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All week Steemgeeks have been saying - use other Front ends like Steampeak...

OK - I've been using Steemit since Aug 2016 - can I log into Steampeak? - NO, buggered if I can - I usually use Opera or Brave, but I tried Firefox, and still got nowhere.


All I got was confused. I know I am a thick fucker sometimes but so are 99% of people on the internet. Steemit is already way too hard to use, and a front end that most people can't log into is not going to help matters.

If there are easy to follow instructions I'll give it a go - but I won't use Chrome, or Facebook, or Google, or Github, or any other spywear to log in, nor will I sign up for any new apps or other bollocks or use any key other than my usual Steemit posting key.

This shit drives people away:






Ah, great, a fellow thick fucker. I have tried and tried with steampeak but have exactly the same problem as you do.

The problem here is they expect you to know what these things are.
And, as normal users, we have no clue what the attributes of any method is.
What/who are we entrusting our keys to?

And they assume you know what all those other words mean.

After that, its really clear and simple...except when it doesn't work

Hm, I wonder if using chrome makes the difference or if it's because I logged into it in the very beginning so now it just connects. I actually prefer it, and believe me I couldn't get into pretty much every other interface.

I think I did hear something about that- makes sense you don't use it 😆 I'm not sure I believe anything on the internet is private at this point

I use brave, and switched to steempeak yesterday.

how did you log in?


erm..steemconnect i think

I know your pain.... For the longest time I couldn't get into steemengine and claim my free tokens.. a window told me I needed a password... But I didn't know where I was suppose to get the darn password... Finally somehow I got it.

Once you make your password for steemconnect your in brother...

I just started to use steempeak... been making a lot of mistakes posting ..But I'm starting to get use to it.. I still use steemit cus I'm so use to finding things... was thinking of going cold turkey and just use steempeak.. but was getting withdrawal pains....


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