bdbot ( Get 75+ Upvote Within 10 Minute )

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what is bdbot ?

bdbot is a voting vote that upvoted your post from 75 account

Your benefit ?

Just sending only 0.010 sbd/steem to bdbot then bdbot voting your post that value is 0.030 that means 3x benefit otherside your post also getting 75 post thats why your post easily became eye catchable .

How You Use

Just send 0.010 sbs/steem to bdbot with your post link in memo from your wallet.

Anyone using bdbot?

Happy to say that many people already using bdbot from last 3month.As a proof please see bdbot wallet


Resteem this post and comment your post link here i will give your post 75 upvote !!


Bought one, still missing, those 10 minutes :)

hey @bdbot
I paid 0.010 twice for this article hoping you will vote me more after the first upvotes but nothing was done.

Please i would like to get my value back if you cannot upvote me or save it toward my next article

ami sbd pathaisi but upvote pai nai kn

apni ake meno 2 bar disen !

oo ami bujte pari nai.

you returned my steam but no i did not send wrong memos.

I am just helping other people that are new and starting to get upvoted

one of the links and the other were all from Kimutai account.

thank you

i extremely sorry sir, your memo all ready upVoted

thank you

some time ours server down, but i still voting

Hi, I have 2 orders with you that haven't been filled. Everything ok? Should I stop ordering for now? Thanks for your time and efforts.

Forgive me for delay

& your memo all ready upVoted

@bdbot is everything ok? mine too and i see a lot others with the same problems

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