Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 8]

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The vision in everyone’s head put an immediate stop to the battle as the fighting leaves space for shock and disbelief.

Everyone experiences the same vision, Steve Rogers lying on the floor bloody while Spiderman is standing on his lifeless body.

Spiderman falls to the ground crying while trying to assure keeps Steve that he will never do that.

Everybody is left speechless except Captain Marvel, and she says : “Kid, I’m sorry… But you’re under arrest.”

Tony immediately step is and starts shouting at Carol:

“I told you! I told this would happen.”

“Didn't I tell you? You’re turning on children Carol”.

He continues:

“This kid in the short time that he’s been an Avengers, he has done nothing but good. There is no grey area here.”

The clash is at it peak now, not only because of how differently they feel about pre-crimes, but also because how much Tony cares about Spiderman.

They keep arguing until Steve Rogers steps in. He kneels in front of Spiderman and starts talking to him.

“Why did you take the mask off?”

Spiderman: “I couldn’t breath”.

Captain America: “Put it back on. The mask represents who you are. It means something to people”.

Spiderman then proceeds to tell him that he would never do what the vision said he would do, but Cap says that he already knows that.

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Cap ends up telling the kid to go home but Captain Marvel tries to intervene. She yells at him:

“This isn’t your call Steve!”.

Cap tells her that it’s exactly his call. It’s his life supposedly on the line and that it’s his decision and his decision alone.

And immediately he decides to let the kid go because he didn’t do anything wrong.

He tells Carol that the kid has the right to go home and that he’s innocent: “Just like Bruce, just like Rhodey”.

Carol is left speechless as she feels a little responsible for the deaths of the two Avengers. She just watches reluctantly as Thor takes Spiderman home.

To Be Continued…

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