Chapter 11

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"Laughter at you?" Li Wei was surprised.

"Well, I don't know why, but I feel that this flying knife is not malicious." Qin Hong wondered, "In fact, I always feel that this 'flying knife' lone wolf gives me a sense of familiarity, what seems to be I saw him in the place. But I don’t think about it."

"Don't think about it, don't think about it," Li said.

After just a moment, the door knocked.

"Yang Ge should come, I will open the door." Qin Hong immediately went to the living room and looked outside through the cat's eyes, which opened the door. Outside the door is a man with glasses and a gentle personality. His height is about one meter and seventy-five. After the man came in, Qin Hong immediately closed the door.

At this time Li Wei came out of the bedroom.

"Yang Ge." Li Wei smiled and said hello.

"Small, you don't run around with your child, take a rest." This 'Yang Ge' said with a smile, this Yang Ge, whose real name is 'Yang Yun', is the general manager of the special action group in Jiangsu. The strength is also extremely high. This time, because of the involvement of the 'Flying Knife' Lone Wolf and the two giants of the Kingdom of God, the entire Jiangsu Special Operations Group members are concentrated in Yangzhou.

This Yang Yun looks at Qin Hong: "Qin Hong, you said that you saw the ‘flying knife’ lone wolf, go and see, he is still there?”

Qin Hong nodded and went to the living room window and took a look through the blinds.

"Yang Ge, he is still there." Qin Hong's voice just fell, Yang Yun immediately followed.

"Yang Ge, you see, on the second floor of the tea house opposite, is the biggest window. The man is a flying knife, a wolf, and he is sitting next to a woman." Qin Hong brows wrinkled, "Hey, is she?"

"She?" Yang Yun was a little surprised.

"Well, I didn't carefully observe the woman before, but I didn't expect it to be her. This woman is called Lin Qing. It is a famous figure in Yangzhou City." Yangzhou City said that it is not small, it is not big, it is famous. The character, Qin Hong is of course well known.

Yang Yun nodded slightly, then took out the phone and called.

"Chen San, bring your group of people over, just go... um, the Baiyun Cafe opposite Qin Hongjia is concentrated, I have important tasks for you!" Yang Yun hangs up.

"Qin Hong, you are here, don't go anywhere." After Yang Yunyu finished, he immediately left Qin Hong's residence.


Inside the box of the Baiyun Cafe, there is only Yang Yun and a seemingly rich middle-aged man.

Listening to the report from the earphones, this seemingly rich middle-aged man nodded: "Yangtou, the flying knife and the lone wolf and the one named Lin Qing have left the Yangliu Tea Society. One of my teams is responsible for tracking Lin Qing. The other four will stagger the trailing lone wolf."

Yang Yun did not speak, just waiting silently.

In just a moment, the middle-aged man would have no choice but to smile: "Yangtou, the flying knife and the lone wolf, disappeared."

"Sure enough, I did not expect." Yang Yun shook his head and smiled. "This 'flying knife' lone wolf, can be said to be the most powerful peak in the world, and once a killer, is absolutely good at hiding, tracking, anti-tracking. I want to follow him, it is very difficult. Forget it, Chen San, your group, give me a look at Lin Qing, maybe, can find a breakthrough from Lin Qing."

"Yes." Chen San immediately responded.

In the old alley, Lu Yu walks like a walk.

"The person who just followed should be an organization with the younger brother." Lu Yu guessed it. "As a younger brother, you should find out my 'flying knife' as a lone wolf." Lu Yu did not care about this, the ordinary The agent of the agent, in his eyes, is no different from ordinary people.

Lu Yu’s ears moved slightly and the speed immediately accelerated.

Coming to a corner, there is a lean man in a hat in front of the alley.

Lu Yu did not stay in Yangliu Tea House for a long time, just to track this lean man. However, with the strength of Lu Yu, you don't need to look at your eyes. Just relying on your ears, you are not afraid to throw people away.

"This morning, this kid, passing through my brother's residence three times, every time the dress changed. And, every time I have carefully observed the brother's residence, it should be unscrupulous." Lu Yu's attention can be in the brother's residence, right People who passed by have been observed.

With the memory he has specially trained, as long as he has seen it again, he will never forget it.

Especially in front of this person, the camouflage ability is so bad.

"And this person's eyes are not right, looking at the things around, it seems to be wary." Lu Yu as a killer of the most peak, it is easy to find a lot of weaknesses in the other side. Obviously, the opponent's disguise ability is too bad.

Judging that the other party should be unwilling to the younger brother, how can Lu Yu easily let go of the other party? Brother Qinghe, but his only relative.

All the way to track, but the lean man did not notice Lu Yu behind him.

Soon, the lean man came to a six-story residential building in a community and went up the stairs. Lu Yu listened at the stairs.

"The third floor, the one on the left." Lu Yu listened to the sound and easily identified the other person's location.

Immediately along the stairs, came to the third floor door, the ear is attached to the solid wood door.

The faint voice inside the house, Lu Yu heard it clearly.

"Hey, Boss Li, I have already stepped on it. You didn't tell me that this Qin Hong has a pregnant wife. I am going to kill Qin Hong, and I must kill his wife by the time. Otherwise his wife Shouting, was discovered by people around me. I am unlucky. You should raise the price, increase it by 100,000. For Li boss, this is nothing."

Lu Yu, who was outside the house, heard the murder.

Want to kill your younger brother, but also kill your younger siblings?

In this world, the younger brother is his only relative, and he absolutely does not allow such a thing to happen.

"Haha, Li boss is really refreshing. No problem! When the matter is finished, I will leave immediately. Rest assured, this Qin Hong is powerful, but I have plans, he is sure to die. Well, you just wait for me. News." The man inside the house hung up.

Lu Yu grabbed the door lock, and the internal strength was shocked. Then it was easy to push the door. The door seemed to be pushed away without locking.

On the sofa in the living room of the house, the lean man was lying on the sofa, holding a song in his mouth, holding the remote control in his hand and just turning on the TV. Then the lean man looked at the door, and a young man with glasses pushed in the door, and the other person was very comfortable closing the door.

"You, who are you?" The lean man was scared, and his heart was still puzzled. Didn't he close the door? Impossible, I can't be so careless.

"Who am I?" Lu Yu walked over with a smile.

The thin man's eyes flashed in the light, lightning-like, pulling a pistol from behind the waist.

But the young man who was still at the door of the door, surprised, actually came to him and grabbed his pistol.

The barrel of the "CHICHI ~ ~" pistol was actually bent off.

The lean man's face changed dramatically.

The hardness of the pistol barrel, there is no need to doubt. A person can bend the barrel by hand alone. Is this person able to resist?

"This big brother, you, which road are you on?" The lean man was so frightened that he was shaking, and he said, "Brother, I am Chutian, and I have some reputation on the road... I just had a crime at home in the past, I was wanted. So I came to Guibao, if there is any place to offend my brother..."

"Shut up." Lu Yu is indifferent.

This ‘Chutian’ scared to shut up immediately.

"I am asking you now, you answer one sentence." Lu Yu's voice did not have any ups and downs, but the cold eyes, but Chu Tianxin heart.

"Big brother, please." This Chu Tianlian.

"Do you plan to kill Qin Hong's family." Lu Yu said indifferently.

Chu Tianyi, can not help but hesitate.

"Hey!" Chutian barely saw the other side hands, he felt a pain in his right arm, and the whole arm bone was actually pinched off, and the painful Chutian was shouting. But seeing the other person's eyes, Chu Tian is also a bite, forcibly resisted not shouting. Because he understands...

In this case, the more he yells, the faster he dies.

The painful forehead sweating, Chutian still trembled: "Yes, I am guilty, anyway, I have been wanted, the dead pig is not afraid of boiling water. So pass by Yangzhou, by the way, make a vote, then immediately leave. That Qin Hong is Big Brother's friend? If it is, then it is a brother, I am not right. If I don't say anything, I will leave immediately. If the big brother has any dissatisfaction, even though he is told."

"Who made you do it?" Lu Yu's voice is still not ups and downs.

"This, I can't say this." Chutian tried to squeeze out a smile. "This is not a rule..."

"Hey." For a moment, the left arm bone was also pinched.

Whether it is this hand or cold, it makes Chutian collapse.

"I said, I ask you to answer. I don't want to ask the second time again, otherwise, you know the consequences." Lu Yu said coldly, "Who is Li Bo!"

"Do you know?" Hearing Lu Yu said the words "Li Boss", this sinister fugitive "Chutian" could not help but feel angry, you know me? However, both arms and arms were crushed, and Chutian did not dare to say anything.

"Answer me." Lu Yu said.

Chu Tian took a deep breath and endured the severe pain from his arms and arms: "Big Brother, if I answer you, you, you can't kill me. If you don't agree, today is tormenting me. I don't say "That Chu Tian bit his teeth, eyes staring at Lu Yu."

Lu Yu just looked at him indifferently: "Good!"

Chutian sighed with relief.

In his view, the commitment of these powerful figures should be very important.

"Let me do it, it is the chairman of Mingshan Group, 'Li Mingshan', and Li Mingshan is a person with a head and face on the road, very bad." Chu Tian said.

"Li Mingshan, Mingshan Group." Lu Yu remembered the name.

Then Lu Yu waved his hand, and the middle finger of the index finger became a sword finger, directly stabbing the eyebrow part of the fugitive. That Chu Tian only felt a pain inside the head, and the whole person's consciousness was blurred. At the same time, he looked at Lu Yu with horror and resentment. The bleak eyes completely lost glory.

He hates Lu Yu for not keeping his promise!

Lu Yu was cold and indifferent to this person.

At the age of seven, he struggled in the dead. As one of the most terrible killers in the world, he was instilled in a small way to kill people. Will he let go of his opponent because of a ridiculous promise? What's more, the other side is going to kill his brother's family. Any threat to the lives of his loved ones, Lu Yu is definitely not easy to exist.

Leaving a body, a twisted pistol, Lu Yu left the room.

"Li Mingshan!"

Lu Yu’s heart silently said.


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