I need to take a break.

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It appears that I've been seriously running out of time for creating Steem content right now. (Or anything at all really.) Too much running about taking the kids to school, off school, to and from karate, piano lessons, having to visit unemployment offices and other errands. (I have no clue how other people do it, even with jobs!)

I thus need to postpone my big post about the 35 mm prime lens I promised to deliver last week. Don't worry, I haven't botched it up, it's just that most of it has been on an idle browser window for almost a week now so I copied it into a text file on my hard drive for later revisioning.

Now, having been too busy with my life I need to take a weekend off the computer and try to relax for a while. I'll be back on track next week hopefully.

that photography
Something, something photography something.

Oh, and there's a new Photo Challenge, I'll take this time to recharge my camera batteries too, sounds like a fun challenge so I'll see if I can join.

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Have a relaxing break :)


Thanks, I'll do that... :)

@gamer00 go and you deserve that ..
chill out and have fun - I'd better not see your name tailing my comments for a week - really take a break you need to recharge your voting power :P


I made it back. :)

Now I need to retouch all my photos I took while away. Sorry about voting your comments, it's happened on its own. :)


@gamer00 no sorry I'm thankful for you
but at the same time worried about your voting power

I hope your break was fine and you're more relaxed now. Good to see you back again.