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An expression such as “film is based on real events,” which we often see in films, unfortunately, is in fact very doubtful.

But sometimes in the cloud of special effects and added fantasies, there are still some films that really reflect the whole truth about real events. Here are 5 of these pictures:

1. The film "Ilsa - Wolf of the SS"

This is a very heavy film with a dubious reputation, focused on a specific viewer. If you are, then you will like it.

The main character of the film, Ilsa, is a Nazi, “scientist,” who is confident that women are able to withstand more torture than men.

But the real story

Although the film seems absurd at first glance, it is based on real facts.

Ilse Koch and Irma Grez were female prison camps in the female concentration camp. They fell into history for the fact that during the times of the Third Reich a number of mythical horrible atrocities were committed against people so terrible that I would not mention them. Like the heroine of the film, both of these women scientists covered themselves with science in order to cause women unbearable crazy pain.

2. The film "50 first kisses" - the real story

In this romantic comedy that came out in 2004, the main characters are Lucy and her admirer, who falls in love with this attractive but slightly strange woman who suffers from a psychiatric disorder due to a head injury. Lucy's memory is erased every time she goes to bed, so Sandler must conquer it again and again.

But the real story

Michelle Philpots suffered 2 head injuries in 1985 and 1990, and now her memories disappear every day, like that of the movie heroine, while she sleeps. Also, as in the film, Michelle married after her injuries, and her husband is obliged to remind her of their marriage every morning. Every day he just shows her a photo from the wedding.

3. The first scene of the movie "Destination" (2000)

shows a real plane crash. According to the film, the characters “cheat death” in a certain way, after which they spend the rest of the movie in fear of the consequences, since death does not like to be stoned.

But the real story

Of course, in reality there is no evidence that death as a kind of mythical creature chased after a man. But the first scene of this film is real.

Roger Ebert noted that in the first film, the plane crash was based on the TWA 800 flight. This is the third largest air crash in American history.

4. The real name "Rocky" is much more interesting.

The film tells about the usual slum guy who is not expecting anything normal in the future. In addition to the same small apartments and street life. But he decides to take the fate into his own hands and tries to change everything. Again, and again, and again. It is the struggle - the main idea of ​​the film.

But the real story

In the ring in the 1970s, a little-known boxer Chuck appeared, or, as he was called, "The Bloodletter from Bayonne" Wapner.

The bloodletter also fought the wrestler (as in the Rocky movie in Rocky 3), also won more victories than defeats, and also fought with the heavyweight champion and just great man Muhammad Ali.

The blood donator, seeing the film, which literally copied from his life, sued Stallone and agreed with him about compensation. Its amount was not disclosed.

5. The film "Jaws" - based on a true story.

Of course, not a single shark, even a very aggressive shark, will attack people like this and with such a frequency, and, of course, it is not that large.

And what about the reality?

And here is the real story

The film is based on a series of terrible shark attacks on the popular beaches of New Jersey, which occurred in 1916. The reaction of the victims was completely real. After four people were killed by a shark, residents of New Jersey in a panic began a massive hunt for the "cannibal", trying to save the tourism industry. That is the plot and unfolds in the film.

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