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Obviously, I am not an artist by profession. I can't create a beautiful ad banner.
@artgirl heeelp! LOL

Have you joined @blocktrades' affiliate program?

How do you cash out from Steemit?

If you haven't used BlockTrades or have used it without signing up/in before, you can sign up with my referral link below (Thank you in advance!)

You may start promoting BlockTrades too. Just add your affiliate ID to the link below and don't forget to set up rates. We can set a percentage fee up to 1%.

Since I joined Steemit, I always sell STEEM/SBD via BlockTrades.

Why BlockTrades?

  1. Quick and Simple.
  2. BlockTrades supports Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which has lower transaction fees than Bitcoin (BTC).
  3. BlockTrades' minimum 'Sell' amount is LOWER than the rest.

Can you SELL or withdraw 1.000 STEEM from Bittrex, Binance, etc.? With BlockTrades, we can sell less than 1.000 STEEM if we run out of prepaid cellphone load (mobile top up via

~ Images are my mobile screenshots.


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  • How to Buy Steem Power with Dogecoin
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    Ayos sis... dba may wordpress ka sis?

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    Yep nilagay ko sya dun 😊

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      ·  last year (edited)

    Buti pinansin ako ni blocktrades o binigyan ako $$ 3rd time. 😊

    heto pala un,hehe
    ngaun ko lng nalaman, salamat madam:-)

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    Sarap naman binoto to ni blocktrades 😊

    masarap na almusal madam,hehehe

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      ·  last year (edited)

    Oo nga sana may ganyan kahit hindi daily masaya haha 😊

    once a month lng masaya na ako,hehe
    kaso di pa ako nakakarecv ng ganyan haha

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    Sure ka? $70 lang pinakamataas ko lahat yung 3 top paid posts ko dahil kay blocktrades sunod kay SG then hr1 then esteem yun lang. Si @artgirl nacurie kaya mas mayaman $100+ 😁

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    sa panaginip lng ung sakin,haha
    pero ok lng masaya na ako sa 2 or 3 hahaha
    si @artgirl? dinig ko nga talagang mayaman sya gaya mo madam, hahaha

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    Mas matindi yun hindi na kasi yun natutulog kakaraket 😁

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    Sige po, payamanin niyo ako. Magkatotoo sana yung narinig nyo. Hahaha.

    Ah ikaw pala may sala. 😂 More upvotes come to mamah!!! 😂

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    Ay may tag pla ditey. Haha churi d n ko nagchecheck mxado. 😂

    Ggwan p b kita? 😂😂😂 Keribels n yan d nmn need ng bongga. 😁

    Nakita ko yan last week eh kaso d ko pinansin. 😂 4 days ago lng nila in-announce. May bayad din b pag may nagsign up using affiliate links?

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    1% dapat iset rate. May acct ka na ba? Yung iba kasi wala pwede naman kasi buy/sell kahit wala.

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    Meron ako acct. D ko p kc binasa... May ise-set p pla n rate chenelyn. Luh. 🤔

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    Bumoto si blocktrades o sarap hehe

    Whew. Hahaha. Ikaw na. Congrats! :P

    Masaya abangan new posts nya eh kasi pag ikaw una nagblog about dun malaki chance maboto nya 😁

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    Oks. That's the secret.

    At siempre sipsip din pacomment comment dun 😁

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