Chapter 16

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"Congratulations on your freedom and happiness."

Lu Yu smiled, Lin Qing stared at Lu Yu, a girl from a poor family, able to walk to the point of today with the first bucket of gold, Lin Qing will also look at people. She feels that Lu Yu has always refused to be a thousand miles away and never regarded her as a close friend.

"Lu Yu." Lin Qing hesitated, still bravely asked, "I want to ask you, if I pursue you, will you accept?"

It is a great courage for the woman to ask this.

"Sorry." Lu Yu did not hesitate.

Lin Qing’s face was slightly white, and he laughed at himself: “Is it dirty?”


Lu Yu shook his head. "In my heart, except for my wife, I can no longer put down any woman."

Lin Qing tried to squeeze a smile.

"Lin Qing, you should go back." Lu Yu suddenly said.

Lin Qingyi.

She found that Lu Yu’s eyes at this moment actually noticed the darkness in the distance. Is there anyone? Lin Qing also doubted to look at the past, vaguely, the two figures are gradually approaching. Under the radiance of the street lights, Lin Qing reluctantly saw the appearance of the two people.

Appearance, obviously people in South Asian countries!

One of them was wearing a loose white sweatshirt, white loose trousers, and the natural curly hair was arbitrarily tied into a long squat, and the face was kind and the eyes were like two black jade stones.

The other person is nearly two meters high, and the bald head reflects the radiance of the streetlights. The eyes are radiating like a python, which makes people feel guilty. These two people are two of the world's first organization 'God country' three giants - Vishnu, Shiva!

"Ah." Lin Qing was scared and trembled.

"It seems that the hand of the dark hand is very efficient. You have found me until now." Lu Yu is speaking Chinese.

"Look, come to you, you, you, die!" The white-haired curly-haired Indian man said a little pause, apparently his Chinese level is relatively low.

"Death?" Lin Qing was so scared that he even looked at Lu Yu and lowered his voice. "Lu Yu, let's call the police."

Although the sound was very low, but the two giants of the Shenzhou, 30 meters away, heard it clearly. The white man’s 'Vishnu’ had a smile on his face. As for the 'Shiva’, he did not understand Chinese at all. .


Is it possible for the general police to intervene in the fierce battles that are the best in the world?

"Lin Qing, you go back." Lu Yu's body shape suddenly moved.

"Haha, I want to kill me, even if I come."

Lu Yu slammed into the darkness next to Mingyue Lake.

"Want to escape?" The bald-strong man, 'Shiva,' was snarling, and the whole person was like a thunder, slamming into the air. As for the white man, "Vishnu" is a smile, as if walking, but also chased the past. But every step actually has four or five meters.

Lin Qing stayed in this scene.

The speed of Lu Yu’s three people completely shocked her.

"No, they want to kill Lu Yu." Lin Qing was in a panic.

Concerns are chaotic, although Lu Yu did not let her call the police, but she subconsciously, when the dangerous situation is met, the police will choose to call the police.

Since Lin Qing and Lu Yu met at Yangliu Tea Society, they were discovered by Qin Hong, and the special action group has been tracking Lin Qing. At the moment, just behind a rockery on the edge of Mingyue Lake, a short-haired woman in a jacket and a capable woman took out her mobile phone: "Yangtou, suddenly two Indians, it should be the two of Vishnu and Shiva. The giants, the flying knives and the wolves began to flee, and the two giants are chasing the past."


In the old city of Yangzhou City, there are nearly 20 people in an ordinary courtyard.

"Now, the two giants of the Kingdom of God and the flying knives have already started to fight in Mingyue Lake. The situation is very tense. We will rush over now." Yang Yun immediately dialed a phone call after he finished speaking. Secretary, it is me. Just now someone called the police to explain that there are Indians in the lake. Who are going to kill? Well, we are responsible for this matter. You don’t need to intervene."

This war, the ordinary people do not only affect them.

"Xiaojun, the people you stayed here, help me take care of your nephews. That Shenyang Ming, I am worried about the time when it comes out." Qin Hong put on a series of equipment such as bulletproof vests, and at the same time squatting.

The 16 people who departed this time were the best elites of the special operations group in Jiangsu. A group managed by Qin Hong was selected for him.

"Do not worry, Qin Ge." The person who stayed at the headquarters immediately said.

At this time, Li Wei, who had a big belly, also walked out of the house. Qin Hong said: "Small, you have a good rest, we will come back soon."

"You, be careful." Li Wei is also a member of the organization and knows the dangers of such actions.

"Do not worry." Qin Hong comforted.

"Now, start." Yang Yun issued an order.

"Hurry up, Qin Hong." Others have already rushed out of the house. Qin Hong did not hesitate to follow other teammates. He took four black Jetta cars and quickly rushed to Mingyue Lake in Xicheng District.

In this courtyard, Li Wei’s face could not help but have a little worry.

"Small sister, you should be careful, don't stand outside the house, hurry into the house, have you forgotten the phone a few days ago?" The other members of the headquarters immediately ran over.

"I know." Li Wei also recalled the phone.

She was at the phone and clearly heard the contents of the phone. The other party reminded Qin Hong that the Northeast 'Shenyang Ming' was going to kill him, and he invited 'Li Mingshan' to help, and Li Mingshan hired a desperate person' Chutian', Chutian is in a rented house in the old town.

Later, they discovered the body of Chutian. Just this morning, they also knew that the body of Li Mingshan was found in the secret passage of his own study.

Qin Hong was completely sure that Shenyang Ming really wanted to kill him.

In addition, Qin Hong himself has killed Shenyang’s eldest brother, Wang Qing, and Shen Ming’s revenge, which is completely logical. Therefore, Qin Hongcai transferred his wife to the headquarters.

"Telephone, who is playing? The other side, why should you help yourself?" Li Wei and Qin Hong were both confused, and the other party did not leave a name.

This phone is played by Lu Yu, Shenyang Ming wants to kill his brother, Lu Yu certainly will not let the other side survive. So he invited ‘Elena’ to help inspect the traces of Shenyang people, so that they could do it.

It takes time to find a trace of a person. Therefore, Lu Yu is waiting for Elena’s news in Yangzhou City.

But the news has not waited, the two giants of the Kingdom of God have come.

In a rented house in the old city, he lived in Shenyang Ming and his three men.

"Oh, Qin Hong, he left the old nest? In the direction of Xicheng District?" Shenyang Mingzheng and the ‘Dark Hand’ organization telephone contact, “Well, I will leave immediately. Keep in touch at any time.”

When Shenyang arrived in the evening, he organized from the Hand of the Dark, knowing that Lu Yu was hiding in the headquarters of the Special Operations Group, and he could only wait slowly. I didn't expect it to be so fast, Qin Hong came out.

"Well, brother. We have only one goal, kill Qin Hong!"

Shenyang Ming is like a wolf, his eyes sweeping over the three sides.

"Do not worry, big brother." Since the three people chose to come with Shenyang, it is also a desperate.

"Get the gun."

The four people in Shenyang Ming had their own guns and immediately went out to rent a house. A Passat was parked outside the house. After the four people got on the bus, they immediately rushed in the direction of Xicheng District.

Drive for a while -

“Shenyang Ming, Qin Hong, a group of people, arrived at Mingyue Lake in Xicheng District. Now, the flying knife and the lone wolf, and the two giants of the Kingdom of God are there. It is very dangerous, I suggest you better not go.” Come to the dark organization members' voices.


Shenyang Ming was scared.

Flying knives, lonely wolves, two giants of the Kingdom of God? These three people are all he needs to look up.

"Thank you, but this opportunity is rare, I am dead, but also to avenge my brother!" Shenyang Ming immediately ordered the driver on the driver's seat, "fast, go to Xiyuecheng Mingyue Lake." On the car navigation map There is an accurate route to Mingyue Lake, Shenyang and his party, constantly overtaking, and rushed to Mingyue Lake.


Mingyue Lake has become a gathering place for all parties.

On a piece of wasteland about 800 meters away from the lake of Mingyue Lake, Lu Yu ran to this, and the two superpowers also caught up with it.

"Flying knife lonely wolf, can you just escape?" Angry 'Shiva', fluent English.

"It is almost impossible to deal with two people at the same time. It is almost impossible to win. Only when they are paralyzed, can they win." Lu Yu was at the same time of escaping, and he quickly formulated an operational plan. Suddenly, Lu Yu turned sharply in the fast running. Waving is a flying knife.

In the darkness, a cold star slammed into the throat of 'Shiva'.

The speed is fast, it is not allowed to be blocked by Shiva.

This two-meter-high, the bald-headed sultry ‘Shiva’ head has a weird twist, and the neck seems to be stretched toward the side, easily escaping the knife.

As a ‘big achiever’ who has already practiced ancient yoga to a perfect state, Shiva’s head can easily turn 360 degrees. The exercise of the muscles and muscles has reached an incredible level.


A sharp whistling sounded.

Lu Yu was already close, and a lightning-like fist hit him. The bald-headed ‘Shiva’ grinned and his fist slammed like a shell.


Lu Yu was shocked by the whole person, and he stepped back a few steps toward the back.

"Big brother, this guy is good, haha... you are watching it." Shiva seems to be very excited. In the legend of India, the three highest gods, 'Shiva,' is the god of destruction and destruction. I got the title of 'Shiva' and also revealed a little bit of information -

This person is extremely militant!

The white man ‘Vishnu’ stood on one side and watched it all silently. Maybe at some point, he would suddenly shoot.


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