if I want to declined my post rewards how I can do it on @esteemapp ?

  • You can change settings of reward on eSteem Surfer for now, but we are working to add it into mobile as well.

I am not able to check who and when a steem user active last time

  • This information is not available on any Steem interfaces as far as I know, but really good feature to add. We will consider adding this.

Esteemapp @esteemapp is little bit slow some time as compare to steemit.com

  • Website or Surfer or Mobile app? Also it depends on server you are connecting, not entirely depend on app performance

I am not able to check my voting and downvoting mana or power on esteemapp @esteemapp

  • On Surfer, you can see them on footer. On Mobile, you can see them in your profile page, go to your profile page, click on details and click on 2 horizontal lines to see details.

There is a spin feature on esteem app any one can get some free ESTM points once in 24 hours by spinning butt in the picture on spin wheel its shows 150, 200 ESTM points, I am using it from almost one month and I can not get more than 45 ESTM points

  • Picture is to illustrate randomness and it includes when non-free spinning is used, non-free spin gives higher chance for bigger reward.

This information is not available on any Steem interfaces as far as I know, but really good feature to add. We will consider adding this

  • Its available on steemit.com check in picture below I am online 21 minutes ago

Website or Surfer or Mobile app? Also it depends on server you are connecting, not entirely depend on app performance

  • I am talking about only mobile app because I used only mobile app of esteem, please tell me which server is better to connect for good speed?

Other points are cleard thanks for your support esteemapp @esteemapp

Nice. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how it's done.

Well said, STEEM is not STEEMIT, there will be no STEEMIT when community left it!


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For sure... I would promote Steempeak.com as almost the default we should be promoting. You can also use many of the SCOT front-ends too. Like ...

#SteemNotSteemit #SteemitIsDeadLongLiveSteem #BoycottSteemit

So, Steemit site is only centrally controled by the new tron guys,rest are community owned, correct.

All those options are dog shit on mobile.. Also fuck off, I will steem how I fucking please.. Steemit ain't great but it's better than the other options on mobile.. Not to mention the content will still be on steemit regardless so...... Grow up

I am using @esteemapp from many days and use also beta.steempeak.com 🤗🤗🤗

In general, I use Steempeak because it has a better user interface and more useful features than the Steemit front end. My background is somewhat in the field of software usability (meaning I am not a developer, but I have spent a lot of time in labs watching how people actually USE computers) and I like to promote Steempeak because it "makes sense" as a front end for those who know/care little about blockchains, decentralization, cryptocurrencies and just want a "nice looking" social blogging platform.

In your "call to action" @lukestokes, perhaps it would be useful to have a follow-up related to the "steemitwallet.com" site, which is sort of integrated with "Steemit" and make some recommendations there, as well. And perhaps look directly at why we have a SteemIT wallet and not a Steem wallet. And yes, I know Roeland created the Steemwallet.app, but it's a mobile app.

The "steemwallet.com" domain is currently owned by a domain squatter... but perhaps it would behoove the community/developers/some enterprising individual to consider buying it and developing a wallet for ALL types of devices that has a NAME that makes sense (i.e. "SteemWallet" as another measure to distance the blockchain/token a bit more from Steemit, Inc. This could even be created as an SPS project for the community to vote on and support. Potentially, it could even be tied in with a partnership/collaboration with a DEX because the crypto world desperately needs a functioning decentralized exchange that's not effectively unusable due to lack of volume/liquidity.

For all I know, this has already been discussed and talked about at length, so just ignore me if I'm beating a dead horse!

What difference does it really make?

Only problem is that the other platforms also rely on Steemit API servers, which are expensive to run. In the past Steemit's stake which Ned now sold to JS/Tron was used to fund the servers. We were somehow exit scammed by Ned who sold our community stake to somebody who wants to dump the stake ASAP.

No one warned me.
There was no disclaimer.
No asterisk.
No pop up.

When I came to this community I had no idea what I was walking into.

And now I do.


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I just switched to Steepeak myself...

Why stopping

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Steempeak has never let me down. Use steempeak its smoother, looks better and runs better than steemit. I used steempeak once and never went back to steemit.

How can people register an account for free without steemit.com? This is a big problem if you need to pay to join. This will be a barrier for those who want to come here. There are steem forks where registration is free.

Thanks man! Just trying steempeak and esteem!

Just changed my bookmark to busy.org , let's hope for better and more decentralized days :D

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I salute to this post! @lukestokes

I have just switched over to steempeak today.

At the end of the day, what the fuck is it anyway? I made some cash on the Way up
But didn’t invest a cent!

So what i must to do with steemit now. Ok i'm clearly understand what you mean, hiw about other applications?

Thank you for this amazing explanations , long live Steem then

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I use Steempeak all the time

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The strange thing is I know Steempeak is a much better frontend and have used it from time to time, but still end up back at Steemit...

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It's sad if people won't use Steemit anymore. It's like the "mother site" of all things posted on the STEEM blockchain and you would rather boycott it. I prefer to still use Steemit and see all other posts from other condensers still post on here so there is a one site to view everything posted on the STEEM blockchain.

I do use eSteem, Busy and other condensers and dApps but if you remove the main site from the picture then it's just sad it's come to this. 🤷

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