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RE: Chat with me! I upvote quality comments! :)

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I'm doing really well thank you @dflo.

I have just returned home after ten days away, part of which was on retreat. i had a wonderful time so was thinking I might feel a bit down this week but, so far, so good.

I won one of the petals contests today so that helped! 😁

I don't really have any goals for this week other than to keep up with blogging here and replying to comments. If the price stays down I would also like to buy a bit of Steem. 😊


Oh hey thats a good idea! I forgot about buying Steem when its low. I have been pretty broke for a while, so I just don't think of it. Hmmmmmmmm. Anyway, what kind of retreat did you go on?

I bought some bitcoin back at Easter when Steem was dropping but never got around to buying any and then the price rose again.

Have you bought Steem before?

It's still not as low as it was then but it's not far off.

The retreat was based around something called the Three Principles. It was wonderful.

Where we stayed was lovely, the weather was great and thefood was yummy. It couldn't have been better. 😊

Nice! I have never been on a retreat of any kind. I would like to try it some day. Yeah i bought steem once before, when things were sort of low. I mostly just earn my Steem. I have help with some delegations right now that I am super touched by, and want to make the best of them by paying them forward. So that's why I thought trying some chats might be nice :)

I've had a few delegations too and, like you, when I had them I wanted to make the most of them and spread my vote around. looks like you've got some really big ones so you'll have more to play with than I had.

Mine were a couple of hundred SP total. 😊

What I did was managed it so my voting power was used as much as possible before I went to bed but would always be back to 100% by the morning. That worked really well.

I'm off to be now. It's way past my bedtime.

Will catch you again tomorrow. Have fun! 😊

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