Chapter 14

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“Internal school boxing, from exercising body strength to exercising internal strength, and then reaching the master's realm. In fact, this is the stage of “refining gas”.

"Ancient people, do not pay attention to muscles and muscles exercise, in their view, that is a small path. They attach importance to the absorption of the heavens and the earth, refining the internal strength. After all, the ancient heaven and earth aura is abundant, can refine a lot of internal strength, even Can be stored in Dantian. And we practice internal school boxing, it is by refining the body's blood, only refining a little internal strength, very little internal strength. Also in the meridians."

Lu Yu listened and was embarrassed.

Now the strong fight, the internal strength is only an aid, mostly relying on muscle and muscle strength.

The ancients, purely relying on strong internal strength.

After all, ‘money’ is more than care, and modern people have too little ‘inner’. Less, there is no need to store it in Dantian.

"But internal school boxing, compared with ancient practice methods, has weaknesses and advantages."

"The weak is that the most master of the internal school boxing is estimated to be the ancient ultimate powerhouse. In ancient times, there are congenital strongmen. The congenital realm is even divided into 'virtual Dan' 'Shidan' 'Jindan 'Three major stages. Too much and too much now."

"The advantage is that the internal school boxing masters, the whole body meridians are completely open."

"And the ancient people, it is extremely difficult to get through the meridians, and it is a great achievement to get through the second line of the governor."

Lu Yu saw this and laughed.

Indeed, the modern masters, which are not completely open the body meridians, whether it is the odd eight veins, whether it is the twelve orthodox and even the various branches, completely thorough. Internal strength can instantly reach all parts of the body.

"I didn't understand at first, the ancient practitioners, the internal strength is stronger, it should be easier to get through the meridians. How can it be difficult to get through the meridians?"

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

"After understanding and investigation, I have some speculation."

"The ancient practitioners, they absorbed the aura of the heavens and the earth, accumulated enough internal strength, and then, with strong internal strength, gradually opened up a meridian. This method is like cleaning the river, it is the mud of the river, The garbage is constantly squeezing backwards. The more the garbage is retreating, the more crowded the river is."

"Although, during the process of opening the meridian channel, many impurities permeate through the pores, but there are more impurities, which are pushed back into other meridians."

Lu Yu nodded secretly.

"Every time you open a meridian, the more dense the 'impurities' in other meridians, the more difficult it is to get through the next meridian." Lu Yu was completely attracted by this inference. "So, ancient practitioners can get through." It’s extremely rare for the eight classics and the twelve classics. It’s almost impossible to get through some small veins!”

Lu Yu agreed to nod.

The method determines the result.

The ancient method of getting through the meridians is purely brute force. With strong internal strength, the impurities are constantly squeezed out, and the more difficult it is, the harder it is to get through. This does not blame the ancients. After all, the way they cultivated is mainly to refine their strong internal strength.

"But my internal school boxing is different!"

"My internal school boxing is to exercise every part of the body, whether it is muscles, fascia, bones, etc., is in the exercise, even the meridians are also stimulated exercise, become more and more broad and tenacious. There are not many impurities at all, and as exercise progresses, impurities gradually permeate out of the pores."

"Because we have little internal strength, we don't squeeze at all. With the cultivation for many years, the impurities continue to infiltrate, and one day, we can get through all the meridians and reach the realm of the master."

Lu Yu also laughed.

He is the master of internal school boxing, he understands this.

If the ancient cultivation method is to force the internal strength to squeeze back impurities.

Now the internal school boxing is to strengthen all parts of the body, including the meridians. The small meridians that connect the pores, during the exercise, the impurities of the branches have long penetrated the pores. Naturally, the impurities in the main meridians will slowly flow into some veins and then infiltrate from the pores.

Silently, all the impurities are infiltrated through a small branch.

Can you be an ancient person?

Squeeze from the beginning, squeeze a large amount of impurities into the branch veins, and make the small branch veins completely blocked.

It is not the same as blocking. This is the truth.

"So, internal school boxing cultivation, from the perspective of opening the meridians, should be far superior to the ancient methods of cultivation!"

Seeing this conclusion, Lu Yu very much agrees.

After all, there are several ancient people who can get all the meridians open.

"I sometimes think that if an internal school boxing guru can return to Xia Shang Zhou, the Spring and Autumn Warring States, the Qin and Han Dynasties, the era of abundance and aura. The whole body and the meridians are all connected, and then the ancient secrets are cultivated. Unlimited." In the end, the internal school boxing guru of the Republic of China is obviously embarrassed.

Master is lonely.

The master of the 'Liu Shen Monkey', in the Republic of China, also stood at the peak of manpower. When he knew that the ancient strong practitioners practiced, there were still three congenital realms, and how could they not yearn for it.

Lu Yu read the long description of ‘Liu Shen Monkey’ and felt very sad in her heart.

"Hate, can't be born in the distant ancient times."

Lu Yu sighs that in this modern society, he is already the most outstanding master figure, but in the distant ancient times, the day after tomorrow, Dacheng is just an ordinary master, even the innate gates are not touched. The era of masters like clouds, just imagine, Lu Yu could not help but burst into a bloody boil.

"I really don't know why, since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the aura of heaven and earth began to drop sharply." Lu Yu thought, and then continued to read the "Millennium Chronicle."

The book "The Millennium Chronicle" is indeed a book that records the methods of stealing the door.

Behind this book, it is purely about the method of ‘ monkey boxing’ from entry to the master. Although there are laws to follow, it is extremely difficult for the average person to develop internal strength. Not to mention the master.


Lu Yu was shocked when he flipped through the last few sheets of paper.

"I stole the door and passed down several ancient cheats. I didn't take these cheats seriously at first, but after investigating the secrets of ancient cultivation, I realized that these cheats are true. Just, the heavens and the earth are sharp. Less. These cheats are useless."

"But in addition to the secret of cultivation, there is also a mysterious secret book "The End of the World" that I stole the door. This ancient cheat is not a cultivation of internal strength, but a purely method of using internal strength. I have been in the realm of Zongshi for 20 years. I have accumulated a lot of internal strength. I tried it a bit and found that it was only used once, and the inner strength consumed a lot of light! I can only sigh... The inner strength of the ancient people is too thick."

Lu Yu saw this and could not help but smile.

The modern internal school boxing master battle, at most occasionally shocked an internal strength, after all, the body is less energetic, rare to not need to be stored in Dantian.

In ancient times, it was said that Dantian could be filled, and what kind of internal strength was there.

"My Liushen monkey, the most proud figure is flexible and fast. But I found that using this "The End of the World", although only once, it consumes internal strength, but this speed... is too fast, too fast I can't bear to let this cheat disappear and it is recorded at the end of the book."

The last few papers in the book of the Millennium Chronicle are recorded in this book's cheats, "The End of the World."

This cheat is probably precious in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

However, in this age, this cheat can only be regarded as a ‘collection’ at most, and the actual effect is very small. After all, once you show it, you can make an internal school boxing master lose your energy. Who dares to use it? After all, there is no internal strength, and in the battle, it is extremely dangerous.

""The End of the World", I don't know how powerful it is." Lu Yu read it carefully.

According to the description of the cheats of "The End of the World", reaching the congenital Jindan realm and exerting this "The End of the World" can achieve the highest level of "splitting the horizon".

"Waste, it's too wasteful."

Lu Yu carefully observed the method of display, and could not help but sigh.

As the rising sun rises, Lu Yu lives in a residential courtyard. A figure is stepping on a weird step. On the concrete floor, there are recessed footprints.

The footprint of this depression is Lu Yu's footsteps described in "The End of the World", deliberately stepped on, and then began to train continuously. According to this cheat, the most basic set of footwork in this "End of the World" seems to be simple, but in fact contains endless mysteries.

"This step is really strange." Lu Yu stepped on this step in order, from the late night to the present, the time of stepping on, Lu Yu gradually found that this step contains a special law.

This kind of law cannot be summarized by logic.

But Lu Yu feels it.

"It’s useless to practice this step of light. It’s not as good as the sensitivity of the 12-shaped exercise.” Lu Yu stopped. “It seems that I really need to cooperate with the internal strength, this 'the end of the world’ step. Give real strength."

Lu Yu used to be a super killer. Of course, the memory is good. This "The End of the World", the cheats of just a few thousand words, and the three steps and six vein maps, Lu Yu has been deeply in mind.

"Try it and see how ‘the end of the world’ is going.”

Lu Yu’s heart is very itchy. Like the great master of the Republic of China, the 'Liu Shen Monkey’, he couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to experiment.

"Into the door, go straight down, through the blood sea, the ground machine, Shangqiu, will be in the capital, return ..." Lu Yu's mind is also clearly remembered, the method of the strength, while the internal strength of the body, Lu Yu as if the whole person Incarnate as a lightning bolt, slamming forward.


Daddy, it disappeared into the hospital.

"Stop!" Lu Yu slammed the internal strength.

"A blink of an eye, even jumped out of the yard, this is at least 30 meters." Lu Yu looked back, even went to a small forest outside the courtyard, Lu Yu was completely shocked by this terrible speed, a tiger himself Float, it is ten meters, this is only a blink of an eye, it is 30 meters away.

"This internal energy consumption is too fast. When I start, it will be cut off immediately, but this internal power consumes one-half." Lu Yu understands that the 'Liu Shen monkey' has said that if he reacts slowly, I am afraid that this internal strength will consume a lot of light.

"Unbelievable, but when fighting, I can't waste it." Lu Yu sighed.

This ‘the end of the world’ is light, it’s amazing, but it’s amazing to consume the inner strength.


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