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I’m sorry guys. I’ve not been posting on Steemit consistently lately. Instagram yes, but Steemit no. So why is that?

I’m pondering that question myself, because I don’t have the answer right off hand. (Sorry...that’s a southern saying that means “I don’t rightly know.” SORRY!! That was another southern saying to explain the first southern saying, and they both mean “I am presently unclear why this is.”)


My experiential comparison of Instagram vs Steemit:


🔸1,210 followers, including lots of people I know in regular life
🔸Average 90-120 upvotes/likes per post
🔸Average 10-20 comments
🔸I earn $0 per post
🔸Notifications - comments and every upvote/like
🔸My Man Sean has no presence on Instagram except through my account
🔹Advantages - easier to post via the App, unlimited hashtags, no quality of content pressure...a quote and a photo is perfectly acceptable


🔸2,308 followers, including very few people I know in regular life
🔸Average 45-65 upvotes/likes per post
🔸Average 10-20 comments
🔸I earn an average $10-15 per post
🔸Notifications - comments only
🔸My Man @sean-king has a presence on Steemit
🔹Advantages - better formatting options, ability to imbed multiple high resolution images per post, monetary reward potential, easier for me to gain followers, no censorship requirements, no “big brother” overlords controlling the platform like FB and IG, and I am utilizing a site build on blockchain technology that I love, cheer and want to support. Also, it’s still way early for Steemit. So, the potential to become a relative big player here in the long run simply by having an established presence from the start is much greater for me on Steemit than on Instagram where long established accounts already have millions of followers.

So, even though I make MONEY on Steemit, gain followers more easily, receive about the same quantity of comment engagement, am relieved of censorship requirements on my art, and have the advantage of being associated with a big hitter there like Sean...I still default to Instagram being my more frequent blogging site? That makes no logical sense!

But, I now know what is the difference thanks to listing all of that 👆🏼out.



Steemit only reports comments received under notifications. Instagram lists comments received AND equally notifies me of every single upvote/like received as well. It’s dopamine baby. Studies show you get a hit of the hormone dopamine from likes and comments, and each time it floods you with happy “I scored!” feelings. So, the deal is that you feel like you get more with Instagram. ✨

I understand there are auxillary pages that you can utilize to send additional notifications when people upvote you etc on Steemit, but why? Why is this not simply build that in to the site? Seems like Steemit would clearly have every advantage then.


One other small reason I default to Instagram is the mild quality of content pressure at Steemit that I don’t feel on Instagram. I admit it’s internal. No one actually polices your content and calls you out on Steemit. But I respect the platform, the community, and my followers here 🙏🏼 that have me on Autovote (thank you) too much to just post a picture with someone elses wise words slapped on it. Some days that’s all I can muster and the Instagram crowd often eats that up just as much as a piece that took me hours to write. Not complaining, just explaining...

So that’s my analysis of my personal satisfaction and the pressure of posting on Steemit vs Instagram. ✌🏽I’d love to hear your thoughts and your experiences.


I get your point. Although I am not using Instagram and Facebook anymore I realize that Steemit is way behind the two social media giants from some perspectives. There is though Steepshot that is somehow like Instagram for Steem but I've got to many errors using it that I simply quit it.

I also know exactly what you are referring to in terms of quality on Steemit which I don't agree entirely. If you only have one pic and a quote to share why that should not be a quality post. Who is to decide that if we are part of a decentralized platform? As long as you haven't plagiarized andything I don't consider that type of posts as shit posts. I've seen shit posts of over 500 hundred words so quantity definitely not equals quality.

I am sorry to say this but sometimes I have the feeling that for some Steemit has become some type of a cult where you only have to share content like this and talk about that thing only and in that matter and fit certain patterns in order to be "a quality" user. Even Ned who is the CEO is posting just one pic and a few words from time to time and nobody is calling these posts low quality so why would yours be? Anyway, glad to see that you still post on Steemit and wish you a great Sunday!

Use share2steem on your instagram posts.

That means what you post there will go to steemit. Check out @share2steem. It is a great way to do both at the same time.

Taskmasters always with the go-tos

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Have you tried the @appics App?

It is much closer in functionality to Instagram. The Interface is very similar.

Sees this post. Remembers that I don't even have a instagram.

What is your instagram username? @steemed-open

Can I follow you :) ?

I’m the same way... usually you will find me on ig. It’s much more personalized and easy to navigate due to user friendliness. Plus, I bet of the those 2000 + followers of yours, only about 10% of them are actually ‘real’ followers... steemit has some serious work to do IMO

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Another thing I like on steemit is, that I can see your pictures bigger 🤓

And I understand what you say about quality and all.. the question remains, why we value a block of words more than an image? Creating it, most likely was a much bigger "effort", than writing a text might have been...

Of course, in a way we are all reward addicts. I love to start my day with and a cup of coffee 😁

Here recently, I discovered a handy little thingy, that finally combines instagram and steemit: Of course, you are welcome to try my referral link

Once you are signed up, all you have to do, is add the share2steem hashtag to your instagram post and it is instantly shared to your steemit blog!

OK, considering the quality concerns, I don't want to overuse it and I have edited the posts on steemit bit, but I think it is a nice little tool for occasional "post sharing" 😎

Yes, I know you like the larger and higher resolution images here. 😊 Happy to provide that for you.

What a good point you make regarding the work involved in the creation of an image vs a block of words. I think you’ve made that point with me before, and each time it triggers a bit more of that realization. You’re right! We spent about 5 hours this past weekend doing a couple of different photo shoots (including trying to capture an image for a collaboration with you). Sean will now spend HOURS discarding, editing, cropping, etc. It’s a labor of love for sure, but lots of labor! Why can’t I just let the images be enough? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m getting there mentally. Thanks for that continued reminder.

Yes, I definitely like the higher resolution, thank you for providing those here 😘

As for posting pictures, I think one has to make a difference between someone holding up a cell phone and posting whatever happens to be in front of the lens with a click and something that is carefully created.

Every time I see a photo you post, I wonder how many were actually taken in the series. I can only imagine, how much time Sean spends in finding that one perfect picture for a post and editing it, to make it perfect. And who says, it can't be fun! Thanks a lot also for the image you mention. I can see that you took that serious and did it all with dedication and patience!

So, why are the words still so important? Because we understand "blog" as something with a lot of text? Again, maybe one way to prevent low quality content and mindless snapshots. But then again, for quality images, why not try Bescouted? You and Sean could actually both have an account there... one for model and one for photographer. It runs on the steem block chain and all the pictures can be shared to steemit . And David, the founder is pretty cool too!! If you should be looking for a referral link, you are welcome to use mine 😁

You are very correct, in my formal Facebook account I usually got like 250 likes and bunches comments with $0.00 no value, it got to a time that I asked myself besides likes what else I gain, fame, interacting with people I know in real and others it Worth it tho at that time, due to misunderstanding between me and gf, I have to stop that Facebook, I lost man friends although later I re-conncted with some, but since I go on Steemit it was a wonderful experiences really so far, meeting new people around the globe and incentives bonuses kill it all, steemit win my heart and I dedicate some of my time with it in as much it brings me $ for posting which others platform not, although family and friends can't be ignored after few hours on Steemit I talk to some and attend to activities outside steemit, as per notification steemit doesn't work like Instagram or Facebook perhaps because of block chain technology hv no idea, only third party like esteem and others does notifying upvotes, followers etc

I believe soon, Steemit will get more better with some features..

Thanks for share.

I've never posted on instagram, but I visit it all the time. I was never really a social media socialite until steemit. I tried to be you for a second, and I totally understand this feel, I think I would feel the same if I were caught in that web too...

Besides the "intellectual property theft" thing, steemit would be a great place to unwind the brain too. And there are those times when all you want to write are one liner stupid stuff, like really stupid stuff.. And then you catch yourself thinking "steemit's more sane than that 🤔" Then you just smile away, and sometimes damn the thought and just do 😂

May I have your instagram handle for a follow please?

Here's another comparison...recently I had some motion-art post with FB that had 125.422 views...same post with steemit got 24 upvotes. I guess like everything in life it should be a mix of all kind of expectations...if ever you have the time left...

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