Chapter 9

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"When I was seven years old, I received hell training in the Siberian training camp. At that time, my body was not yet developed. The kind of crushing training had a great impact on the body. Although later, I studied the internal school under the master's door. Boxing. But when I was young, my body was too short, which made my potential not high. Even if I reached the limit of the inner family, the limit of the human body. The physical quality is still much worse than that of 'Dorgottov' and others."

Without entering the realm of the guru, people can reach their physical limits at most and cannot surpass them.

Training needs to have a degree.

Just like some athletes, in order to produce results, they work hard every day, in order to win medals, when they are young, they are on the field. However, many of them went to middle age and their bodies collapsed.

Of course, the level of athlete training is not exaggerated.

Like some Muay Thai trainers, some of them are purely mad and are machines. They were terrible when they were twenty. However, many of them even live forty years old. Even if they are older, they may have to hold a cane! Because their potential is squeezed too much, even vitality is consumed in advance.

Internal school boxing is different!

China's internal school boxing is amazing, because the first purpose of internal school boxing is not to kill, but to keep health!

First health, then kill.

Like a Muay Thai master, it will not work until the age of forty. Can be a strong insider, forty years old is the most peak moment. Especially the internal school boxing guru, even if he is eighty or ninety years old, still has the terrible strength that makes people feel tremble. Any internal school boxing guru, as long as he does not die, can generally live more than a hundred years old.

This shows the effect of internal school boxing.

Of course, in the international arena, Indian ancient yoga, which also has a long history, also has magical effects. Although it is not comparable to internal school boxing, the internal school boxing is difficult, the ancient yoga is less difficult, and the ancient yoga practitioners are more. Of course, the world's ss level, or the master level, most of them are practicing internal school boxing.

"Once you reach the realm of the guru, you can surpass the limits of the human body." Lu Yu could not help but reveal a smile.

The inner limit is the ability to completely control every muscle.

The realm of the guru is the power of muscles, fascia, and bones. This is also the same body, why the masters are stronger.

"But step by step every day to practice the 'three-body' 'five-line boxing' 'twelve shape', gradually strengthen the bones, improve the fascial toughness, and strengthen the muscle density, but this speed is too slow and too slow." Lu Yu sighed, "fortunately Master, he passed on the most powerful secret of my Xingyiquan, 'Tiger Shaped God.'"

There are many types of internal school boxing in China. In addition to the three internal school boxing, there are also many kinds of boxing such as Bajiquan, Wuzuquan, Hongquan, Tongbeiquan and Wing Chun.

But why, Xingyiquan, gossip, and tai chi can be called the three internal school boxing, and other internal school boxing is lower?

Other fists can't reach the realm of the guru? No, other sects, there are also masters, and there are many people studying.

The real difference is the difference between the masters!

The masters of the three internal school boxing are generally stronger than other internal school boxing masters! Because, after the other internal school boxing cultivation into the "master's realm", it is necessary to gradually improve according to the department. The three internal school boxing sects have their own secret skills. After reaching the realm of the guru, you can practice the secrets!

It can make the strength of the masters improve quickly, and only the master can practice.

They are the Xingyiquan secret technique "Tiger-shaped Tongshen", the Taijiquan secret technique "Xuanwu Shishijin" and the gossip palm secret technique "Fish Dragon Change".

"Tiger-shaped Tongshen" is the end of the Ming Dynasty, the Xingyiquan master 'Ji Ji Ke' passed down, the legendary 'Ji Ji Ke' master himself raised a tiger, sleeping with the tiger to sleep, long-term observation, finally in At the age of 100, I created the secret technique of this ancient and ancient

Referring to the bones, this tiger bone is the most famous, tiger bone wine, the most is tonic. This shows that the tiger bone is very powerful.

Practice "Tiger-shaped Gods", which is like a tiger, to improve the solid density of the bones.

To cultivate the "Tiger-shaped Gods", you must reach the realm of the guru, and be good at the shape of the twelve-shaped tiger, so that you can practice the "Tiger-shaped God". This set of secret skills can only be taught by the core disciples in Xingyi.

"Try it first."

Lu Yu suddenly fell, like a humanoid tiger lying on the ground, although it was lying on the ground, but actually only the feet and feet, the other body parts did not support the ground. There is no tremor in the body muscles, but also control of breathing, internal strength and so on.

Sometimes the back arches slightly, sometimes under the sway, the spine is like a big dragon rising and lurking.

During the ascending and lurking of the spine, the muscles of both hands and feet are also working.

Breathing, internal strength, and movements should work together perfectly.

Power is transferred from the hands and fingers to the arm bones, and the section is passed to the body. Breathing also causes the peristalsis of the internal organs, and the strong energy of the internal force also causes the bones to tremble. Lu Yu constantly adjusts and tries to achieve the same as recorded in "Tiger Shaped God".

The action looks simple, but it's actually quite complicated!

It's harder than practicing the whole 'Xuanyi Twelve'. On the subtle, it's a mistake to breathe a little bit of error. There is a mistake in the control of the internal strength, and it is not right.

Test again and again, adjust!

Body movement, breathing, internal strength, bone control...

Cooperate with many aspects and constantly adjust until perfect.

"Call ~ ~ call ~ ~" Lu Yu body actually issued a sound similar to the tiger snoring, it is not a snoring, but the sound of the Lu Yu bones impact tremor.

"It's a wonderful feeling."

Lu Yu feels that she seems to be a tiger. She is sleeping here. At the beginning, she still needs labor and deliberate control of bones, muscles, breathing, internal strength and so on. Later, she has naturally entered that state.

The whole body is numb and the bones are itchy.

It’s that feeling, this exercise, unconsciously, just passed.

"Hey." Lu Yu stood up and stood up, feeling the strength of the whole body, and could not help but brighten his eyes. "I didn't expect to improve this day, and I improved my physical fitness by at least one or two."

The extent of this increase, Lu Yu can clearly feel.

He also knows that it is generally only beginning to cultivate, the most obvious improvement, and the lower the rate, the lower the increase.

"This "Tiger-shaped God-in-the-God" created by Ji Zushi is indeed incredible. The action seems simple. In fact, it is very complicated. It is just taking a tiger to sleep, but it is ten times more than a hundred times more complex than the whole tiger-shaped boxing in the twelve shape. Shape movement, breathing coordination, internal strength operation, bone and bone control, etc., do not know how long Ji Zu teacher tried, only to create."

Lu Yu is very emotional.

Although the first generation of Xingyiquan is the first generation of the founder, there is no conclusion. However, Ji Jike is the highest-ranking master in the history of Xingyiquan. Many Xingyi people call it 'Ji Zu Shi.'

As time passed, Lu Yu was completely immersed in the "Tiger-shaped Gods", his physical quality is also enhanced at an alarming rate. This amazing speed of improvement has also made Lu Yu's heart more and more admire Ji Zu Shi.

A sway, half a month passed.

This half-month of practicing "Tiger-shaped Gods" can improve one or two percent from the beginning of physical fitness. By the fifteenth day, the improvement has been reduced to almost undetectable. However, these fifteen days, Lu Yu's physical fitness, compared to fifteen days ago, can be said to be doubled.

The physical quality has doubled, and this strength can be improved by more than double.

"This has been immersed in the cultivation of "Tiger-shaped Gods", and I forgot to see my brother 'Qinghe'." Lu Yu couldn't help but smile. In fact, when he just fled into China, Lu Yu was worried about his death. 'Broken machine' is the hands of two people, so I am eager to see my brother 'Qinghe' before the battle.

And now...

After reaching the realm of the guru, Lu Yu, who practiced "Tiger-shaped Gods", can be said to be the most peak of the whole world. The strength is ten times stronger than before.

Naturally, Lu Yu has no sense of urgency, so he is not in a hurry to find his brother.

"Learn about this outside situation." Lu Yu enters the house, turns on the computer, connects to the broadband, and then contacts ‘Elena’ in the same way as last time.

"Elena!" Lu Yu tapped the keyboard.

After a while -

"Ah, wolf, you finally contacted me! This can be more than a month, I am still worried that you are dead." Faraway London, England, sitting in front of the computer, Elena, swaying her feet, knocking Hit the keyboard and vent your dissatisfaction.

"I am recovering." Lu Yu smiled and tapped the keyboard.

"Are you hurt?" Elena asked.

"Exactly, right, how is the situation outside?" Lu Yu asked.

Elena’s face showed a trace of sorrow, and it took a moment to knock on the keyboard: “Wolf, you are very powerful, you can kill Sun Ze and Dorgotrov. You are now listed as 50 s. The first person to kill is called the 'quasi-ss' killer. Are you very proud? But I have to tell you a bad news."

"Say." Lu Yu eyebrows.

"It may be that the Redmein family is angry and angry, or it may be that you are so strong that the Redmein family is worried that you will retaliate against them. In short, the Redmein family has spent a great price, please move the world's first organization, God. The country's "out of the horse, the two giants of the Kingdom of China, 'Shiva' and 'Vishnu' are now estimated to have arrived in China early, have been searching for your trace."

Lu Yu’s face has finally changed.

"Two of the three giants of the Kingdom of God?" Even if the strength is advanced, Lu Yu could not help but be shocked.

The three giants of the Kingdom of God, these three people, claim to be God! Of course, these three are ss-level killers, the absolute master of the realm. Moreover, the three giants of the Kingdom of God have been in the realm of the masters for many years. Stepping into the realm of the guru for many years, and entering the realm of the guru, it is two concepts.

Although Lu Yu, because of the practice of "Tiger-shaped God", his physical quality has doubled, almost the achievements of the general master for a lifetime.


The enemy is the second of the three giants, the legend of the dark world invincible. No one can kill any of the three giants for so many years.

"This time I actually asked them to move, and they also set off to deal with me. I really can see me!" Lu Yu felt pressure, but also raised a little war.

Lu Yu did not know that the reason why the three giants of the Kingdom of God sent two people was because they were worried that Lu Yu had a teacher in China. At that time, if the Zhuangyimen had another master to help Lu Yu, then the three giants of the Kingdom of God would be in danger. Therefore, two people were sent to join forces to kill Lu Yu.

If the two join hands, they can attack and retreat, which is equivalent to adding a layer of insurance.

The task of the ‘God country’ has never been a record of failure!


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