This is simply the best cure for insomnia

in life •  8 months ago

If there's something that can completely mess with your health and ruin a good day is a bad night of sleep.

Usually a chamomille or mugworth tea can do the trick if you have a hard night.
but what I found out that really works for me and can knock me off easilly if my mind is too fast and too furious before sleeping is simply heating a big pot of water, miing it 50/50 with cold water and putting my feet on it.

The good old "scalding feet" (don't even know if this works in english hahahahah we call it "escalda pés" in portuguese).

Add 2-5 drops of lavender essential oil and you have the perfect recipe for a good night of sleep full of sweet dreams.

simple curiosity fact: It's usually harder to sleep on full moon and easier to sleep on transitions: like when the moon is growing or fading.


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