Chapter 12

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Beside the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou City, there is a pure villa community. The single-family villas inside are almost all over 500 square meters. The lowest price is 10 million.

In the middle of the whole community, there is a villa with the largest area, which is adjacent to the workers' lake in the community. It also specializes in designing a part of the workers' lake as a private pond. The scenery is the most beautiful and the price is naturally the most expensive. This villa is the residence of the chairman of the Mingshan Group, 'Li Mingshan'.

On the large terrace on the third floor of the villa, there is an open-air pool.

Li Mingshan lie in the open-air pool, looking at the stars in the sky.

When Li Mingshan thinks about problems in general, he likes to be alone in the pool, his body is comfortable, and his head is also quick to think.

"This order has a total of one billion, and you have to find a way to grab this list."

Li Mingshan's brow is slightly wrinkled.

"Well?" Li Mingshan suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing, the upper part of the water surface was not so cold, he glanced, and suddenly his face changed.

I saw a young man in black trousers and a blue blouse standing on the terrace.

"Who are you? How come here?" Li Mingshan was in danger, Shen Shen. At the same time, walk straight out of the pool and gently put a bath towel on the waist.

Lu Yu looked at this Li Mingshan and examined this Li Mingshan. Li Mingshan is a middle-aged man of forty years old. His style is extraordinary: "If you don't understand Li Mingshan, I am afraid it is difficult to see through it." Lu Yu was before Also, I asked Li Mingshan's message through 'Elena.'

Li Mingshan, forty-three years old this year.

When he was young, he used to be a member of a thief gang. Later he became the big brother of the thief gang and started to do business with the money he had stolen as the first barrel of gold. Because this person has a gangster and a white road, and there are a large number of people who follow him.

This capital, that is a rapid growth.

In the past 20 years, Mingshan Group of Li Mingshan has nearly one billion assets.

"I advise you not to move the gun hidden in the bath towel." Lu Yu said indifferently.

Li Mingshan's face changed. He was in a hand with a bath towel and quickly pulled out a pistol from the towel. The underworld and the white roads are all smeared. He does not know how many people are persecuted when he does business. He does not know how many people commit suicide, and he has too much hatred.

Pistol, he generally does not leave.

Li Mingshan just pulled the gun, and Lu Yu, who was originally ten meters away, had already arrived in front of him.

"You." Li Mingshan was shocked by the speed of the other party. The pistol in his hand had already arrived in Lu Yu’s hands.

Only heard the impact of the firearms parts, a gun in his hand was actually unloaded into many parts, Lu Yu smiled and grabbed the steel parts, twisted like a twist, Lu Yu was thrown casually, thrown on the ground.

Li Mingshan was so scared that his heart beat faster, but he still forced himself to calm down, but also showed a friendly smile: "This brother, really is a good means. Even if it doesn't sound, it will go to the third floor. Admire, admire!" Can not alarm the bodyguard, The surveillance system is on the third floor. What is the means?

What is the means to hold steel into a twist?

"I am asking you a few questions now." Lu Yu's expression did not change at all. The protection of this kind of folk richness has no effect on him. Perennial in the world, Lu Yu has not seen any security guards?

"Brother, please." Li Mingshan.

Lu Yu stared at Li Mingshan: "Tell me, why are you killing Qin Hong?"

"Killing Qin Hong?" Li Mingshan was shocked at the bottom of his heart. There are very few people who know this thing. After all, Qin Hong is a member of the special department of the country. He does not dare to publicize this matter.

"Brothers, where did you hear the rumors, it is absolutely filthy and framed!" Li Mingshan said, "I am not a serious businessman, Li Mingshan is a serious businessman, killing and killing means, I also worked for Li Mingshan when he was young. However, let me kill Qin Hong, give me ten courage, I dare not."


Only heard a wind, Li Mingshan felt a sharp pain in the entire ear and left face.

Lu Yu slaps, and Li Mingshan hits the fly, the bath towels are gone, and the wolf-stricken Li Mingshan is wearing only the pants.

"Brothers, how are you..." Li Mingshan looked up at Lu Yu with some annoyance, but he was greeted by Lu Yu’s cold eyes and calm voice: "In front of me, you better not be clever, if there is another time. Lying, next year, today is your sacrifice day."

Li Mingshan had a shudder at the bottom of his heart.

He is also mixed with Li Mingshan. There are also many murderers and monks who have seen him. But Li Mingshan feels... those fierce murderers are just like the ones in front of them, just pets with claws.

Looking down at the awkwardly curved barrel, Li Mingshan was completely awake. He looked up at Lu Yu and said: "This brother, I am Li Mingshan and Qin Hong are innocent, yes, this time I am invited. One person, helped to kill Qin Hong. However, I am also trusted by others."

Lu Yu's brow wrinkles, is it supported by people?

"Who?" Lu Yu asked.

Li Mingshan hesitated to look at Lu Yu, and Lu Yu’s eyes suddenly sharpened.

Li Mingshan suddenly frightened and said: "It is Shenyang Ming! Northeast Shenyang!"

"Shenyang Ming of the Northeast Tiger?" Lu Yu eyebrows, he did not expect, turned out to be Shenyang.

In the dark world, the two tigers in the Northeast are also relatively powerful independent killers. One of them is called 'Wang Qing' and the other is called 'Shen Yang Ming'. These two killers are all A-level killers, and the name of 'Northeast Two Tigers' is not. small. However, a year ago, one of the two tigers in the Northeast, Wang Qing, died, and the killer combination was dissolved.

Killing the hands, some are affiliated to a large organization, but also independent and free.

The two tigers in the Northeast belong to the free killer, purely their own preference for this industry.

"Yes, do you know Shenyang Ming?" Li Mingshan smiled bitterly. "Since you know, you should know my difficulties. This Shenyang, in the Tao, his name is the golden sign! I don't dare to provoke Li Mingshan." He. This time, he asked me to kill Qin Hong. Can I not give him face?"

Lu Yu looked like a knife and examined Li Mingshan.

"Shenyang Ming, hehe." Lu Yu eyes cold.

Li Mingshan was shocked. The mysterious youth in front of him did not seem to put ‘Shenyang’ in his eyes.

"It is a pity that you sent people to kill Qin Hong, I must give you punishment!" Lu Yu's voice is still indifferent.

"No, wait a minute." Li Mingshan was frightened. He was a personal expert. How can he guess the meaning of Lu Yu? "Don't kill me, you kill me, it doesn't do much to you. As long as you don't kill me... I can give you a lot, and my entire Mingshan Group will give you all."

Li Mingshan knows that he often walks by the river. How can he not wet shoes? Therefore, Li Mingshan had saved a large sum of money in foreign accounts, and he fled at a crucial moment. Even if he gives Mingshan Group to the other side, he can still be a rich family.

"Money, I don't care." Lu Yu said indifferently.

Li Mingshan’s head rotates at a very high speed.

The other party doesn't care about money, what should I do?

"I, I still have secrets!" Li Mingshan's eyes lit up and cried. "I know that you are a very good brother. Although I also practice internal school boxing, my strength is not getting started. But... I have cheats, practice. The secret to being a top expert."

Lu Yu couldn't help but have a smile on his face: "The secret? Become a top master? You see the martial arts TV drama in the magic."

Lu Yu has already stepped into the realm of the guru, and cultivated the "Tiger-shaped God-sacred", which can be said to be the most powerful and powerful in the world. What other secrets can attract him?

"No, it's a real secret." Li Mingshan said. "When I was young, I was actually a disciple of a small sect 'Stolen Door'. Hey, actually, it was a thief, but our sect is very lonely, the whole sect, now There is no one who has developed internal strength."

Lu Yu can't smile.

God steals the door?

A martial art that does not have a master of internal strength?

"However, we have a long history of stealing doors, and there have been masters of the realm of masters in history." Li Mingshan said, he understands that to deal with such super masters, perhaps only the cheats can save themselves, "That is our sneak door, The secret of inheriting more than two thousand years is a masterpiece of the Republic of China during the Republic of China."

Lu Yu’s eyebrows glimpsed, and the heart was full of curiosity.

"Where is the secret?" Lu Yu said.

"In my study, it is on the third floor." Li Mingshan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You come with me."

"I suggest you don't want to escape, these few bodyguards in your villa, there are no and no, no difference to me." Lu Yu said.

When Li Mingshan recalled the twisted scene of the other hand holding the barrel, he realized that the few veterans might not really use it: "I don't dare to have other thoughts, please follow me."

Lu Yu followed this Li Mingshan and came to the study room on the third floor. Li Mingshan's study was very large, and there was a bookshelf that occupied almost half of the wall. Li Mingshan walked to the bookshelf and pressed the button on the side of the bookshelf, and then the whole bookcase opened like a door.

There is a passage that locks the iron door.

"Tibetan is quite secret." Lu Yu whispered softly.

Li Mingshan even laughed and said: "After all, it is also the baby that I stole the door to inherit." Said, opened the iron gate, and reached out and took out a line of ancient books from the inside.

"Look," Li Mingshan handed the book to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu took a look. There are four words in this line of books - "The Millennium Chronicle", there are two words in the corner - Liu Yan.


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