Bounty #04: Creative Writing

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We're launching our fourth Bounty. The bustling settler @mmunited (30 planets) asked us to make the fourth Bounty more simple and we are happy to fulfill this request.

The task for today's Bounty is simple, read the beginning of the story (below) and continue writing that story. How should this story go on? Please write a new post (in english) and use the hashtag #nextbounty.

The 20 best stories will each receive a Transporter III Blueprint. The best story will additionally receive a special prize of 30,000 STARDUST.

The Bounty runs 7 days from now.

Chapter I

This is the start of a new chapter....

It was raining. The howling of the shield generator was heavy over the mud track marked by deep furrows. Landcrawlers with wide crawler tracks used the runway several times a day to transport raw materials from the mines to the spaceport and supplies from there to the settlement.

Landcrawlers are huge trucks of 8-10m width, 10-20m height, and over 100m length. Mostly consisting of a tractor on two pairs of tracks, a semi-trailer with another pair of tracks, as well as another trailer consisting of a semi-trailer with an additional track drive as coupling to the front semi-trailer. Why Jack Steel volunteered for the safety team that secured the track, he couldn't say today, almost a week later, because the payment was moderate, it had been raining for 4 days without a break and the construction of the game barriers along the perimeter was more than sluggish.

One could not claim that Jack Steel was particularly attentive after an uneventful week in the increasingly colder air of the beginning winter. Something in the corners of his eyes suddenly caught his attention. Adrenaline washed through his body in the moment of shock...

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Thanks for your participation! (:

You guys are awesome! Here is my entry for the Bounty! For all you Creative Settlers and Raiders, check out the Creative Coin Tribe!



Next Colony: The Expansion Chapter 4, Page 15


You are awesome!
Thanks for your participation! (:

The 20 best stories will each receive a Transporter III Blueprint

It seems the prize doesn't look too original))

Transporter III is a pretty good ship and who knows if we'll ever distribute these blueprints again.

Writing competitions are for a small audience. Thats okay.

Where do I get technical support? The last two missions show completed but the coordenates show as unexplored and my two ships are gone and they were not lost.

The Server is stuck. It seems to be aftermath of the battle module. We need a couple hours.

Oh ok I was wondering why it wasn't letting me enhance anything. Thank you. :-)

Holger found and fixed the bug. Now it's just a matter of time.

processing_delay_seconds: 26583

You do the same as splinterland do. This is a well-proven tactic for developing the game world.

Thanks for your participation! (:

Ok, I've been working long and hard on the story and during the editing process I removed any unnecessarily boring bits until I uncovered the diamonds... [Enjoy]

...and he died

(A rush of Adrenaline is really unpredictable)
[I hope you liked it]

I think you made a fundamental mistake.
Jack Steel can't die. He is Chuck Norris's brother from another mother.

Jack Steel

His Navy Seals training predestines this badass for this ungrateful job. Life under the hard conditions has turned this daredevil into a steel-hard guy who never loses sight of his goal and is always ready to sacrifice his life for all participants of the expedition. Jack Steel has only one eye and eight fingers left. As an experienced astronaut, he can operate in the most difficult conditions and assess the dangers of life-threatening atmospheres. For him, the risk is his spa and his exo-suit is his second skin.

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Is that really the same person? ;)

Something in the corners of his eyes suddenly caught his attention.

Besides, Adrenaline in the wrong moment and too big quantity can really be lethal ...

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So, you ban me from discord becouse i writed that Scriptioner was right, or becouse i give some of yours texts funy face? XD that's hilariuos, really XD.
Ok i must ask. Are you planning to make exit scam? ;> You are encouraging players to leave, and when all will leave you will take the rewards? That's your plan? It looks a little like this you know :)
I know this is not a plan, but it looks like that now.

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