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Hey! I am trying different things out to cultivate more community and to make more friends here on Steemit! I invite you to have a conversation here on my blog, and if you are being real, and not just spamming me, I will upvote your comment, just for fun! All you have to do is respond to any of the following prompts.

1) Whats your favorite thing you have read in the past week, on or off of steemit? Book, article, poem? Why was it your favorite? How did it impact you personally? What does it make you think about?

2)How are you? No i am serious . . How are you doing? What are your personal goals this week? What little things are you doing to reach them? What kinds of obstacles are you having?

3) Tell me about something funny that happened.

4) Link me to some good music! But also tell me about it! Why do you like it? Why do you think I will like it?

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Yeah! That's it ! Just pick one of those things to reply to!

Thanks for chatting,



Heya! I just recently came across your blog post. Dflo is pretty unique name! Lemme try to answer your questions. I've read many intersting things in the past weeks. One thing that stuck in my mind is:

Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have left to go. You might not be where you want to be, but you’re not where you used to be. Look back at where you came from and let yourself feel proud about your progress.

Actually, Just yesterday, I achieved 1,000 Sp, that was my goal for so long time. And I'm very happy and proud of myself for that. ☺

I'm doing fine, but have been going through so many challenges in my own life. I want to improve my English writing skills more and want to be a fluent English speaker. For this I'm watching lots of English movies and shows and reading as many articles as I can.

Something funny? Um, nothing as such happened lately.

Only good song I can link you is:

I just love this song^ as it resonates with me.

hey thanks! This is a great comment :) congrats on your 1000 SP! I have that delegated to me right now and it is so fun! This song is good, i am listening to it right now. Also did you know I am an English Coach? I have been trying to come up with a way to offer english conversation practice over Dlive using video chat but haven't really got it off the ground yet.

You're welcome and Thank you! ☺ Did you like that song? I love Charlie Puth's songs mostly.

Yes, I'm aware about it. I have never used Dlive and I am too shy to come up online with my real face, I guess, there are many people on the same boat of shyness as me, lol. You can start off with some fun contest that allows people to learn English and get better in it, or you can put a short writing challenge or something like that.

Generally, people are afraid to write long posts or to even writing their own content, as they think their writing skills or English is not good. So they often back off to prevent themselves from getting judged as they see lack in themselves. But the matter of fact is, we learn through our mistakes, through our practices and experiences.

If I made any grammatical errors or used phrases in the wrong way then please feel free to correct me.

~Thank you!

Ive been focused on getting back into my music recently, finishing lyrics for two songs I’d been stuck on for four years. Finally did it! I’m putting together a kind of simple workshop, trying to figure out how to present it in a way that I won’t go over peoples heads.

My biggest struggle is getting over myself, feeling confident that people will actually appreciate what I’m trying to do and having the energy to deal with people who misunderstand and make really annoying comments that prove they don’t want to understand. I am not looking to be a spectacle for them and their social media feeds, nor do I want their help to play on bigger stages, I want to connect and help bring out creativity in them. I’m also worried I won’t do well enough to really drive home the points I’m trying to make.

I will try to put some more music up on steemit in the coming days :-)

haters gonna hate... and we might as well not be our own worst haters ... anyway getting those critical voices out of the way can be really challenging for SURE and i deal with that all the time. I have all kinds of new ideas like how I am trying a DLive show out and online coaching, and what I am learning is the practice of doing it is the best way to go . Don't let those doubts stop you. But also dont wait for the doubt to go away before you take action. Just jump right in to what you want to do, and the doubt will begin to disappear as you find your footing and voice. The doubt will linger and take you down if you try to wait until you feel 100% ready. I would love to see what you are doing and I am curious about your classes. Are you offering them via Steemit or do you mean in real life?

Hey! I am doing well and have made huge strides at work today. My wife is about to give birth and I am very excited. How are you?

i am so pleasantly surprised that this worked so quickly hahah! I wonder if i will zap my voting power but oh well. Thats great you made strides at work, thats a great feeling. What do you do? And wooo hooo to new baby! is it your first?

I'm sure I will drain my voting powers also and, I'm fine with that because this is worth it. Having a good time.- good idea @dflo

Awesome initiative @dflo. Keep up the good work!

Curation by @msp-active

Thanks! I wanted to find some ways to pay it forward....

Geez, why do you have to pick such hard questions? :-)
I was about 95 % done with a song I was working on last night on the computer, 3 part harmony on the voices even, I saved what I had and Audacity chose that time to have a big glitch, so now I have to redo the vocals. At least it didn't lose the previous save with all the instruments recorded...
I have toads breeding in my little fish pond, but I think the goldfish eat the eggs...nature, you know...

Omg that is so frustrating Amber! That sort of thing happened to me the other day. I tried recording myself doing like a podcast style thing while on a hike. I looked down after like 20 minutes and realized the stupid app in my phone crashed and nothing had saved. I felt so defeated since its been so hard to get going, creatively. And also, nice parallel imagery you have there... the way technology eats its young is very similar to nature, isnt it. Maybe we are closer to oneness with technology than we think!

You know, you could be right!
It always sucks when you think you have a good recording and then you realize that the recording device screwed up.
On one of my open mic entries that I did, the batteries in the camera that I was doing the video with died half way through the video. I had to put new batteries in it and start over. LOL

Damn, @soundwavesphoton still has a bigger vote than I have, even with my delegation! LOL

Size doesn't matter. I read that on the internet.

that's fake news.... so i'v heard

I love you both equally @amberyooper and @soundwavesphoton, and thats all that matters here

deadmoonwrites is probably correct but again, what matters is quality upboats.

I'm doing really well thank you @dflo.

I have just returned home after ten days away, part of which was on retreat. i had a wonderful time so was thinking I might feel a bit down this week but, so far, so good.

I won one of the petals contests today so that helped! 😁

I don't really have any goals for this week other than to keep up with blogging here and replying to comments. If the price stays down I would also like to buy a bit of Steem. 😊

Oh hey thats a good idea! I forgot about buying Steem when its low. I have been pretty broke for a while, so I just don't think of it. Hmmmmmmmm. Anyway, what kind of retreat did you go on?

I bought some bitcoin back at Easter when Steem was dropping but never got around to buying any and then the price rose again.

Have you bought Steem before?

It's still not as low as it was then but it's not far off.

The retreat was based around something called the Three Principles. It was wonderful.

Where we stayed was lovely, the weather was great and thefood was yummy. It couldn't have been better. 😊

Nice! I have never been on a retreat of any kind. I would like to try it some day. Yeah i bought steem once before, when things were sort of low. I mostly just earn my Steem. I have help with some delegations right now that I am super touched by, and want to make the best of them by paying them forward. So that's why I thought trying some chats might be nice :)

I've had a few delegations too and, like you, when I had them I wanted to make the most of them and spread my vote around. looks like you've got some really big ones so you'll have more to play with than I had.

Mine were a couple of hundred SP total. 😊

What I did was managed it so my voting power was used as much as possible before I went to bed but would always be back to 100% by the morning. That worked really well.

I'm off to be now. It's way past my bedtime.

Will catch you again tomorrow. Have fun! 😊

My favorite thing I have read this past week is a book of poems by John Ashbery. also picked up three Stephen King books at a used book store.

what did you like about his poetry?

For one thing, he does not come off as a pretentious writer. His poems are vivid and easy to read but still weaves words together in such a way that I have to stop for a moment and take it all in. Who do you read?

I haven't been reading enough lately but I have Alice Notley sitting out right now to re-read. The book that drew me to her was "The Mystery of Small Houses." I am a little out of touch with my poetry mind, so I can't think of more authors, but if I do, I will add some more here :) .

I have also been checking out Silvia Plath.... a bit to depressing but it prompted to read more on her life... interesting stuff. I'm pretty new to reading poetry in depth myself.

i really love her. Her poetry, and her story. I mean her story is very tragic but her life was really interesting. She used to bake a lot when she needed to write... i think i do versions of that and I think that whole process is fascinating... the way that those distractions are an avoidance thing, or sometimes they are a pressure valve to make writing more possible.

#1 - currently reading book 2 of The Chronicles of Avantia. i like it, is easy to read.
#2 - still struggling financially. the shit that happened at the end of April STILL has me eating ramen noodles whilst I pay off the debt a 'friend' left me with.
#3 - hoping to get enough money together to get either a microscopic camera ( for macro-ing, or a decent SLR so i can take better quality photos

just scrolled back up and read the last bit, and realised i dont have to answer #4.. but i will anyways.
this song sums up my ambition. alas, i am too broke to do much about it, other than interact with fellow steemians, and maybe help them out of the ruts they are in.

I logged in today and saw the content i posted about 10 mysteries of the bible had made $1.50 and am happy. So am fine...what of you??

no thank you, please dont spam bible stuff on my wall.

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