Singles day 11.11.

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Dear Steemians

Today was one of the famouse sale days of november, to be honest I didn't know this day since today.


I am single!!!!

So this is my day :-)

I had some things to buy and didn't know If I should wait until Black friday to buy some electronics?!
Well, as I don't have any idea about cryptos, I have about electronics eather.

After checking the hole internet about which tablet I should buy or maybe a Microsoft Surface I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. It should be a good Tablet and I can get a Keyboard with it.
So than I waited until today and it was about 100 dollars cheaper than normal. So I had to buy it?
I did it I payed 340 dollars fot it instead 440.
I will get it tomorrow by post.
I'm so exited.

Second buy

As I am a traveller and my backpack is destroyed after 17 months of travel (and a lot of times before) I had to buy a new one.
After also checking the internet I decided to buy an Osprey Kyte 66.

Today on Singles day I got 20% of all on
So I also bought for 175 dollars instead of 220!!!!
I am so exited!

What do you think about these special days on sale?

I think it's a great thing to buy new stuff! :-)

Soon I will write a Review about my two new buyings.



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