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imageSince getting a number of buffs, some of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends are starting to be reused frequently. One of them is Johnson. Hero tanks
tangible human half of this car's popularity skyrocketed after getting rework some time ago. He who had been underestimated now looks so strong and reliable by his team-mates. Although strong, this hero still has a fatal weakness loh! So before you buy Johnson, you must know the following advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages image
If the first area of ​​his skill is only from
ultimate and skill both of them,
his skill now has a large enough area. Plus a good control effect from Deadly Pincers and Rapid Touchdown makes Johnson reliable in the game.
Add Thickness and Pain When Increasing Armor
In addition to large areas, Johnson also generates additional magic damage to non-enemies
magical attack, but physical defense gained from armor! So the higher the armor, the harder and the more damage the damage
Almost Impossible
Physical Attack
Armor is so thick and passive addition of 10% armor
from its ultimate makes Johnson virtually immune to
physical attack. Especially if it has entered the late game, high damage marksman classmates will not produce high damage to Johnson and took more than 3 people to kill him.
Do not Wear Where image
Got control effects and good areas, Johnson's advantages were increased that is not using
no where at all! Compared to Tigreal, Gatotkaca, or Grock using which, Johnson is more dependable in the game because his skills will always be ready without having to figure out which amount.
Match Combine With Many Hero


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