Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 6]

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Tony decides to call everyone into a meeting and starts to explain how Ulysses' visions actually work.

He tells them that Ulysses’ brain works like an algorithm that assimilates all sorts of data and creates possible scenarios from that data.

In Layman's terms, Ulysses absorbs all the thoughts around him and creates possible futures from those visions.

Carol questions Tony’s results and has Hank McCoy analyze Tony’s work. Hank takes his time analyzing all the data and ends up concluding that Tony’s results are indeed accurate.

But Carol says that nothing has changed, that even if only a slight percentage of Ulysses’ visions are accurate, she will still act on them just in case one of them is true.

Tony starts then to question her.

“80%? 60%? What percentage of it being true does it have to be for you to act on it?”

He continues: “What I told you that those visions are only 10% correct?”

The conversation between the two escalates and Carol decides that she in favor of imprisoning innocent people if there is even a 10% chance of a crime being committed in the future.

She continues: “10% is more than enough… And Rhodey would agree.”

To which Tony answers with dark sarcasm:

“Well, I’ll ask him but…”

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Captain Marvel is visibly angry, she salutes Steve Rogers and flies through the roof destroying it.

And now the big clash is starting to brew.

Tony is now taking the same position Captain America took in the first Civil War, that you can never trade freedom for security.

And Captain Marvel is now taking the same philosophical position as the old Tony Stark: That in the name of security, all freedoms are up for grabs.

And just like that, another Civil War is about to start.

To be Continued...

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Now that's going to be a perfect plot to start

Haha yeah. Marvel have a lot of material to develop, their storytellers are really good.

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