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The character Arya in Game of thrones got me glued to the drama series. Arya the youngest daughter of Lord Ned Eddard Shark, a strong,tough and independent lady, the opposite of her sister Sansa shark. Unlike other ladies Arya didn't fancy sewing pretty dresses or getting married to any man to gain power.she was just a Tomboy who wanted to practice archery in the courtyard with her brothers and improve her fighting skills with Syrio Forel. #Arya received a sword from Jon which she named needle.She felt she didn't fit in her family but could do anything to protect them. After Lord Eddard was betrayed, convicted and killed,Arya escaped from the palace and was taken by a night watch who cuts her hair,making her look like a boy,she had no other option than to adapt to this new life. It's wasn't really easy for her as she wanted to go back home but was motivated to go through those tough times to achieve her goals which were more important to her, hence destroying every obstacle on her way. This was just the beginning of her jorney. To be continued......

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