Tesla to Mars, a fat ass and the need to stay informed

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As Elon Musk launched his Tesla Roadster on the way to Mars, I can’t help but wonder how amazingly technologically advanced our civilization has become. At this point in time, there is no looking in the past. Who cares if the Moon landing was fake or not? Who cares who got there first or if they did? When you see a rocket of that size being launched into space, with a freaking car on top of it, my opinion is that there is no point for skepticism. The fucking boosters that propelled the rocket into space, came back and landed on Earth. boosters.png
And all this in 8 minutes! Yeah, sure, one of them did not land and actually crashed on the drone ship, but please spare me the skepticism. Even the 3rd one came back and crashed in the spot where it was supposed to land! 2 out of 3 is ok in my book. If the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket is not advanced technology, then I don’t know what is! But, I will leave you conspiracy theorists, to step up and explain to me how all was fake and it was somehow a freaking illusion. I am not saying you aren’t entitled to an opinion, you are evidently, but do try to stay consistent and bring forward opinions based on facts and research that you have made in order to back your beliefs. I am looking forward to all the looney tunes alternative theories..hehe..
Even if the excitement of the success of Falcon has somewhat transcended into my post, it is not the main idea of the blog. As some of you that read my blog may suspect it is more then that. I do have a point and I must admit it is one that is utterly frustrating. It is an issue that concerns the smart, the beautiful, the nerd, the skinny, the ugly, the bad and the good..all of us as a whole!
We live in an era when everything that used to be in a certain way has changed. There is so much advanced technology, that some of us are finding it hard to stay on top of it! As everything is changing at this fast forward speed, we still don’t understand one important thing that we MUST do in order to adapt to it all..stay informed!
It is of most crucial importance to do that, because if we don’t we will eventually become mere string puppets. It is time to ask questions and learn. Learn about crypto, as sooner rather the later it will become part of your life weather you want it or not! I still do not fully understand the whole process of crypto but I have not given up on myself and am continuing to ask and learn as I go. Learn about politics and the world you live in! In order to understand a system weather it is democracy, communism, fascism, totalitarianism and so on, you have to have the basic principles of all of them. You need to question everything you see, because if you don’t, every decision that they make, will concern and affect you at some point. That is why you need to stay informed. Learn about the food you eat and the drinks you drink, as almost everything nowadays is full of chemicals, some known, some unknown, that add day by day, slowly, poison into your system. Learn about food and drinks, as nothing is more important then your health! Learn about climate and the changes that are occurring. If you believe in it or not, it is most crucial for you to stay informed. We are all part of this world and universe altogether, so what is the harm in knowing more about everything that surrounds you! We are children of the universe..a spectacular evolution of ‘’star dust’’.
There is no time for dwelling on unimportant and asking meaningless questions. This is the era of information! Some of you might remember how hard it was before internet! I read somewhere a question google.png
Well, I existed before Google and it was a pain in the ass. If there was a subject you were interested in you had to move your ass down to the library. Yeah remember that building that had lots of books? There are still some that exist, a mere museum of books nowadays. Even if you were interested in knowledge, it was hard to find the material you needed, most of the time having to rely on this old lady ‘’the librarian’’ (that had an idea on most subjects and could offer some sort of guidance), or you could star reading all of the books that they had on that subject. Not to mention that some books were illegal in some countries and could in no way be found anywhere. Now all you need to do to get yourself informed is google search a click of a button and all the information is right there in front of you. If that is not easy, it is also cherry picked and summarized so you don’t have to go to the trouble of actually reading a book to form your own summary. No time for that in these time. All is handed out on a silver plater! Everything you don’t know is a click away! That being said, I must insist that you stop googling memes and the Kardashians and start asking questions about the world around you. Education means enlightenment. And education today can be done on a smartphone, that fortunately most of us have, of course, as an extension of our self. Stop taking part of useless social media, as it is a one way street to total dumbness.tv.jpg

You don’t agree on a subject? Fine! Great actually! You are entitled to your opinions, but before you start a useless conversation on how right you are, start learning more about the subject, so you will be able to bring forward a proactive opinion and only after that try to explain your point of view. There is no excuse for less. Not today! Staying informed is the biggest Checkmate you can give to whoever is trying to put you down.
I do acknowledge the benefits of social media, but there is also a dark side to it. Let me ask you one thing. Why do you think that the Kardashians have become a social media phenomenon? Why are they famous? Well because of you! To get you distracted to make you think about anything else except the real issues. If you ‘’keep up with the Kardashians’’ you will have no time to keep up with politics, the crap that they feed you, climate and the list goes on and on. Those disturbingly untalented human beings, have no skill except for the obvious fat ass. It is an insult to our intelligence to make us even remotely comparable to them! And yet millions of young women do not dream more then taking an ass selfie like them! And like them, I am sure you have noticed similar ‘’trends’’ to dumb us down! So before you start accept populist social media crap like a dumb ass that they want you to be, ask yourself why is this happening? Why don’t I see valuable things that concern me in todays media?tv2.jpg

If you already don’t know the answer to this question, start asking question, because the answer is right under your nose. The answer to everything you need is most of the time in your pocket every day. Just take your phone out and google it! It will tell you the same thing hehe and you will thank yourself later for awakening yourself from this polluted state of mind that is being fed to us on a daily basis .

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Those rockets were filmed in a test tube on a flat earth of global warping. you make me want to go to the library and ask a librarian for help finding something. It must make any in the dying librarian profession feel good to have someone looking for subjects to learn in actual books. Books smell so good too! your posts are really finding a voice...love it!

Yep they do smell good!!! I thought I was the only freak that likes to smell books! Hehe Thank you for the looney tunes as well & the apreciation!

This post is wonderful and I love the way you went all out expressing yourself. Google has saved me a ton of times,cant imagine what I'd do without it.

Thank you ! I appreciate you taking the time to read it!

Nice to see that show yesterday has fired you up, I can't wait to see the pictures of Mars from the drivers seat of that roadster.

You are hilarious!

That'a girl!!!

I have been saying for years that SOME people seem to be able to name every celebrity who's had plastic surgery, but they can't name all the States in the US or Provinces in Canada. Somehow, we've reached a point where people can ignore scientific fact as simply opinion and they don't even have specific reliable facts to support their opinion...except to say, "Well, it's just what I think". No, actually, you're not thinking at all.

When I was teaching, I crammed into my students' brains the idea of critical thinking; they were all welcome to a different opinion as long as they could prove it...with legitimate facts. Don't even get me started on 'legitimate websites' either :)

Thanks for bringing my blood pressure up...in a good way (good stress, if you read this @amarbir:) Cheers!!

You’re welcome..I think..hehe..this blog had to be out there..my blood pressure was high as well !! :))) didn”t get the reference to @amarbir I am assuming he raised your blood pressure in a bad way?! Hehe

That's funny; I just poured myself a glass of wine after commenting haha

and oh no, @amarbir's lastest blog was about stress...some good , some bad and how to deal with it.

Awww wine..damn I can’t have any alcohol..at all with this diet!! Hope it’s gonna be worth it..but u enjoy yours hehe.. I will have to check @amarbir’s post ..that bastard Stress keeps getting on my nerves lately!

You know, we were all so busy looking at the ground for such a long time it feels really good to look up at the stars again. Who knows, perhaps in our lifetime we can still visit another planet! Stoked!

Well done! I made it my goal to talk more about science and get more exposure to it! Cheers!

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