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this story is part of the @nextcolony's contest which can be read here..

Jack Steel was seeing from the fresh landed corvette no one else than Joe Uranium. He needed to wipe his eyes again and again.

This was impossible as he killed Joe Uranium 7 years ago and disposed of his body. They were both on a unsettled planet with no witnesses, no trackers and with first generation Petunias which for that time could not be seen or tracked. In the mid of the night he wanted to get the key that Joe Uranium was having in his jacket and which was supposed to unlock the big deposit Joe amassed from his bounty missions during the years.

Jack Steel was so in debt at that time that he was desperate, so desperate that he could kill for money. Joe gave him a chance to go hunt with him some Zings, a direct descendant population from the great leader Kim Bong-Bun. The Zings mixed with the Swarm, an alien race and adopted their Zirgling nature.

Most civilizations in the universe have been terrorized by the Zings and their extremism of accepting only their own ideas of nature breeding. Something that we learn in the history holobooks from the extremism of the 20th and 21st century on Mother Earth, something like communism, fascism, trumpism and late greenism, which made Earth fail in the end. So on every Zing leader was a bounty present. It was the only way the other civilizations could combat this plague.

Jack lurked Joe on this lonely planet, by faking the presence of a Zing troop. He blasted his head as he did not want to hand over the key. it was to easy and he could not believe it as Joe was the top bounty hunter in the universe. He cooked his body and ate it,to be sure that nobody will see him. From his bones he made old soap, the one used thousands of years back on earth.

So as he has seen Joe coming out of the ship he was stunned, as Joe was wearing the same old school leather costume that the legendary Batman hero wore, without the cape. Some kind of drawn book was found in the first settlers ships where Batman was the hero. He became a legend and hope back then, where humanity can look back into.

The blaster was missing, Jack was sure he took it with him, but he remembered that last night he was at his lovers house, Lance. Lance A Lot was very found of Jack Steel and was afraid that he could shoot himself, so Lance always hid the blasters.

There was nothing else to do than face reality. He was in his own empire that he build with the stolen money from Joe. nothing could happen here.

He asked the guy:
-Joe? Is this you?

The guy replied with a fake smile:
-Yes, do I know you?

That was a relief for Jack as he said:
-We've meet some decades ago in a bar, you did not change a bit.

-Well, alcohol preservers as they would say back on Earth.

Jack was again in shock. The same bold humor as he knew it. Something was wrong in here. He must have been a new android that he heard about from the Zings. He made a pact with the Zings to provide Uranium on a regular basis.

He analysed him with his newest gadget, the implanted eyeball who could do genetic analysis. it was almost the same sequence as Joe and it was definitely human.

Joe asked him about Mr. Steel, as they had important matters to solve. He admitted it was him.

Joe said that he invites him for a drink and if he has a partner to join. Lance was happy to come.
At the bar they laughed as they talked also about the plans of Jack and Lance to marry. They would become the Steel A Lot family.

Lance was filling an attraction to Joe and unknowingly invited him later to an after drink. Joe was the star, a handsome stud that had the psychogenic power to attract everyone. It was his weapon.

Jack, did not know about the plans of Lance and invited Joe for a private discussion between them. As Jack told Lance he needs a little more time to work, Lance was happy to escape with Joe.

Two hours later Jack was in a deep discussion with Joe. Jack's mind was blurred by the substances he used and he was not more afraid. Joe knew this, knew and felt all the fear Jack had.

Joe told him he had to make a call to a special person. On the other end of the video was a shocking surprise for Jack....

....the one who answered was Joe, naked next to sleeping Lance. This could not be true....

...he passed away....

....as he opened his eyes he was in a spaceship orbiting a green sun. The only green sun was near @uraniumfuture and that was 1 week travel away, what happened....why was he here? Fighting with his mind he passed again away when he has seen Joe in double in front of him...

The story might follow in a later post...or might not...



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Very cool to read a story from you, Alex!

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