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RE: If You Care About Steem, Stop Using Steemit

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Seems highly likely Sun will abandon, particularly as the developers have all left. We need everyone to know about the alternative front ends. Particularly which absolutely blows out of the water.


Exactly. That's why I put this post together.

@lukestokes, this is a tiny change of topic, but are you and your family still living in Costa Rica? I'm out of the U.S. myself now, in Morocco. Would be very interested...when this Tron crisis is chat with you about some business and banking matters related to Central America.

He will hire developers who truly can and want to work. He will push Steem to such scales that you have not even dreamed of.

Wow... That was... weirdly culty. I mean, if the developers that were there before Sun, the Mighty couldn't and/or didn't want to work, would you even be here? The fact that the ones who put in the work building it in the first place have left is a rather nasty sign of things to come and the intent of the person(s) that drove them to make that decision. Combined with the lengths he was willing to go to get what he ultimately wanted--knowing in advance it would potentially destabilize the community that makes it even worth existing along the way--sort of makes you wonder if he cares as much for you as you do for him.

I have no clue who or what the hell that was, lol. But I do know that "culty" is also launching a campaign to destroy the platform you use to spite someone else who may or may not be a threat to your individual control of it. There was not a wimper from these same witnesses that are now all of the sudden in a "power to the people" mode when this place was getting turned into a parking lot for bots and circle jerk voting herds. Losers came in here to destroy the platform, just like this, and nothing done or said because we are decentralized. Now we are all supposed to go to war because the wrong centralization is running the "decentralization," freaking give me a break. It's also culty to out people who don't for the witnesses you want them to vote, try to censor people with dissenting opinions on discord, whatever there is a public discussion/debate on it. Both sides have shown your ass. Luckily for Justin Sun this is not even a boil on his and this is a full body case of attitude herpes on the mob's part.

Its hard to argue with people that can't see what is clearly in front of their eyes. Its called "cognitive dissonance" and very common actually.

The cultists will say "we can't let 1 man control us", yet not one of them knows who controls @pumpkin and @freedom. Kinda funny actually.

Don't spend too much energy on 'em @cryptkeeper17, they probably still believe the taliban flew planes into the World Trade Center too. After all, those passports from the wreckage proves it ;)

Slow down guys, just talkin' about the verbage and trying to point out that there's no reason to dishonor the developers that put in serious portions of their lives. Also, I'm a dev, and I know what usually happens after a large chunk of the head of a project like this ups and resigns--it means someone stepped on the wrong line and there's a severe division of ideology. I don't buy tinfoil-hat theories. I know what I know and I know what I don't. In this situation, it seems a little of both sides are right--although, it seems one side took to some underhanded approaches out of pure self-interest--and I'll admit that even that information for me is second and third-hand.
As far as decentralization goes, I get that even limiting any power to a system of representation is centralizing it to a degree anyway. My primary concern in the aftermath of all this is potential censorship or bias starting to take deeper root and dividing the community even further than it already is and setting precedents that might not work well long-term.
Again, I could be wrong. I'll play my cards, you play yours, some of us will walk away from the table better or worse off, but let's not forget we're all still at the same table for mostly the same reasons--we like playing the game. Here, we get to play that game AND be part of a better next evolution of expression and technology working together to be something better than Facebook or Twitter. We still have the same goals; I think.

I don't have anything against you or anything you said... Many points you make I agree with you. Thanks for taking the time to write your comment and best of luck to you in the future!

Dear Leader will provide.

Prolly Sun or one of his sycophants trolling on his behalf.

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That's a shame. Hopefully the steempeak guys are working on that.