Combatting Bidbots by Embracing Not-for-Profit “Growth Bots”?

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Not sure where I’m going with that. Not entirely sure I can convince myself either about it, at least not more than acknowledging that this is a free market and the model and economy are both broken... so why not, right?

Yet, not entirely convinced why either.



Reduce the impact of commercially operated bidbots on the rewardpool by embracing the use of no-competition not-for-profit bots. In other words bots where the return is fix and there is no competition for the upvote % with other users.


Increase the stake of such bots until the stake of commercial bidbots, which often have capped ROI and not always have capped losses, is diluted sufficiently to make their operation not profitable anymore.

The question to be asked

Also the one thing I can’t necessarily convince myself about yet, what makes it less of a voteselling operation? Are the theory and aim merely a white lie one tells oneself?


Modus Operandi

As whitelisted @ocdb author, occasionally use the @ocdb bot — which is capped in maximum bid to allow reasonably fast recharging — and delegate stake earned back to it.

Sweetening the Sour Deal

While a bidbot is a bot and @ocdb isn’t less of a voteselling operation, whenever possible idle VP is used for the @ocdbfund fund. Yes, I know that’s a lot of duplication with ocdbot bot and ocdbfund fund.

To know more about everything, follow and read @acidyo. I still feel a little dirty about it but it’s an interesting experiment and goal I don’t mind contributing to. At least not currently but I reserve the right to change opinion in the future.

No, no... don’t worry, I won’t adopt bidbots as such. But I am a known fan of @ocd and if anyhow I can contribute in the slightest to consolidate their operation and possibly reach as well as community support, I will.

Get over it, I need to keep telling myself the same.


Rather than a bust of Plato or Seneca on your desk you have c3p0?

I am part of the ocdb experiment and so far it seems to be doing okay. The fund has funded something for the first time (two weeks ago) and the accounts that use the bot are both creating and growing. Hopefully more of the whitelist can utilize it which drops the max return per user down but spreads it wider.

It took a while for me to accept there was a positive side to the ocdb [experiment]. I will delegate back most of earnings actually. In fact, I already delegate little more than 10% of my SP to ocdb.

Yeah those Greek busts... sooner or later they also get it in their head and want to claim their busts back. Seems that’s the popular thing to do nowadays with statues and the likes so better not even run the risk, right? Thus I preferred unsplash flavored bots.

I thought with more use the max spend would be lowered (mostly in order to manage the queue’s waiting time)? So statistically the return would be the same still but not nominally?

Yep, lower spend, same return percentage-wise and for delegators as they get the straightline return on stake:usage, just spreads distribution wider so more can benefit and grow.

What do you think of @zero-profit ?

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At first impression it feels like “certain TA author turned into bot” model.

While I need to think a little longer about it, this feels like the worst possible selfish usecase bot of all.

But it is a reasonable use case for a really new user.
For example one who has around 30sp and is pissed off of the RC problem..
He could delegate all his SP and just forget about it.
After a few months he has more SP -> more RCs and maybe more fun using steem.

I prefer communicating with minnows and helping out but most aren't that communicative or feel like begging..

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And how will they live the Steem life while delegating and thus even less RC?

The theory is nice, the application only invites tons of alts to maximize. And imagine everyone would curate with only maxed out selfvoting? Would the system work or would we drive the token to 6 zeros behind the digit?

Thanks for your opinion. That's why I asked for it. :)
Will think about it again.

Just a word here if I may. As a charity non-profit over the past 17 years, I can tell you that it's a struggling game to survive. Although I don't know how the non profit ambit would translate to the bot sector, as I have never used a bot, overheads and such needs to be covered. The ideal would be to firstly build up an endowment fund to cover the costs and we have been trying to do this for years. Alternatively it's to bite the bullet and to sacrifice which is exactly what we have been doing and why we are now on steemit to try and seek alternative self generated income. All strength to your efforts! Blessings!

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@ocdb looks like an interesting take on the bot voting bots . Despite I hate voting bots, still yesterday I have bought a vote to get some visibility for my post.
Unfortunately for me it seems oscd is quite a closed initiative and one can't join too easily. Still, promising take on the voting bots plague eroding steem!

Discover who are the OCD curators which cover the niches you write about. Somehow become visible to them. :D

A quick scan of your profile makes me think that your content should qualify to get “OCD’ed”, especially some of your Steem Monsters posts are solid. Given regular activity with that type of content it shouldn’t be that hard to become whitelisted.

I’m not sure if @ocd has restarted already but if you follow @acidyo you will know when they do.

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