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Flame-left.jpg 16th June 2017 Flame-right.jpg

Internet, you have my apologies. I have inflicted an atrocity on you through the title of this blog and the image above. If you don't know who that is then run, run now before you are infected! If you do know who it is then you have my sincerest condolences. Anyway, welcome back to.... the daily blog!


So Friday, usually a day where I would spend the morning updating all my accounts and doing general office admin then heading into the nearby city. I like to do a little bit of shopping, check in on some of my favouite shops, then walk to my friend's house on the outskirts. Yes, it's a long walk and it's the most exercise I get in an average week, which is good. If I'm having a bad time I can jump on a bus instead.

Today though, not only was I feeling particularly rough but my friend was also not at his best. We decided to cancel, which was a shame as he's my closest friend and he's a great stress relief (and source of stress!). Instead I've spent the day in my PJs, playing World of Warcraft, watching videos and doing little bits around the house. Now I'm trying to wind down before the long weekend...


This will sound crazy but one highlight was taking in a parcel for nextdoor (we work from home so the local couriers know to try us). The courier, who I've met a handful of times, was wearing a Deadpool vs Dr Who t-shirt and I made a joke about it. That led to a 20 minute discussion on the doorstep, in my PJs, about all things geeky. The end result was some print work for me, potentially some jewellery sales for the amazingly talented @scarletleonard and another local geek to share a coffee with!

I can give you something of an update on the "Saga of the Fence" (jesus that sounds so 1st world problems...). I stood my ground and the fence is going up as-is. If the dog shows any signs of climbing it then we'll take another piece of trellis (2ft tall) and lay it on top, overhanging each side by 1ft, and fix it in place. We can then grow plants up it, hang things off it and it should stop the dog getting over. The cease-fire is officially in effect!

give peace a chance car stickers camper van bumper decal.jpg

So other than that, I've done naff all today. I'm sat drinking my green tea and bracing myself for the weekend. Tomorrow is up early for @scarletleonard's market stall then at noon I sneak off (with the kids) for some Star Wars Roleplaying at our local gaming club. If I'm not utterly pancaked when I get back from that there will be another blog tomorrow and I might go into some more detail on the game.

So for now, good night and...

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A Star Wars meme is always welcome my friend.

Sorry it's been a rough day health wise, but the silver lining is you have a new geeky friend to play with.

Give peas a chance eh? You some sort of vegan?

Hahaha! I love the geekiness and absolute honestly behind the admissions in this post @stormriderstudio <3 Much love.

Hello my friend, regards steem I son indonesia help me, is my name Follow @syehlah, l like post you

You sir win the best comment of the day.
I have no idea what you are saying but I love you all the more for it.

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