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Karl buddy -- 25 lbs of Excitement (image by Krazy Uncle)

see links below for more on the story of Karl and his human buddy

Wednesday 26th
Today Karl, or I got way lazy despite better laid plans.

Maybe because we had a rough night sleeping? As I said Karl and I sleep in a single bed and I try to keep him at the foot of the bed. With an occasional slip up, Karl stays pretty much where I want him. Lately, he will also stay in a little bed I set up for him, on the floor of the bedroom for part of the night.

As an attempt to establish who the Pack Leader is I make him wait until I’m settled in bed before I allow Karl to join me. It’s been an ongoing struggle/game.

Last night/this morning, I got in bed and patted the bed beside me for Karl to get in his customary spot on the bed. For some reason, and I couldn’t see because I have heavy dark blinds on the windows, Karl did something wrong when he jumped and he missed landing on top of the bed. He fell back onto the hard wood floor with quite a thump. I tried to encourage him to try again, but to no avail. He actually left the room. Wanting to check on him I flicked on the light and could see him peeking at me from the next room. Again, I wondered what happened to this poor guy for him to be so timid at times?

I told him I’m sorry he hurt himself, but it wasn’t really my fault. He was having none of it... hmm… I think he hurt his pride? I did manage to coax him into the room, but he immediately went to his bed rather than the one we share. I never was able to sweet-talk him to sleep next to me last night. I apologized again to him, but… I fell asleep alone. Every time I’d awake, no Karl beside me. Oh, well... both of us sleep when we are tired and are awake when we’re not sleeping, or something like that – overall Karl does sleep a lot, but I guess all dogs do?

Oh, everything was back to normal for our afternoon nap, and Karl slept beside me in the bed, and for that matter he’s been sleeping on me in our chair all day.

I did set an appointment next week for Karl’s vaccinations. And, even though not really physically active, I did spend a large part of the day hammering on keys working on my book. So, there is that? Oh, and no walkabouts today. The weather took a turn towards the chilly – about 50+ and with a bit of wind and dampness from a rain earlier, so well that’s kinda of a reason?

A gratuitous image of my Great Butterfly Hunter in action (image by Krazy Uncle)

Tomorrow we’ll be twice as busy, the weather will be mid-sixties and, and well… you know just know Cardio Road beckons?
Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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Thank you, Jaynie

I've been reading some of your stuff -- it's very nice to see someone caring about others online.

The are 4 constellations named after dogs.


once again, thank you for your support...

Your butterfly hunter seems to using some form of mind control on his victims. Stun them with you telepathy Karl!


Yeah, that's kind of his backup plan, when charging in and twirling all about doesn't work... :)

Being out in farm country Karl will have so much to see and do, fun times ahead @krazyuncle


Oh, I'm sure Karl is happiest in the country. I know I am. I just hope we can find another place like this... I won't be able to stay for much longer...

Karl does have fun though. Last Wednesday he dug up and caught a ground squirrel. That was real exciting and it helps keep the varmints from making mounds in the lawn. I hate killing things, but these critters are everywhere. I've pulled into my driveway and spotted at least five running and diving into their burrows. Anyway, that's a good story for another day...