Perspective is Everything

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The way a person views the world around them will have a direct affect on all those with close contact to the individual in question. For many early years of my life a younger @KLYE struggled with the concept of morality and the duality brought fourth from "good & evil".

Humans greatly differ in morals, intelligence and perception. It's truly amazing to see such a broad range of acceptable attitudes, actions and behaviors depending on your geographical location and culture. Simply put, no standard for what is acceptable or taboo can really be populated by studying humanity. "Different strokes for different folks" as some would say.

While fundamentally I believe theft, murder, pedophilia and forced sexual acts are "wrong"...

Truth is... "Good & Evil" or "Right & Wrong" Exist Nowhere But The Mind!

Your perception is everything.. People take input from their senses and utilize their brain to determine how to react to said stimuli. When you remove your own personal bias or judgement from any situation one realizes that rather than painting the situation a certain colour, everything simply is. Take this knowledge forward with you and use it to succeed!

Recently in my own life I had a massive switch of perspective after my girlfriend had broken up with me. Initially I'd thought I'd lost everything.. But a small shift of perspective made me realize the only thing I'd lost in the end was limitations. Life is exactly what you make of it.

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Great thoughts... Regarding your girlfriend, look at it like this; She lost someone that loved her deeply, while you lost someone who didn't love you that much. In that instance who really is facing the big loss?! :)

We still love eachother is the thing.. However the insecurity and jealousy we had while together was toxic as hell.

End of the day we decided we could still be friends, hang out, play video games and have good times together. Only thing that changed really is that I wear condoms now when we bang.. Which sucks but better than nothin!

Lol oh wow... my mistake. Nevermind about my philosophical advice!

In every moment I can see that I'm always physically in the center of now, so being self centered in my mind is perfect alignment with my physical experience of NOW. Being centered allows everything to fall into place perfectly, and I call it magic.

That oddly makes a bit of sense! Interesting insight into the mind for sure.

Perspective is everything. The thing about it is that it evolves. As we grow as people we will always adapt to new thinking, well I would hope so, and it comes down to knowledge and the capacity to learn new things. Basic understanding of things gives us a basic perspective. Seek critical mass of information and be prepared to unlearn what you think you already know. Wisdom ultimately sculpts your perspective. Anything less is a fixed mindset and I feel this is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Open your mind. That is what life is about in the end.

Very well put. Knowledge coupled with an ever expanding and evolving mind is certainly something a younger me never considered. I'm slowly realizing that life is exactly what I perceive it to be and make it. Kind of wild really.

Thanks steemgold!

Good understanding there about changing your focus and changing your life.

Good and Evil exist outside the mind.
They are very much absolutes.
However, the bible, which we get much of our understandings of good and evil has been edited and abridged and often changed by evil people.

Evil destroys. Evil hurts.
Not like, for instance a knife, which can be used to make dinner, or hurt someone.
Evil always hurts you and the world. Forever in a downward spiral.
Corruption is a sign of evil. Like rust it grows and destroys.
Ever tearing down, never building up.

Trying to force your will on someone else is evil.

Evil is quite easy to see, but we do not specifically use the word. We generically throw it around, and thus have obscured its meaning.
Like taking a person in an underwater cave, and violently shaking them around. Sure they do not know which way is up, but there is definitely an up and a down. And it is important for humanity that we again learn what is up and down, or we will all perish.

The problem I have with the whole good and evil thing is that what is good for one may be bad for another.

Kind of a live and let live type of guy for the most part.

What you speak of, I would call good and bad, or more specifically good for you or bad for you.

I know it may seem like a semantic difference, but Evil is always destructive.
The terms good and evil have been mixed up with good and bad.
Evil today is just a handy term for describing someone who you think is bad, with added emphasis.

But, evil is a real thing. And this current watering down of the term is what people who are practising evil have been trying to do.

One thing you all would consider evil would be these child sex trafficking rings.
What paedos are doing is evil. I would consider this a small evil compared to the world-wide human destructive plans that are going about today.

Take for instance the UN's description of human rights, which include the provision that they may be revoked. That is plain evil written to sound all nice, except for that one gotcha.

interesting, what you refer in the middle is entropy, ie the constant degradation, there is also the regression to the mean, the so called crab mentality, where crabs pull the others down, just to keep the status quo :), heey it's in the whitepaper, we like crab mentality :) I hope people learn I was going to say that yes, perspective is one thing but saying evil is good isn't yeah good, for anybody, you are belittling what you are supposed to not fall down to,

@klye hedonism is having fun and pleasure for your own :)

But yeah I like the fact you got over it so quickly, I was going to send you some material, but I'm not sure how much my "philosophy" helps, I tend to float towards live and let live too, but stupidity is what it is, and saying it's great for people watching them bang their heads against the same wall for years, is yeah depressing for me and sad, so it doesn't matter how happy I am when everybody around me is slowly dying, funny how life goes, you have 20 years to start up 50 to go and another 20 to dig a hole :) at best :D still sad shouldn't be so lame

my 2 cents, I'm outa here Cheers mate :) Vote klye, I haven't :) but I've only voted 5 people and still taking my time with the trust thing :D

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Good is wisdom, loving kindness, compassion, patience, empathy. Whilst evil is hatred, ignorance, greed, envy, laziness. These may not be inherently good or evil but one of these sets of behavior causes great suffering and the other set lessens or even heals absolutes but we do have to deal with relative truths and realities, the law of nature, cause and effect. May we all be happy🌱🙏

"may we all be happy"

Kind of what I figure the meaning of life is.. To be happy and make others happy.. But is this not hedonism? :P <3

It sounds like you are in a much more positive spot now. Good to hear that!

Last week was tough.. However I've certainly had a shift in my perspectives and focus after hitting what felt like an emotional bottom. Allowing myself to live again and have fun without feeling guilty certainly feels nice.

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