Breakfast with an astronaut from the future.

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It was a beautiful sunny day in Rio and after waking up I was just preparing my breakfast, cutting some $ONION to make scrambled eggs with butter, as every morning, when I hear an unexpected knock on the door...
Went to check and got quite surprised...

My old friend astrounat from the future came to say hello...

-WOAH! Quite a surprise... I thought you'd come again only in a couple of months... what happened? - I asked him.

-oh... don't tell me... after that trip to the moon in January 2018 an important transmissor of my spaceship broke, I went to 2021 but had to come back to the earth on the past to fix it, Imagine that, they stopped doing CR7 circuits in 2019...
While the spaceship is recharging the batteries on the sun I thought it was a good idea to take a bus and come to say hello.

-Definitely a great idea, glad you came! Always good to chat with you about life, time, cryptocurrencies and towels.

I welcome him in, he leaves the helmet with the HODL sticker on our yellow bank in the living room and come with me to the kitchen.

-I'm making some scrambled eggs with onions, how many you want?

-only 3, thanks.

I add it to my 5 eggs and start cooking it with a lot of ghee...

Everything gets delicious with an extra butter.

-So, what's new? - He asks me

-Oh, lots of things... still making videos to Malabarize-se, creating a street show to perform in europe with the love of my life, staking some crypto, learning a lot with these crazy people on crypto twitter, having fun catching these airdrops...

-Good to know! I went to drink some $GIN with Mocho in Punta Caña before coming here... Are you still holding these Onions, by the way?

-Yep, sold a little but still keeping most of my airdrop and staking it... I like the project...

-Wise decision my friend... I bet you'll end up selling some at 50 USD as you tweeted these days... You may just have to wait a couple more months, possibly...
What about $EQT? Still staking it too?

-Yes, some... patiently waiting for Alving to pump it, anyway I have so little coins that I hit only one stake a month more or less.... So, no really big news for the end of 2018? Q1 passed by and I didn't even see it...

-Well, I won't tell you all so I don't ruin the surprise but... one pump here, another there. no strong emotions, as far as I remember. My memory is not the best anyway after so many time travels.
Just remember you make things better when slower, not so fast Lucas, just as @VentureCoinist always tweets...
Also: Keep on enhacing your Opsec, it's really important.

-Yep, already using a VPN, keyscrambler and of course checking all these new altcoin wallets on virustotal...

-Great, everybody Needs a coin... Better to keep yours protected.
you already knows that goldmine bot ubiq-branded on twitter, right? Where do you think @ThisIsNuse finds these gems like $XHV before everybody else?

-YES, hahahahaha been checking that for sure! Have a lot of noise to filter but it pays off...

By this time we're already finishing breakfast... the astronaut from the future receives a call telling him that the Spaceship is fully recharged.

-Well, i'll have to leave soon, it was just a fast stop to see how you've been doing.

-Oh, that was a really fast stop, but always great to talk. Send my future me a hug!

-Definitely! The arts school in Brazil is looking great already! You two will do a great job building it!
If you need anything just let me know, I'm still using @signalapp, you have my number ;)

We Hug and he leaves...
We'll for sure meet again in a different time and space...

When I come back to the kitchen, there's a picture on the table, with a simple sign written in blue marker behind it:

flying naut cryptobanger.JPG
There's only one destination for those who HODL... Keep strong my friend.

last image is from @cryptobanger on twitter.

This is not investment advice, any simmilarities with the world are just coincidences.
Cryptocurrencies can be dangerous, never invest more than you can afford to loose.

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Thanks a lot dear friends!
Talk to you soon!

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