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in boomerang •  10 months ago

Dear Steemians,

we found the root cause for our problems:

Currently the payouts and refunds for the last hours are sent.

Voting will start again with 100% Voting Power at around 19:35 UTC tonight. This round will contain all bids from blocks 18774000 to 18777600. All bids placed before block 18774000 (around 16:35 UTC) will be refunded.

It's possible that also tonight the payouts and refunds will not be send automatically (we have no time for deeper investigations today). If this happens, they will be sent tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

@boomerang team

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Transfer 2.010 SBD to zeartul 2.010 SBD for Delegation of 17748200.000000 VESTS. (txid 18781200-124)

Any chance you can stop doing business with a known scammer? thanks

Are you accepting new bids for posts that are at least 3.5 days old?


Max post age is 6 days, so feel free to bid for posts that are older than 3.5 days.


Thanks for the speedy reply. Will get a couple posts ready.

i did not send url as the memo. will amount be refunded , i have entered a number instead of url

this is the trasaction id


You will get a refund, but if we have the same problems tonight like last night, we will send it tomorrow.

hola boomerang invertí 1 sbd hace 3 horas y no has votado. la plataforma esta teniendo problemas ? o haras reembolso la publicacion es esta

I sent you 2.012SBD
Please confirm your wallet.

Dear boomerang, I gave you 5 SBD yesterday , so you upvote me only 9 SBD, so I have big lost brother
please flow my blog and your yesterday wallet

@boomerang i accidentally put wrong msg in memo can i ask for return ? or i can send link through here?

This problem is out of your control, no one will blame you, and thank you first for the excuse and the second for the solutions and refunds

I have sent 1 STEEM . I did not notice you do not accept STEEM. Can you please refund Steem or you can upvote any post . Thank you