chapter 18

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Among the three giants of the 'Shenguo' organization, Da Brahma and Shiva are extremely militant, but this big brother 'Vishnu' is the deepest hidden, originally killed Lu Yu, Vishnu has no intention to shoot, but he I never thought of it, it would be such a result.

One of the three giants, Shiva, was killed!

"I will kill you." The white man Vishnu was low.

Lu Yu just smiled.

"Call, call." The white man's "Vishnu" is agile, moving to become a white phantom, and blink of an eye is in front of Lu Yu.

Lu Yu’s hand is a step backwards.

Surprisingly, Lu Yu’s slamming fist, Vishnu, did not mean to resist, but his body shape was slightly biased, and Lu Yu’s fist fell on his arm.

"No." Lu Yu’s fist hit the other side, and he felt that there was a swimming python in the swaying white dress. His fist fell and slipped open. The white man 'Vishnu' was not injured at all, but he fell to the ground with his feet, his feet like a poisonous snake, and suddenly caught Lu Yu's right leg.

A force.

Lu Yu immediately fell to the ground. If he didn't do this, his right leg would be pinched off. "WENG ~ ~" Lu Yu's right leg muscles violently swayed, like a big bow in archery, bowstrings tremble fiercely, and strange internal strength also shot at each other's legs.

But the white man's "Vishnu" legs are like two big snakes, slamming from Lu Yu's upper body and smashing Lu Yu's whole body together.


At this moment, Lu Yu thought of some scenes of pythons killing people in the virgin forest. The terrible power came instantly and made him breathe.

"Hey." Lu Yu whispered.

The white man 'Vishnu' feels that Lu Yu's muscles are twisted and twisted, and suddenly, Lu Yu, who is entangled by him, seems to be transformed into a dragon, with a strange rotating power, to open his power of strangulation, such as diving. Like the Ascension of the Dragon, it flies directly.

Drilling the boxing and dragon type, reaching the level of Lu Yu, the whole body can be turned into a dragon.

"Hey." The white man "Vishnu" slammed the ground, and the whole person seemed to jump up and grab the Lu Yu's ankle.

Lu Yu turned over in midair, and his feet were like a hot wheel directly to the Vishnu.

"Hey!" The left arm of the white man 'Vishnu' leaned down to Lu Yu's leg. The strange thing was that his left arm reversed ninety degrees and the bones did not break. It must be admitted that this ancient yoga exercise in resilience does have its own special features.

Vishnu’s right arm, however, grabbed Lu Yu’s left ankle and neck.

Lu Yu slammed his left and right feet, forcing the other party to loosen, but Lu Yu still felt a pain in his left foot.

"Not good, the bone joints were unloaded." Lu Yu left his feet and squatted.

With both hands on the ground, Lu Yu’s whole person jumped again in the air.

In midair, Lu Yu immediately carried his left foot, pressed and turned, and the bones were connected. Reaching the realm of the guru, I know every bone in the body well, and the technique of the bone is naturally high.

"Muscle fascia can actually get to this point." Lu Yu immediately set the strategy.

To deal with ‘Vishnu’, you should use a drill!

The white man ‘Vishnu’ mouth suddenly made a sharp and harsh call.

"WENG--" Lu Yu only felt a slight dizzy head.

Vishnu immediately leaned back, his hands were like the Buddha's orchid fingers, and Lu Yu was slamming, with a strong rebound force following the legs and passing right fist. The whole body muscles were twisted into a rope for a moment, and as soon as the boxing came out, the air seemed to be blown up by the electric drill.

Vishnu's palms, even blocking Lu Yu's fist.

The palms are connected, the palms are concave, and the vampires are actually unloaded.

Then the hands directly grabbed Lu Yu's right forearm, and the strong fingers of the fingers directly left a few blood holes on Lu Yu's right arm. The other hand grasped, Lu Yu actually broke free, knowing is not good, immediately a short body, left hand support, the whole person flying shovel to each other.

At this time, the Vishnu roared and madly pulled it up—


Lu Yu’s right arm was squatted and blood spouted.

The right arm is broken!

The flying shovel's lupine face is exposed to the color of the face, and the legs are opened together, just like the crocodile's mouth is open, and then the one is combined, directly entangles the right leg of Vishnu! Lu Yu’s intact left hand is a grabbing Vishnu’s calf bone.

A roar, the left hand, the legs suddenly force, a twist -


Vishnu's entire right leg was broken.

Lu Yu and Vishnu are completely entangled.

"Ah!!!" The pain, the mad Vishnu roared, the intact left leg carrying endless power, slamming, squatting directly on Lu Yu's back, the bones broke and the sound was heard, Lu Yu was a blood spurting, Even the visceral pieces spit out.


Lu Yu screamed, his legs slammed back and slammed directly into the crotch of Vishnu. Fortunately, Vishnu immediately shrank into the abdomen, but even so, he was still smashed and only heard the bones. The cracking sound, apparently the comminuted fracture of the left thigh bone.

The two peaks are strong, only a second or two, and both lose.

"Flying knife lone wolf, you, this body, very good, admire." The white man tried to sit up and looked at Lu Yu, but his face showed a calm smile.

"Your body skills are also very good." Lu Yu's face also showed a smile.

Two great masters, this moment, they all laughed.


Vishnu's angry leg, Lu Yu did not have a defensive at all, the strongest one leg, not only the back muscles and bones, but also made Lu Yu's internal organs hit hard. Lu Yu knows that such a serious injury, unless the miracle occurs, otherwise, even with the vitality of the master, it will live for up to half a month, and if the ordinary person suffers such a injury, I am afraid that he will die on the spot.

As for Vishnu, the right leg was torn off and the left thigh was also scrapped. From now on, he is a disabled person, no longer a ss-class powerhouse.

Both are finished.


The special operations team elite who watched the war not far away were completely shocked.

"Two monsters, two madmen." Yang Yun could not help but say.

"This flying knife is so horrible, not only kills 'Shiva', but even "Vishnu" is crippled." One of the female elite members could not help but marvel, then she doubted looking to one side Qin Hong, "Qin Ge, what's wrong with you, looking silly?"

"Nothing." Qin Hong shook his head, but he felt it. When he saw the flying knife 'lone wolf' being shackled on the back and spit out the dirty debris, his heart was inexplicably hurt.

"Everyone, the flying knives are obviously hit hard, and it is not expected. And the Vishnu is simply disabled. The stations can't stand up. This is our good opportunity, we will do it right away! Hold them in one fell swoop. Can Grab the two big ss-level killers in one fell swoop, this is a great credit." Yang Yun.

Suddenly the eyes of this group of players brightened.

Flying knives and lone wolves, one person can fight two giants, no doubt, it must be a ss-level master.

Now they have the opportunity to seize the flying knife and the wolf and Vishnu, I am afraid to say that it is also worthy of pride.

Yang Yun immediately began to arrange the plan.


Just as a group of people in the Special Operations Group planned to start, in the distance, in the grass, Shen Ming and his three men were hiding there. Because it was dark night, members of the special operations team did not find dozens of meters at all, and there was another person.

"You three remember, no matter what happens, the first goal is Qin Hong." Shenyang Ming whispered, "After I started, you also immediately started. Once successful, we immediately retreat."

"Know, Big Brother." The three desperate people whispered.

"Good." Shenyang Ming stared at the distance.

This time, he did not hesitate to kill Qin Hong.

"They acted!" Shenyang Ming eyes brightened, only to see the members of the special action group in the distance began to quietly move, and began to cover Lu Yu and Vishnu from the surrounding.


Lu Yu and Vishnu are half lying on the ground.

"Lonely wolf, those people, also want to catch us." Vishnu chuckled.

"But you have no legs, you can only be a gun target. In your current situation, you will be shot by a gun. You have to finish it." Lu Yuxiao smiled, then his eyes swept away, and three people quietly approached. Come, the tallest of them is his brother 'Qinghe'.

Just at this time -

"Well?" Lu Yu turned his head suddenly, only about forty meters away, there is still a group of people.

"Shenyang Ming!" With Lu Yu's vision, one of them saw a moment.

At this time, Shenyang Ming was also pulling a gun and shooting at the head of Qin Hong.


Lu Yu's whole body muscles are tight for a moment, and almost the conditional reflex runs from the body of "The End of the World". The remaining internal strength of the body is as easy as the cheap tap water. Lu Yu's whole person instantly turns into a vague illusion and disappears directly into the place. .

The three-person squad led by Qin Hong is approaching the two super-masters of ‘Flying Knife and Vishnu’.

But he suddenly found a gun.

"Shenyang Ming." At the moment of life and death, he finally saw Shenyang Ming, that is, Shenyang Ming deliberately got up and let the other party see him.

"Death." Shenyang Ming shot, with a hint of revenge in his eyes.

The speed of the bullet is very fast. Even the most powerful masters can't keep up with the bullets.

To avoid bullets, it is necessary to start hiding before the bullets are fired.


A bullet, passing through a distance of tens of meters, shot at Qin Hong.

At the speed of the bullets, Qin Hong had no time to react.

"No--" Qin Hong’s mind instantly appeared in his pregnant wife, 'Li Wei’. Was the child born without a father?

"Hey, hey!"

Surprisingly, Lu Yu, who had disappeared in the original place, appeared in a place ten meters away.

Two bullets in a row, shot on Lu Yu.

"Dead." Lu Yu looked cold.

Lu Yu's left-handed hand is a flying knife. The speed of the flying knife is not slower than that of the bullet. It passes directly through the sky and penetrates the throat of Shenyang. There is only a horror in Shenyang’s bright eyes, and he can’t even avoid it.

"Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!"...

After standing in the body of Shenyang Ming, three people madly shot in the direction of Qin Hong, but Qin Hong had already been dodged after a threat. At the same time, Qin Hong and his teammates also immediately shot. The shooting method was extremely accurate, and three headshots were killed directly, killing the three desperados.

At this time, a large group of people such as Yang Yun immediately rushed over.

Lu Yu’s body was soft, but he fell to the ground.

"Qin Hong, nothing." Yang Yun a group of people care.

"I'm fine." Qin Hong felt as if he had a nightmare and a cold sweat on his back. At this time, he was completely awakened.

"Flying knife and lonely wolf." Qin Hong suddenly remembered the one who saved him, he immediately ran over.

The other members of the special action group also passed by one by one. They did not understand why the flying knife was solitary and wolf, to save Qin Hong.

"Shenyang Ming, finally dead." Lu Yu relieved a sigh of relief, he asked 'Elena' to help check the trace of Shen Yangming, is to kill Shen Yangming for his brother to remove the danger, I thought, because of this war, he again There is no way to kill Shen Yangming. However, Shenyang Ming came to this place.

The younger brother is safe, and Lu Yu’s heart is also a little relaxed.

"Flying knife lonely wolf, you, why are you saving me?" Qin Hong looked at Lu Yu in front of Lu Yu.

Lu Yu felt a terrible pain in his chest. He understood that after a serious injury to Vishnu, he was still in danger of dying, and he was desperately trying to display ‘End of the World’, which made the injury even more serious. Especially in that case, he just shot the flying knife and couldn't help defending the bullet.

Three bullets, shot into the chest.

Lu Yuchai felt that life was passing.

"Qin Hong..." Lu Yu showed a smile on his face. He looked at Qin Hong like his brother. The left hand slammed into Qin Hong. Qin Hong did not dodge. Lu Yu touched Qin Hong’s head and smiled. "Nothing. Why? Remember, taking care of your children and living well will be enough."

Said, Lu Yu felt a surge in the throat.

"Hey." A stream of blood spewed out, containing visceral debris.

"You, you, why?" Qin Hong did not understand at all, but when he saw Lu Yu, he felt a distress.

Lu Yu looked at his brother and looked at it.

Twenty-two years have passed, I have never seen my brother so carefully.

I can take a good look at my brother before I die, and I will treat myself to be thin.

Gradually, Lu Yu felt confused and his head was dizzy.

"Is it going to die?" Lu Yu could not see clearly.

This scene of life is like a movie flashing.

The happy orphanage life of a young child, with his wife 'kitten', went through the Siberian hellish days, internal school boxing cultivation, and repeated killer missions... In the meantime, Lu Yu seems to hear the favorite one. The song, like the song of his life -

I am a wolf from the north...

Walking in the innocent wild...

The savage north blows...


"Kit, I am coming with you."

Lu Yu felt like a cold wind blew, his body was chilly, but his face was a smile.


Lu Yu’s body became cold, and his chest was already stained with blood. The ‘Little Ding’, also stained with blood, disappeared at the moment Lu Yu died. However, because Xiao Ding is inside the clothes, no one has found this scene.

Qin Hong quietly sat in front of the body.

"He is dead." Yang Yun stood by.

"He, why did he save me?" Qin Hong said.

"I don't know, no one knows except himself." Yang Yun shook his head and sighed.

"Yangtou." The other team members immediately ran over. "The Vishnu died, and he killed himself. He would rather die than be left to us."

Yang Yun shook his head and sighed: "This Vishnu was severely damaged, and its strength is no longer. It is estimated that it does not want to live poorly."

"Why do you save me? Don't hesitate to save me?" Qin Hong looked at Lu Yu.

"What the hell..."

No one knows, Lu Yu is dead, no one knows!

"Lu Yu! Lu Yu!" Just at this time, a voice sounded, I saw Lin Qing was running in the distance, looking around, but when she saw Lu Yu’s body lying on the side of Qin Hong, she was completely shocked. .

Flying over, Lin Qing suddenly fell down.

"Lu Yu, Lu Yu, you, how are you!" Lin Qing looked at the bullet wound on Lu Yu's chest, and the broken arm, and the tears came down.

"What do you call him?"

Qin Hong’s whole person trembled and slammed his head and stared at Lin Qing. The Special Action Group has never known the real name of 'Flying Knife Lone Wolf'. In fact, the name 'Lu Yu' is also compiled by Lu Yu himself. 'Teng' takes the name of the master 'Teng Bolei', and 'Qingshan' is the orphan. The name of the hospital.

"Lu Yu, how are you, how can you die, how can you die?" Lin Qing cried, crying tears DC.

"Aoyama, Castle Peak..."

"No!" Qin Hong was so horrified that his eyes were rounded, and he slammed the clothes of Lu Yu's waist. At Lu Yu's waist, there was a purple birthmark.

In an instant, Qin Hong became pale and without a trace of blood.

"Killing the killer and killing Li Mingshan is you..." Qin Hong shivered.

"What?" Lin Qing's body trembled and looked at Qin Hong next to him. "You said, who is killing Li Mingshan? Lu Yu?" In Lin Qing's heart, the most grateful thing is to kill Li Mingshan, let She went out of hell, but she never knew who killed Li Mingshan.

Qin Hong’s eyes are completely on Lu Yu’s body.

"It’s also your call..."

"Where you save me, or you..."

Qin Hong was trembling and his voice was hoarse.

"Why, why don't you tell me, don't recognize me, why..." Qin Hong's crying heart will be torn apart. As a member of the special action group, he also knows some hatreds from the flying knife. He instantly understood that Lu Yu did not tell him the pains.

"For my safety?"

Qin Hong’s heart was sour and sad, he could not openly and truly have a real relationship with his brother’s “Lu Yu”. He could not do this for his wife and children.

If you do that, your wife and the children who are about to come to this world will be in danger.

If you do that, his brother ‘Lu Yu’’s pains of not recognizing him before his death will be wasted.

His brother is in front of him, but he dare not shout.

"Ah ~ ~" Qin Hong's painful look, can only scream in the bottom of my heart, "Brother!!!"


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