When politics are Worse Than a Bad Movie

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Not too long, a prominent talk show host experienced a meltdown live on TV. And when you watch it again, you could almost pin-point the exact moment when the proverbial train started to derail.

It all started when the journalist asked him about the outrage culture and if he feels responsible for feeding this ever-increasing divide phenomenon we’re witnessing in the recent years.

Obviously, I won’t name names because it’s never about the individual but the idea.

But needless to say, that question did touch a nerve to the point that you could almost feel a sense of guilt in the talk show host which may have ignited the whole meltdown and subsequently him leaving the set.

You see, our friend here - like many alternative podcasters and talk show hosts of our era - has fallen prey to this new habit of antagonizing the living hell out of anybody who happens to share a different opinion.

So much so that you start to imagine that nothing they can ever do or say would be positive and that every single atom of their being must be pure evil.

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It sounds crazy, I know. But let me give you an example:

“Folks, I would literally not being able to finish my dinner if somebody walked over and talked to me if they looked like these two guys.

I’m sorry, these are not just two lying anti-American scumbags that want to rot us all in the ground because they’re little men, they’re pieces of crap that think they’re better than everybody.

That’s what is about, it’s the spirit of evil. And we must break them!”

The crazier part here is the context. As it happens, these two gentlemen co-wrote a book documenting some audio recordings they had on a prominent political figure.

Maybe they lied, maybe not but they do have the audios to back it otherwise they would’ve been sued by said political figure who happens to be a big fan of lawsuits.

The talk-show host - who is insanely famous by the way - happens to like that politician and took grave offense of anybody who dares to share a different opinion.

He asked his staff to pull out the picture of these two gentlemen, and based on the picture came the rant.

And just like that, for daring to criticize someone you like, they become the pure spirit of evil.

It’s pretty wild when you take a minute to think about it.

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You know when they say that reality is stranger than fiction? In fiction, when you’re trying to write a captivating story with a compelling struggle, the worst thing that you can do is to strip your villian from all complexity and depth of character.

If you create a villain who’s all black, all dark, with no good sides in his character whatsoever, then you’re going to end up with a mediocre story because in real life, nobody is like that.

There is nobody who’s always mistaken on all aspects, making an exact one hundred percent of bad decisions, and have every single atom of their being tick the wrong way.

Oh and be wrong on each and every single subject in the universe.

I mean, common… Not even children would believe that.

Yet somehow, there is almost no political talk-head who is able to bridge those differences between people that they disagree with.

Instead, they treat them as if they were the true enemy of everything they stand for… Almost like a bad movie.

But why does this happen?

Maybe because the very nature of politics is crazy to start with. Or maybe we’re taking this outrage phenomenon way too far.

Or worst of all, maybe this is a chicken and egg situation.

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It has been shown that the left use two moral basis
while the right uses all 6 moral basis.

And, when you use just the two, your thinking becomes very black and white.

Like, if you even question "equality" then you are a racist, homophobe, tyrant, NAZI and you need to die. No, literally, their feeling is "you need to die". The only reason lots of people aren't dying is that they are not very physically fit. They are not brave. But if one starts beating up a NAZI they will all jump in. (see Ngo)

These people (calling them leftist for convenience) seem to be missing a key ingredient when growing up. The ability/training to go out and get something you want. By raising them without parents. By giving them participation trophies. Or, basically leaving them without tools to work with the real world.

Then we add leftist indoctrination. The victim mentality. You do not have what you want because THEY took it from you.

Its not that you failed to run the fastest, its that the fastest runners are mocking you with their superior talent. A talent that they were born with (ignoring their constant training).

So, you take these pieces, and you get a group that does think in black and white, and literally think that there are people out there that are the cause of all the worlds woes.

Unfortunately, there are these people. They are psychopaths... and the most unfortunate of all, is that these people follow them blindly.

And here we have a good example of the problem. Finger pointing at anyone who doesn't ascribe to the political ideology that I do. It's always "those people" isn't it? Unfortunately to others, you are also "those people" at fault for everything. When everyone is divided and points fingers, noone comes out ahead. We all lose.

Sorry, i am not part of it.
I am not a democran or a republicrat.

That said, what i showed was an example of a one sided problem.

The only reason the left isn't dead right now is that the right thinks that things can be settled reasonably.

I am part of a generation where we could have political conversations "across the isle".
Liberals and conservatives both have valid points.

But, this is not where we are today.

We have one side that is playing victims. Victim mentality means that you are either with them, or against them.

Today we have a problem that if one side wins, we ALL die.
If the other side wins, things may become stagnant.

See, you just glossed over the entire point I was making... And continued to display the issue at hand for all too see. You think one side is right and the other side is wrong. Neither side are either.

Today we have a problem that if one side wins, we ALL die.

That is utterly laughable. If you and I had this discussion in person, I would actually laugh straight to your face.

If the other side wins, things may become stagnant.

No side should win and no side should lose. True progress is found within compromise to the point where noone gets what they want (but also noone absolutely loathes the result). If noone is entirely happy,and noone completely miserable, you can bet damn sure you went in a direction that was fair.

It also results in slow, incremental changes.

You are speaking of some imaginary conflict where there are two rational parties.

I do not agree with that premise.

Now, lets us look at times in history where the left/socialist/communists have won. Every time, massive numbers of conservatives were killed off just after the change in power, AND THEN billions of people died due to starvation.

This time, we are talking about a very technologically advanced nation that has a very intricate and complex structure that keeps everyone alive.
Conservatives do almost all of the jobs that keep that structure intact and food, electricity and water flowing. Seriously, there are almost no leftist in this group.

So, left wins, kills off all the conservatives, and then almost everyone in the cities dies.

I guess you are correct... not EVERYONE dies. Just 90% of the people.

So... compromise, hmmm?

Show me a compromise position on abortion.

You are speaking of some imaginary conflict where there are two rational parties.

I am speaking of people in general, where there are various ideological views that contrast one another and the optimal solution to any issue is to find the middle ground between the extremes. I don't really think its a black and white issue.

So, left wins, kills off all the conservatives, and then almost everyone in the cities dies.

I mean... I am not sure where you get this view from. It's interesting to me that you think this way, but I can't really see where you are coming from.

Conservatives do almost all of the jobs that keep that structure intact and food, electricity and water flowing.


If you are referring to the US there are three major groups of people. Far right conservatives, right of center conservatives, and left of center (though the centrists both right and left of center are hardly representative of the extremes). There really isn't any sizable left, even the 'extremes' like Bernie Sanders is pretty centrist relative to the left of the remainder of the world.

Show me a compromise position on abortion.

People keep their abortions and also get to keep their guns. There nobody is happy.


It doesn't matter what ideology you ascribe to in this day and age. The internet echo Chambers have resulted in everyone attacking everyone else who is "not me." Political discourse is dead IMO. All we have is anger everywhere. :(

Sadly, I think you might be right. Nobody seems to want to consider another point of view (in politics) and those who think differently must be the enemy. It's crazy but it seems like we're regressing a bit :P

I hope I'm wrong haha

I wish you were wrong... but it really seems that way right?

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