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When we look around at the boxers today I am sure they are no different from the other athletes and are on some special substances. It actually makes more sense for boxing to dope than most other sports as your body is literally on the line.

When athletes take steroids and various other chemically enhanced products it does a few things to your body that gives you a massive edge over someone who isn't on them. Firstly you gain about 30 percent more strength or power. Secondly your recovery time from exercise is shortened drastically allowing you to be fresher that much quicker. Thirdly any injury time is cut down as the body heals that much quicker. A tell tale sign of anyone on steroids or has been on steroids is a torn muscle as a normal athlete may pull one, but tearing is very rare.

Golovkin is demanding the third fight be rescheduled as it was postponed due to Canelo's steroid ban.

I was reading up about the Mexicaan boxer Canelo Alvarez who is currently serving a six month suspension.He tested positive for Clenbuterol. Other Mexicans in the past have tested positive for this particular drug namely Erik Morales and the then world junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia. They all blamed contaminated meat. they say the meat in Mexico is so bad you don't know what you are eating.

Personally I think that could be true but when you are a top athlete and a professional who has loads of money you are over cautious on whatever you eat.having tainted meat is a red flag and surely anyone in their positions wouldn't consume it unless it was from a source they knew.

Burning fat yes, but it also helps the body store more oxygen by relaxing the blood vessels. Asthma patients use this as a breathing aid. A boxer would not tire as quickly if he was using this. Having more oxygen is a good enough reason to ban him and 6 months just seems to lenient. These decisions that the boxing control make just make the sport a joke.

Clenbuterol is used as a weight loss aid by speeding up metabolism whilst maintaining muscle mass and body strength. This would be a highly helpful drug for boxers who have to perform weigh ins and is one that doesn't stay in your body for too long. A boxer who has it a week ago will urinate most of it out and may only have traces of it present.Body builders are known for using this and if you think back to 2010 Alberto Contador was disqualified and had the title stripped from him for this as well. I think they knew exactly what they were doing and got caught out and next time maybe will give themselves an extra week.

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When I was a kid my dad use to complain about how football was so horrible because all they do is try to hurt each other. I can distinctly remember watching boxing with him, so I don't quite understand what he was trying to get at... :) It is pretty sad that PED's have infiltrated pretty much every sport there is.

That doesn't make sense as boxing is worse than football. Every sport is tainted now.

I know! I thought so too. I used to love MMA when it first came out. I used to watch that all the time.

It just that I still find boxing very dangerous as sports due yo the recent deaths been over the few months. Thanks for also updating us on the drugs been used by this boxers in order to maintain fitness because am just knowing this for the first time.

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They will soon have to make a "juiced up body" and "clean body" competitions for athletes. Sucks how almost every sport has problems with PEDs nowadays :(

Very interesting sir cryptoandcoffee, I didn't know about this area of boxing either! Anything to get an edge on the competition.