what did you like about his poetry?

For one thing, he does not come off as a pretentious writer. His poems are vivid and easy to read but still weaves words together in such a way that I have to stop for a moment and take it all in. Who do you read?

I haven't been reading enough lately but I have Alice Notley sitting out right now to re-read. The book that drew me to her was "The Mystery of Small Houses." I am a little out of touch with my poetry mind, so I can't think of more authors, but if I do, I will add some more here :) .

I have also been checking out Silvia Plath.... a bit to depressing but it prompted to read more on her life... interesting stuff. I'm pretty new to reading poetry in depth myself.

i really love her. Her poetry, and her story. I mean her story is very tragic but her life was really interesting. She used to bake a lot when she needed to write... i think i do versions of that and I think that whole process is fascinating... the way that those distractions are an avoidance thing, or sometimes they are a pressure valve to make writing more possible.

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