The Long Road Home

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We are back on the prairies, on the third night of our long trip back home to Victoria, BC. Twenty-two hundred kilometres down and roughly the same distance left to travel.
Sunset tonight in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

Since my last post we visited with all our friends and family in Ontario. I'm feeling a lot better now, and on the way home I hope to finally take a few photos. I'll show you a few I've taken since beginning the trip home...

The road through northern Ontario. It took us almost three days on roads like this to get out of Ontario and into Manitoba. Notice the leaves are beginning to turn orange.

North of Lake Superior

Chippewa Falls, Ontario

In the fog this morning, a little west of Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Coming next: In two days we will reach the Rocky Mountains near Calgary, Alberta - where a late summer snow storm is in the forecast. That old mini-van of ours is not going over the mountains in twenty cm (eight inches) of snow. This could get exciting...

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A real expedition! Congratulations! Have a pleasant trip to the end. Your photos show the grandiose and wild nature. I like not seeing cars on the road.


The roads have been great, with very little traffic - especially across the prairies where there are fewer people. Thanks very much!


With pleasure! I love roads with little traffic.

Oh, you do the most beautiful vacation photos ever. The road through northern Ontario is spectacular and Chippewa Falls is worthy of a whole story.

Well done... The fog is always and forever so subtle and oh-so-beautiful. I am so jealous that you may celebrate Christmas without me.

Be well, my friend!

Upped and steemed


Thank you, Denise. I was very disappointed with my photos on the way east.... The nasty forest fire smoke covered everything including the mountains. All the scenery vanished! Now, we are getting fresh, clean air, and good light! Christmas in the mountains with our mini-van is a complete no-go. We may have to wait for some time for the weather to improve, or else take a slightly different route. We will decide tonight after our next stop.

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Glad to hear you're feeling a lot better now @keithboone. It looks like you're travelling through some very beautiful scenery.

Have a fun time on the rest of your trip! 😊


Thank you, Gillian! We have a solid day or more of driving across the prairies, and then we will be in the mountains. I love the mountains above all else...


I'm a coastal fan myself but the mountains come second. Enjoy! 😁

I’m glad you are feeling good. You are having a most gorgeous scenic drive back to B.C. .. Awww the beauty of Canada. 😊 ❤️


It's a long way to go but the weather looks good for today. I'm hoping for some good shots in the mountains if the road isn't closed by storms!


Fingers crossed the weather is agreeable. 🤞 Looking forward to the mountain photos. ⛰ 😊

Awesome shots as always! That one with the rails gleaming is outstanding!


Thanks very much! That shot came out almost completely black and white, so I went ahead and completed it in monochrome :)

wow you explain it beautiful..
i like your way to make this article..


Thank you

Man oh man thats a lot of driving! Stop often and take lots of pictures! These are great. The light on that grain bin is beautiful. I've missed you here!


Hoping to get some nice shots on the way back west. I've largely been offline during the road trip. I believe it was four weeks ago that we left.

It looks like a LONG trip!! But I'm sure it's worth it as you get to see some amazing views! Great photos!

Thank you for sharing!


Thank you! We have been on the road for a month now. It will take another two days travel to reach home!


One month is what I always wished for but haven't had a chance yet for such a long time off!

I wish you safe travels home!

I love the long roads home, they are the scenic route.

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Yes, and it is usually good to get of the highway and onto the back roads!

That fog is beautiful, the stuff of fairy tales.

A late summer snowstorm, lol. That does sound interesting. I'm glad you got well and had a good trip.


Thank you! Anything can happen in the mountains. I've seen snow in the high mountain passes in July and August. We have a new route picked out which will keep us away from any snow. We will be travelling along the Washington/BC border. Probably with rain in the mountains, but no snow.


Rain in the mountains sounds a bit intimidating too. Have a safe trip.

It's wonderful to get an update on your travels @keithboone and really good to hear you are feeling much better. Your photos are, as usual a real treat and I really love the fog hovering over the hills, the pine trees and the rail tracks in Thunder Bay.

Enjoy the rest of your trip home and I look forward to seeing more of your photos when you've had a chance to catch your breath.


Thank you, Trudee! We are resting up for a day before continuing the trip home. We still have about 1,200 km to go, most of that through the mountains. We will stay as far south as possible in order to avoid a freak snowstorm which will hit Banff and Jasper National parks a little north of us. I wanted to visit the parks again as they were covered with smoke when we drove through on the way east, but I won't take a chance with snow in the mountains.


That is a pity about the snowstorm Keith but it is better to be safe than get stuck and have your trip delayed unecessarily. You have certainly covered a lot of territory and I can imagine that a few stops along the way would be vital to prevent fatigue.
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your journey.

I'm glad to hear you're ok! Take care my friend!


Thank you! Almost home... resting today, and we head into the mountains tomorrow. Crows Nest Pass - that's a route through the Rockies which I have not travelled before, and hopefully, there will be no snow!


Fingers crossed!!! Let us know you're safe!

Be safe! Gorgeous photos, my favorite is definitely the black and white one “foggy”.

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Thanks very much, that might be my favourite too! :)