Omega Speedmaster Triple date.

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2019 was not my year at all. I sort of fell from one disaster to another, when i look back i can't think of a single achievement or happy memory of the year. Then just as i thought it was all over just two day away from Christmas my dad passed away so talking about ending the year on the ultimate low. However, new year, new me. Then i started thinking not so much on the bad things that happened in 2019 and more about the important things. Yes, things might have been a bit ruff but i still have my health, I still have a roof over my head and my two bedroom cottage located in the countryside within Shropshire is a nice roof to have over my head. I might not enjoy my job but i do have a job, so i'm doing a lot better then most as there have been three big companies closing in my area lately with the loss of many jobs. So as a small reward to myself for surviving the hard times and looking forward to the new is to treat myself to an expensive bit of bling. I also like to invest as well so why not do both at the same time. And although i'm not a watch collector or expert i do like my Omega watches having worn an Omega seamaster for several years now and still loving it, Even better the prices of the things are on the up if you buy the right one. I've also always wanted the speedmaster with the triple date, i do like a date on my watch as i work strange hours starting one day and finishing on another day i sometimes get a bit confused as to what day month or year it is. I would like the moon watch however no date on it ruled it out for me, so if your going to have a date, then you might as well do it properly. The Omega Speedmaster triple date dose just that.

omega collection 003.JPG

The Omega Speed master Triple date. Theres not to many good ones around so it can only be a good investment.

So here it is. My classic 2009 omega speedmaster triple date in stainless steel with a blue dial. Its a calibre 1151 movement which if i'm honest is just numbers to me as i'm not an expert. Comes in the 38.00mm case which some people think is to small but for my tiny wrists is spot on. There's no write or wrong with size as its a personal thing and if you have massive arms then it might well look to small, for me i don't like the massive watches as they look daft on my tiny wrist. I'd also recommend buying from a reputable dealer. There are so many fakes out there and some of them are really easy to spot while some could give an expert a hard time working out the difference. I should also point out that although the Omega warranty has run out the watch came freshly serviced and with a dealer warranty which is worth paying the little bit more then the online haven't got a clue who i'm buying from price. Yes you can find them slightly cheaper on the internet but if it turns out to be a fake and you can no longer contact the seller or it turns up with an expensive fault it then becomes not such a good price after all. Not to mention the stolen watches out there on the market which might be a good price until you take it in for a service and they take one look at it and then call the police. So save yourself the hassle, if your not sure buy from an expert with a high street shop and a warranty.

omega collection 004.JPG

My good old Seamaster. Made famous by Pierce Brosnan in the 007 James Bond films.

So why buy a speed master, Well firstly i like the design and the quality of the Omega while i can't afford a Rolex. If you want a Daytona which is the Rolex chronograph watch your looking at over £10000 pounds. Now i could if i took out a loan afford one but i like to walk into the place with the cash, I'm not putting myself in debt that way and with the exception of my house, if you see me with it, i own it out write. I can do that at the Omega watch counter not at the Rolex counter. But at the same time i don't think the Rolex is a better watch. More desirable may be but there is nothing a Rolex can do that the Omega can't. In fact it's the other way around. During the early days of the American space program NASA preformed tests on watches that could be used and survive in space. Only the Omega met all requirements. Even though it was actually designed for racing drivers. To this day its the only watch certified by NASA, and its the only watch to visit the moon. If you check out the web site there is a moon watch special addition to the speed master and if you can find an early moon watch they are actually worth more now then the Rolex Daytona.

omega collection 007.JPG

I will only buy a classic watch if it comes from a reputable dealer, and it comes with all the box and papers.

If you ware a Speedmaster your not alone, Actor Tom Hanks, Actor-director Ron Howard, Daniel Craig, James Corden and George Clooney have all worn Omega speed master and these are just the Hollywood stars. This is a racing drivers watch remember so F1 Michael Schumacher and Omega did a special Michael Schumacher speed master watch if you can find one, Rally driver Walter Röhrl, F1 Driver Luca di Montezemolo and F1 and Lemans 24 hour racing driver Willy Mairesse all liked there Speedmaster watches. Don't for get its the only watch to be certified by NASA so every astronaut to go to space including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who walked on the moon with theirs.

omega collection 008.JPG

Am I becoming a watch collector? My Seamaster is my everyday watch and the Speedmaster is my special occasions and traveling through space and time watch.

omega collection 009.JPG

If i sold them both i still couldn't afford a Rolex. Although i think Rolex is over priced and no better then Omega.


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Hello. It has the most important thing: an attitude to face life and the challenges of 2020. The past will remain as an apprenticeship.
Invest, live your life and not that of others. Wear the watch you like best and not the watch someone in Hollywood would buy.
People who succeed are because they believe in themselves and set new standards. Kind regards @markpritchard

Very true and very wise words indeed. While we must never forget who we are are where we came from we must never stop going forward working towards a better future.

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I love your collection of luxury watches, they are all spectacular and if we talk about this brand, imagine that it is one of the most accurate watches and world leader in Horology, I would love to have one of them. I congratulate you for your good collection and for the curie vote. My regards

Thank you, I work hard for a living so it's one of the rewards. I should say i have brought both of them used but in excellent condition. With Omega if you buy a new one it will lose value the second it leaves the shop. Then after around ten to fifteen years they start going up in value. So buy a well looked after example with the box and all the paper work just before they start going up in value and you can't go wrong. Well worth it as a fun enjoyable investment you can ware on your wrist or something you can leave your kids.

Great article, mate. It's great to find another Steemian that's interested in watches. Very informative, too, since I never heard about the Triple Date before.

This is quite the gem that you have, equally complicated and cool. If I were you, I'd definitely won't sell it, since it's far too precious and cool to have, especially as a conversation starter! I do like a Speedmaster (though I'm personally more of a Rolex fan... ), especially the recent Co-Axial Chronometer watches.

I suppose my interest for cars come into play, as you've described it, the Speedmaster line is very much a watch worn by astronauts, racing drivers, and just about many heroes that we've come to know and admire.


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Thank you. I would love a Rolex submariner or the Daytona however i don't have the kind of money they go for. I once looked for my perfect watch at Rolex and i found a rose gold Daytona which was £30000. I also like the gold Sky Dweller which is around £35000, I have expensive taste. You never know i might make it to a Rolex one day. Although the Daytona dosn't have a date which is one of the things i like about the speedmaster. I would have also had the moon landing watch if that had the date on it but sadly not. So if you want the date and you want the speedmaster you might as well do it properly and have the triple date. I must admit i kind of wanted a triple date the first time i saw one. Took me a while but eventually i found the one you see here with the box papers and a shop warranty. Well worth the wait getting a decent example. There is another i like which is the same triple date however in the bottom dial there is a moon and a sun which is a good looking watch. I can only find it on the white dial though and i like my blue dials.

Thanks for reading my article.


Cheers, mate. It's a great article :-)

Personally, I don't see the need to have a date function, hence I really like the symmetry of the Daytonas without the date window. But I can see why people may want a date function, and a Speedmaster is a great choice.

The great thing about Rolexes are that they maintain their values very well. They're pretty costly to buy, but once you have it, you can keep it for years to come, knowing that you haven't lost a lot of money in depreciation.

I think the one brand that you want to take a look at, just for curiosity's sake, is Grand Seiko. I've admired their craft from afar, and they're definitely worth the consideration if you're looking for a new watch soon.

Beautiful dials, god-tier finishing and attention to detail, Omega pricing, and exceedingly accurate movements. The only downside, is that some of their watches are a bit chunky, and perhaps not suitable for our small wrists.


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I totally get you with the Rolex thing. I would love one and the ones to have that go up in price the best are the stainless steel ones. Although i would have thought the gold ones would be best. I once looked for a submariner and i wanted one built in 1975, the same age as me. Well it took me ages to find one and when i did it was way out of the kind of money i had to pay. It was worth more then a brand new one. There is also a two year waiting list for the new one. I've seen people getting a place on the waiting list then when they are near the end they sell there place in the queue or they sell the watch unworn for more then Rolex do, only you can have it today. The one thing i like about omega is the Rolex submariner only comes in one size, then there is the deep sea which is even bigger. With the seamaster it comes in three different sizes, 40 38 and 36mm cases. My seamaster is the 38mm as i think the 40 mm is a bit big for my wrist and the 36 mm looks a bit like a ladys watch which is a positive note if your a lady who wants one. Can't do that with the Rolex its one size only. Its the same with my speedmaster. I have the 38mm case as i've got small wrists and it looks spot on. But if you have big wrists you can buy 39mm and a 42mm size that i know off. Where the Rolex daytona only comes in 40mm and thats it. So you get a better choise with the omega, you can chose to have a no date, a date, a day date or the triple date. So theres definitely more out there for omega owners to chose from. However, I have a friend with a Rolex Submariner, everybody gathers around his Rolex while hardly anybody takes any notice of my Seamaster. So there can be no argument there, The Rolex is defiantly the most desirable.

Yep, Rolex certainly has the desirability factor, while Omega does give you more options, not just in size, but also in configuration. Going through the various options on their website will take you some time, because there's just a flavour for everyone.

The watch that we dream for is definitely a Rolex, though Omegas and Grand Seikos are the ones that we can get today - relatively affordable, and no waiting lists... :-)

So if you had millions in your bank account and you had a contact that could get you any watch you wanted with no waiting list, what would you have? As for me because i've got a seamaster, and a speedmaster. The watch i would own if money was no problem would be the Rolex sky-dweller in everose gold. Beautiful watch and the pictures on the website don't do it any justice. The coloring of the metal when you actually see it in the shop window is something else. In the real world its £35000 though, so i'd say i won't be able to afford that one anytime soon.

Well, if I had millions in the bank, and a contact list which meant no waiting list, the dream watch would be a ceramic Daytona, in black and white.
Credits to: Monochrome Watches

The Daytona is just simply elegant and timeless, fitting in any occasion, either for sporting, or a cocktail party. I'd also take a Patek Philippe Nautilus. Although not as sporty as a Rolex, Omega, or Grand Seiko, it does have the fine qualities of a dress watch. According to some people, the Nautilus has a waiting list up to 8 years :o
Credits to: Time and Tide

Very nice, With an 8 year waiting list you would need that contact who can get it for you. or to want it very much.

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