Motivation and the people around us...

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 Each of us has had a situation where we've come up with a brilliant idea. When such an idea appears in our head, we consider it to be wonderful, perfect, amazing, we see only the advantages, we are sure that we will succeed and change a lot in the life that we have been leading so far.

 We want to follow that dream, we want to do it no matter what, we burn from the inside to the very thought of the thing/change we want to create, to bring it to life. We feel that this is what we were looking for, we have the key to happiness. At this point, we are so enthusiastic that we want to share our insights and ideas with everyone, family, friends, and acquaintances. And here, in my opinion, in many cases, great and wonderful ideas fall, stifled by those closest to us, people from whom we expected to support. Questions and comments arise: “Why do you need it? it was a good idea 10 years ago, what is it at all? get back to work, I wouldn't do it".

After such a conversation, we start to doubt our idea, we start to wonder whether it is certainly as wonderful as it seemed to us at the beginning, uncertainty creeps in, cracks start to appear. We start to find mistakes, omissions, we lean towards the opinions of others and with time we put our “treasure"; in the background. Because it won't succeed, it won't come out, it won't have the right to exist". We have been extinguished and re-introduced into a series of routine and everyday life. Our splendor was trampled, we were reduced to zero, we return to everyday life and the monotony from which we wanted to get away. What's worse, after some time we notice something similar to our idea. Someone got into the same thing and did it, they weren't afraid.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is very important with whom we deal with, if we notice certain changes in ourselves, we feel “the fire” in some direction, it is worth going there, trying, touching, reacting. When we are 100% motivated to do something, let's do it, it's ours and only our life. Do you want it to be phenomenal, epic, different? Or do you want it to simply fly through your fingers, or to be bland? 

Don't be afraid to discover, try, break the chains of limitations, look at the world from a different perspective  Sometimes, when we come across something, we burn inside and a small spark, a word, a gesture, support from the closest person who will say: ”try, it! sounds interesting, I'll help you, an interesting concept! I love the idea! do what you feel? you have my support, a great plan!"

Let's surround ourselves with people who are also passionate and motivated, who want to climb up, who will push us, give us a kick, energise us to act, we feel the support from them and we know that they won't trample us, they won't pull us back down to protect us from success.  

I wish you all a wonderful day full of phenomenal activities! 

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