Coffee/Co-Fe-Fe FACTS

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uuuu.... i can tell you Looove coffe .....  how does coffee affect you

  1. Feelings of euphoria
  2. Extreme Alertness
  3. positive vibe
  4. increased motivation and energy

so those four reasons are enough for most people to consume coffee on the daily. But the less known part about coffe is that  Consuming the same amount of caffeine the next day will result in a lesser degree of those effects.So essentially those affects are only present if you are at the state of 0% caffeine tolerance.

look at that spastic piece of shit, hes basically screaming for your name. "DREEENK MEEEH" Soon that same amount of caffeine produces only a sense of “normal” rather than all of the effects initially experienced.  By “normal” i mean that without the daily dose of caffeine a person feels extremely tired and fatigued way beyond the point they felt tired or fatigued before that initial dose of caffeine.

it takes one to four days to clear it out of your system, so the common trend of more efficient people is to not drink coffee on your offdays.
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i agree... life is short...

There's many posts that will tell you there is some secret formula to building a following on steemit. There really isn't. Some people get lucky, some people just grind it out over time, and some people click bait the fuck out of people lol. I try to pay attention when I see new names and vote back, but I would tell ya that leaving comments helps. Especially if its on a post with someone that engages with the community. Not everyone that posts here really does the whole comment thing, but a lot of us do. :) Best of luck and welcome aboard.

well i do appreciate, you commenting, and voting. thanks