How do You Regulate Someone Who's Got You By the Balls?

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Imagine this:

You’re part of a jury that is trying to regulate a monster corporation like Facebook, Google and the rest of those Nobel prize winners.

You’re made aware of all sorts of abuse and transgressions about the privacy of literally everyone in the planet. So the first thing you start to wonder is how did we get here?

You’re not sure, and you’re still a little confused and more than a bit overwhelmed, but if there’s anything you’re sure of is that this can’t continue any longer.

Then all of the sudden, your epiphany gets interrupted by the beeping sounds coming from your pocket.

The minute you check you phone your life will change forever.

The message you’ve just received contains all sorts of explicitly compromising information about not only yourself but anyone that you've ever cared about.

Anywhere from you making love to your spouse, to mashups of edited private conversation made to make you look in a compromising fashion.

And this is the best of scenarios.

I mean, if you’re watching someone 24/7, sooner or later you’re going to find something that makes someone look bad.

Especially in this outrage era where everyone is offended about everything.

Worst of all, they can take that info and promote the holy living crap out of it, because let’s not forget, they own the biggest social media sites on the planet.

So I wonder, how can you regulate an entity with so much power?

It’s scary, I know. But it gets scarier as you realize that this is the power they have today with only audio and voice monitoring at their disposal. Imagine the power they’ll amass once your TV, fridge and even your light bulbs start recording you 24/7 in the highest of definitions?

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One thing is clear, these corporations are about to get a whole lot more powerful and if nothing changes then one day we may all wake up to a brave new world of our own.

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The problem is that you can't regulate something that is doing exactly what black-budget govern-cement set them up to do.

The other problem is that people never think that it can happen to them. Their life is mundane, no one is out to get them, you couldn't even make a good porno from all the sex they had last year, combined. They think they have nothing to lose.

Today, many men are finding out that their lives can be destroyed with one phone call. Their current girlfriend gets upset and calls the police telling them that he raped her. (lying) The police are sent out and the guy is arrested. (this is by the book in places like Kalifornia, it could be that the police know 100% that he is innocent.)

What most people don't realize is that all the damage to this guy is already done. He can never work for a bank again. He will find it almost impossible to get a corporate job. And at every interview he will have to answer this question, "What were you arrested for?" If you answer "rape", then you just failed the interview, if you answer anything else, you are lying and have failed the interview.

And this is a typical #MeToo event.

Imagine if the govern-cement really wanted to put the screws to you?

Fortunately, from this overreach comes a great technology that will basically put spying out of business.

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