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'Future Attack' Novel Series

King Madman of N. America


In the present, 2001. Somewhere on a classified base
at no such agency, Ronnie Slay debriefs the
T-3DU suits on his findings, after returning
from his recon of America's future, 2015.

Future Attack: Protect the Past: Defend the Present & Preserve the Future in the Name of Global and National Security Interest.

"Tony hunter, one time American hero, now turned
traitor. Is one of the Eastern Alliances celebrated
operatives, assigned to the TTRU, is now a threat
to global stability to America's future.

Ronnie goes on to inform the suits that
Hunter is posing as the POTUS. His
mission is to collapse the democracy
of the United States; North America, and
the order of Western culture.

Mission goal to be propped up
and crowned, King of N. America.
Tony Hunter posing as Damian J. Truss is elected
as POTUS. With the assistance of a hostile
foreign sovereignty. For the sole
purpose of seizing control
the the earth.

Which will be governed by a ten
global confederacy society of ill
gotten gained wealthy factions from within the EA.
Who proceed to impose their world order of oppression
on the entire planet.


And then, Ronnie goes on the tell
the T-3DU Cmte, that the oppressed
will be all people who refuse to
recognize POTUS J. Truss
as their king.

Senior T-3DU Cmte suit.

"How the fuck does that prick
manage this shit?"

Ronnie continues to inform the
room full of suits that Tony Hunter is
being assisted by the best of the
EA's cyber Stegtigic Psy-ops hacker

Ronnie pauses.

continues to tell the suits
that POTUS J. Truss manages to
split the US in half, his
half of America are WASP's.
POTUS is using racial
tribal psy-op warfare, capturing
the total control of the entire
American WASP community, and their
sympathisers, to behave and act in
a cultish unAmerican and ungodly way.

Working the WASP's into a frenzy of fear, to
weaponize the WASP People; leading them into
another civil war against their brethren if need be, to hold
onto power. Even at the peril of the country.

copy cat.png

POTUS J. Truss is using racism, the
same way he used his special warfare sniper
skills in the past as an Army Ranger, to destroy lives.
But, instead of lock and
loading his weapon with a full metal

Ronnie gives the entire room a
glance once over before continuing.

"POTUS J. Truss is lock and loading the American WASP
people, their sympathizers; weaponizing them with racism.

Like the speial ops sniper I know him to be, which is a very
dangerous man; one and done, true to the task.
Tony Hunter, posing as the future POTUS, is ready to fire off a race war
down range in North America, a shot that will
be heard around the world; total carnage.


Ronnie pauses again before speaking.

"The aftermath of the body count, will be unaccountable,
as the blood shed will flow like the Hudson River, thirteen
feet deep. In what we call home of the brave; land of
the free, America."

After making his statement, Roonie swares he
could feel the oxygen literally leave
the room, as the suits protest.


"What makes you think this foreign
agent is weaponizing rasim to gain control of a whole

Ronnie disgards his briefing material.

"I served with the subject who is
posing as the POTUS in the future."


Suits listen intently.

Ronnies' facial expression resembles what is known
in the combat vets community, as the thousand yard

"Hunter is one of the best special operators bar none, I
witnessed Hunter in future America, posing as
Damian J. Truss, announce his candidacy for POTUS
using psy-op subliminal dog whistles as he dissed and
racially profiled a border nation. American leadership, nor
any patriots stood up for basic American principles, judge not, least
we be judged."

The silence in the room could be cut with a knife, as
the suits play on every word coming
from out of the mouth of Ronnie Slay.

"Hunter's speech hypnosis is a picture perfect psy-op
warfare propaganda subliminal brain
washing tactic campaign. Straight out of the
journals of, Willie Lynch, General Lee, and
Adolf Hitler, as the analysis diagnosis of his
primary vocal rhythm patterns will show."

Senior Suit.

"You paint a troubling picture of the future
of not only our country, but of the planet.
If this be the case, and we fail to prevent
this future sabatoage from happening."

All the suits look in the direction
of their senior operative as he speaks.

Senior suit.

"A race war will be the least of our concerns."

Now, Ronnie has a puzzled look on his face, after hearing
his senior agents statement, not knowing that
the senior agent and the rest of the suits are the
only staff with the clearance to know the Gray's will intervene
should a race war breaks out on the planet, because the Gray's have an
agreement with the SGOPT, that gives them excess
to earth's water resources , which is necessary
for these aliens to exist, and function.

If the SGOPT wants to continue to receive the alien
spies advance technology, which is vital
to the SGOPT's cmte secret interest, the T-3DU
must prevent the fake future POTUS from achieving
his, and the EA's diabolical plans at all cost, by sending
Ronnie Slay and George H. W. Ambush to America's
future to conduct operation counter 'MAGA.'

Should a race war become an issue that would
endanger earth's water resources, and the humans
are unable to contain this human igornece. The
Gray's would easily overthrow hunanity to maintain
their survivability at all cost. The Gray's taking
control of the entire planet from mankind, would be
like taking candy from a baby.

Ronnie Slay.

"Say again sir."


"what proof have you, that this foriegn agent
posing as the future POTUS has weaponized
rasim to overthrow N. America and the West."

Ronnie, using a remote control, deems the lights;
activates the HD monitor, that shows Tony Hunter in
future America, posing as the future fake POTUS, year 2015.

"Mexico is sending their people."


"They're bringing drugs, they're rapist; some
assume, might be good people. But they're
bring their problems to us."
dumb nigga.png

The volume goes mute, and the lights come back on, all
eyes on Ronnie Slay, as the suits of the T-3DU now have
their proof. They never thought in a million years that
they would witness the POTUS demonizing, racially profiling
and lying on, and grouping an entire community of people using
racism out in the open amongst a huge gathering of Americans.
It was chilling, it is deja vu, Berlin, 1930's,
labeling a whole nation of peoples as ciminals.

But that wasn't the single chilling aspect to what these patriots just
witnessed about a future US President's behavior.

What was truly troubling to the suits was that, half of the United States
of America are good with the poison coming from out of
the America's future fake POTUS sewer of a mouth.

Giving credence to the facts, racism is bringing weaponized by hostile
factions from within the EA, for the purpose of callaping
N. America's govenmental system. To replace it with an
authoritarian one, and to crown the future
fake POTUS, King of N. America.

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