How can you KISS your life??

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The principle expressed here is from an old post re-visited and updated.

Have you heard of the KISS principle? It has its origins in design but is applicable to any facet of life.
I like the definitions - KEEP IT STRAIGHTFORWARD and SIMPLE or KEEP IT SWEET and SIMPLE. Like most concepts, it is easier said than done but worth trying.

Here are 10 tips to simplify one's life:

  1. Be present – stay in the here and now. The good old days are for lessons learnt and the future is for goals. Be conscious of where you are now and how you are feeling. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself. Be kind to yourself - be your own best friend.
  2. Be yourself - do not worry about other people's opinion of you or how others live there lives. Listen and learn if you can - that is all. Shut out any noise - if does not deserve your attention which is your energy.
  3. Be grateful – being thankful for what you already have - this is often said but it is worth repeating. Being grateful eliminates unnecessary worry and complaints.
  4. Be loving to others and it will be reciprocated - this works wonders and requires no further explanation.
  5. Be less judmental:
    ---of ourselves – we are unique, loveable and good enough just the way we are - even when we are a work in progress. No matter what - we must love ourselves first!
    ---of others – we cannot change others - only ourselves. Do not waste time and energy.
  6. Be around positive people – select your friends/acquaintance wisely. Ensure that your environment supports, empowers and uplifts you; not drain your energy.
  7. Be healthy - eat nutritiously to energize and heal the body; do exercise you enjoy (the gym, walking, dancing etc.) - the hormone dopamine will be released and you will feel even better.
  8. Be aware of time spent on social and mainstream media – constant bombardment with information can be fun and informative but it can also be time-consuming and stressful. We consume a lot of energy as we react to everything we see and read. Determine a good limit for yourself.
  9. Be a clear communicator - lack of or poor communication causes misunderstandings and assumptions being made. Stop assuming or guessing. Stop with mind games - it is a waste of time.
  10. Be aware of what you value most - make a list of what is important to you. Have some "me time" to do and start enjoying the things on your list. It could be writing, music, art etc. Just do it - you will feel fulfilled.

All these tips starts with "Be" - to help us focus on being. However, a simple life means different things for everyone - therefore choose the tips which are of value to you or add new ones. It is all about you.

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Social media does zapp all our energy if we spend more than the desired tie on it...Great analogy MoMo...Every point mentioned are accurate..

I don't think I've heard if the KISS principle before but it's nice knowing such exist with its acronyms.
They ten tips is also good for a new week resolution and a good read for a Monday morning.
Always been aware of what I value most.


@botefarm It is good to hear that I introduced you to something new. Happy you like the tips and that you know what id most valuable in life.

I humble to say thank YOU for voting me as one of your Witness.

Keep steeming good content.


@yehey - you are welcome. As a steemians I am grateful to all witnesses . Without your work we have no platform to share with others. Thank you.


Thank you again.

Nice principles..
Kept if disciplined.


@dklasic Thank you. Yes - always a challenge in real life - however one can start with 1. :-)

I always thought KISS stood for "Keep It Simple, Stupid!". You know, like in "it's the economy, stupid!"... Goes to show, it's never too late to learn something new :-)

Living in the moment, being present right now, being aware of the utter non-existence of both past and future, are all sounding good to me. But like you said: it's easier said than actually achieved.

Also, it shouldn't mean the same as not caring about the past and future; living in the moment shouldn't devolve into living for the moment (not that I think you meant that, just an addition ;-)).

All the other advice is welcome to in my book :- )

Thanks again for some wonderful foods for thoughts, @momogrow :-)


@ zyx066 - you are correct but I mentioned the definitions that I like most - :-). There are a few variants of the Navy's original with stupid. Absolutely the past and future are important and as i mentioned for lesson learnt and goals setting.
As I mentioned "stay in the here and now" - not live for only now. That would not be good advise. Staying present is about enjoying the moment. For instance a meeting with friends while checking one's smartphone every few minutes that is not "staying in the here and now".
I am happy you like the post - thank you.


Staying present is about enjoying the moment. For instance a meeting with friends while checking one's smartphone every few minutes that is not "staying in the here and now".

That's beautiful, and I couldn't agree more :-) Being aware of each moment should save friendships too :-)


Haha - indeed. Otherwise if the smartphone is more important then maybe the friendship isn't. :-)

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Someone that loves and is kind to himself/herself will know how to love and be kind to others. You can tell how a person treats himself by how he/she treats others. Life is so simple if we can learn how to KISS. those are some useful tips you gave out there!


Aww thank you @resuscitate. I hope more people will start practicing KISSing based onthe tips. :-)

Lol... When I saw the topic, I thought your content would be about kissing.

I love the principles of kissing and I know if I start applying them, my life would change for the better.

I really love your second point which I would like to combine with the fifth point maybe because I have had an experience in that line.

When I was younger, I had low self esteem and I kept trying all I could to make people like me. Pleasing people is not an easy task because I discovered that trying your best to please them does not still please them.

I would always cry and wish I were the person they expect. Now, I am older, I try to be myself no matter the pressure. My motto is to try to keep doing good, so if you like me or not, it is not my business.

I love your eight point. Before, i used to spend time chatting and reading all sorts of things, but now, when I take up my phone, my focus is mostly on steemit which is a good one as not only do steemians share educative posts, it also adds to one financially.

All the points you mentioned are great, and as I said at the begining, I would definitely follow all of them.


@ogine hah - another type of KISSing. Thanks for sharing your experience. I like your new approach . - indeed if someone does not like you that is not your business. I am happy your found value in this post. Thank you.

To have a better life, one would need to do most, if not all of the ten points you listed. By the way, you said they are easier said than done, but I believe they are all very easy to do, especially for people who want to live a happy and healthy life.

Here are other things I would like to add

  1. Be vigilant - there are lots of opportunities out there. You need to be on the look out for them.

  2. Be the best - Never rest until your good is better, and your better, best. There is no much space for the mediocre again.

  3. Be satisfied - sometimes, when you have tried all your best, don't be too hard on yourself.

  4. Be curious - keep asking intelligent questions and look for the answers to them.

  5. Be at the right place at the right time.


@chiknows - that is the spirit - tailoring the list with some of your own is the way to go. Great additions.

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