Chapter 10

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I learned that two of the world's first organization, the "God of the Kingdom", came to China to pursue themselves. Lu Yu himself is not nervous, and some just look forward to it! Reaching the realm of the guru, and practicing the "Tiger-shaped God", Lu Yu's strength is ten times stronger than in the past.

If he is now, he meets Sun Ze and Dorgotrov, and he can kill each other with his hands and feet.

The master is lonely, it is extremely difficult to find a rival with a match.

"The three giants, the legend of invincible? In my case, the legend is about to burst."

Lu Yu left the residence early in the morning and called a taxi.

"Go to the old town, Yangliu Tea Club, do you know?" Lu Yu said to the taxi driver after entering the car. The driver smiled and said: "I know, I have been in Yangzhou for decades. How can the old place of Yangliu Tea Society not know. Don't worry, it will be ten minutes!"

Sure enough, ten minutes later, Lu Yu came to Yangliu Tea House.

A white Audi sports car is driving on the streets of the old town, and Lin Qing is sitting in the passenger seat.

"Hey, Lin Jie, have you met Lu Yu these days?" Xiao Min was driving.

Lin Qing shook his head: "For more than a month, there is no news at all. Forget it, I don't want to bring him trouble. Just when it's all a dream." Then he laughed at himself. "I, I only have dreams." Power." Suddenly the crisp phone ringing, Lin Qing took the phone out of his pocket.

"Hey." Lin Qinggang spoke, and then his face changed slightly.

"Tonight? Ok, see the old place." Hanging up the phone, Lin Qing's face is hard to see.

Xiao Min sneaked a sneak peek: "Is Li Mingshan?"

"Is there anyone else besides this guy?" Lin Qing had a hint of hatred in his eyes.

"If he is dead, it will be fine." Xiao Min also said helplessly.

"Oh, I can't wait for him to die, but this scourge is a long life. Well, Amin, just stopped at the Yangliu Tea House in front, I got off there." Lin Qing said, just in front of it is the willow Tea company, the car slowly stopped, after Lin Qing got off, Xiao Min drove off in a sports car.

Stepping into the Yangliu Tea House, the tea house itself is set up, and the waiter's wearing the ancient second child makes the simple atmosphere come.

However, Lin Qing was not in the mood to appreciate this. Come here, just to calm her.

Habitually went directly to the second floor of the tea house, and his eyes swept away. Lin Qing’s eyes, which were originally depressed, suddenly became bright. The whole person breathed a little and quickly, and even walked in two steps: “Lu Yu!”

“Lin Qing?” Lu Yu was drinking tea leisurely, and he couldn’t help but smile.

Lin Qing sat down opposite Lu Yu. Some surprised and somewhat puzzled asked: "What important things have been done these days? I have never seen you here." This sentence reveals the fact that she Lin Qing himself is daily. The purpose of coming to this willow tea club is self-evident.

"Busy something." Lu Yu said very casually.

"Lin Qing, are you so leisurely every day?" Lu Yu asked.

Lin Qing smiled and said: "The company's affairs are also very simple. The people below can solve the problem. You can find me when you encounter big things. Yes, Lu Yu, you were in An Yi County, now in Yangzhou City. You don't always go home, don't your wife worry, don't push you back?"

"Home?" Lu Yu was touched at the bottom of his heart.

Do you have a home?

When I was a child, the orphanage was taken home by myself. There was a grandmother, and there was a younger brother, Qinghe. Later became a killer, as long as it is with the kitten, where is home.

What now?

Do you still have a home?

Uncontrollable, Lu Yu touched the little tripod worn by his chest, which is the relic of his wife 'kitten'.

"Lu Yu?" Lin Qing saw Lu Yu screaming, could not help but shout.

Lu Yu looked up at her and said: "My wife, she is dead."

"Dead?" Lin Qing blinked.

It’s amazing to have a wife so young, and even my wife is dead. Even more incredible.

"You don't ask." Lu Yu brows slightly.

Lin Qing also knows the world. She understands that she is a young man and her wife is still dead. Coupled with Lu Yu's skill, there must be a lot of secrets. "Lu Yu, do you know about Yangzhou City? Have you been to Slender West Lake? A garden?" Lin Qing began to shift the topic.

Lu Yu also has a sentence, there is no random and casual chat with Lin Qing.

Lu Yu’s attention was almost always in his brother’s “Qinghe” home. Sometimes he swept a few eyes. As long as one person walked through the door of the ‘Qinghe’ home, Lu Yu would notice.

About 10:30 in the morning, a black Audi A6 stopped at the door of Qinghe's house and walked out of the cab. He was tall and strong. He looked at the past and was nearly one meter tall. He walked out from the other side of the driver's seat. A woman wearing a maternity dress and holding her belly.

"Qinghe!" Lu Yu could not help but ecstasy.

"It's Qinghe!" Lu Yu has some information about his younger brother Qinghe. He also knows the appearance of his younger brother Qinghe, and the face of ‘Qinghe’ is similar to himself. The most important thing is... the connection between the blood and the blood, so that Lu Yu saw it at a glance.

"That is the wife of Qinghe, 'Li Wei'." Lu Yu's face could not help but reveal a smile.

Seeing the brother and wife's love, Lu Yu is also very happy.

"Small, I am coming, I am a belly, don't move." At this moment, Qin Hong, who is tall and tall, opened the trunk and took out two large boxes.

"I'm fine." Li Wei touched his stomach, his face full of smiles.

Qin Hong habitually glanced around, but in this eye, he noticed that the window of the second floor of the opposite 'Yangliu Tea House' was staring at him. Especially the appearance of the other party, so that Qin Hong felt as if it was poured on a bucket of ice water.


"Flying knife and lonely wolf!" Qin Hong was shocked by the heart.

Although the news has been received more than a month ago, the elites who have been on the alert for a long time have not found the trail of the "flying knife and the wolf", nor have they found the traces of the two giants of the "God country" organization. This made Qin Hong's spirit slightly relaxed. He also thought that the flying knife 'lone wolf' left Yangzhou early.

"He is still there." Qin Hong calmed down at once.

At this time, Qin Hong was shocked to discover that the flying knife 'lone wolf' actually nodded to him and smiled.

Qin Hong also pretended to be very natural, responding to Lu Yu, smiling.

"Go, we enter the house." Qin Hong did not dare to hesitate, and immediately took his wife into the house.


On the second floor of the tea house, Lu Yu’s heart was very happy, and his face could not help but smile.

"Qinghe, I finally saw my brother Qinghe! Haha, I didn't expect my brothers and sisters to be pregnant. It's so good..." The younger brother Qinghai is his only relative. He has not seen it in 22 years, but now he sees it again. Especially the life of my brother is so happy.

Lu Yu is happy from the bottom of my heart!

"My younger brother is happy, I am not worried about it now." Lu Yu was relaxed and happy at the bottom of his heart. The wish of 22 years was finally completed.

He did not intend to talk to his brother Qinghe, nor did he intend to recognize him.


He didn't want to let Qinghe know that there is such a brother. After all, there are many enemies of Lu Yu, such as the Redmein family! Especially for so many years of killing career, there are many enemies. Although Qinghe is also a member of the special department of the country, it is a circle in which Lu Yu is involved. It is the most peak circle in the world.

A strong enemy is like a cloud. Once it is known to the enemy, it is easy to kill the Qing River.

"Qinghe." Lu Yu looked at his brother's residence, and he could only silently bless his heart.

After Qin Hong and his wife ‘Li Wei’ entered the bedroom, Li Wei was going to open the curtains and open the window.

"Don't open the curtains." Qin Hong was only taking a breath at this time.

"What's wrong." Li Wei finally noticed that it was wrong.

"The man on the second floor of Yangliu Tea House was a flying knife ‘lone wolf!’” Qin Hong whispered.

Li Wei was also shocked. She is Qin Hong’s wife and she is also a member of the special action group. Of course, she knows a lot of secrets.

"Flying knife 'lone wolf'? You said that the flying knife 'lone wolf' is next to it?" This Li Wei did not see Lu Yu before.

Qin Hong nodded and said: "Small, well, the horrible character of the flying knife 'lone wolf' is not what we can cope with." Then Qin Honglian took out the phone and called: "Hey, Yang Ge, it is me, I found the flying knife 'lone wolf'. Yes, it is in a tea house not far from my home."

"Know, I won't act rashly, um. Everything is waiting for Yang Ge to arrange, well, understand!"

Then Qin Hong hung up the phone.

"How, what did Yang Ge say?" Li Wei asked.

Qin Hong feels helplessly: "What can you say? Yang Ge let us not do anything, he personally arranges people... No way, after all, the flying knife 'lone wolf' is too strong. Like them, Ming knows that someone is chasing them, but they can still drink tea freely, why?"

"Because they are fearless."

Qin Hong suddenly frowned: "Xiao Xiao, I remember, just now, the ‘flying knife’ lone wolf smiled at me.”


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