The Latest Crypto Boom Has Me Feeling Some Kind of Way.

in blog •  2 years ago

I have had a question in my mind the last few years as I grow older and see the old grow even older. Soon our generation will inherit the world full of all its wonder and chaos. The burning question is "will we be able to run the show?".


With confidence I can say "hell yea we can, and better than ever". I pride myself on studying trends and forecasting potential outcomes. The trend seems to be the cracks in the establishment are increasing on a daily basis. Their attempts to repair them and save face only show the shortcomings even more leading everyone to the same inevitable outcome.

In the beginning of my journey I only focused on problems and fought them with all of my youthful angst. Ironically it was a state sheriff that enlightened me at an event I was protesting. It was not until much later that the seed he planted in my mind grew into a fully formed ideology. His statement was "fighting against something only validates its existence, you should spend your energy creating something better to replace it".

Money has always been a concern of mine after studying how the current system is designed and works. If you are not aware of how fiat is created and how fractional reserve banking works I would suggest checking it out. The game as it is called is not stacked in your favor, trust me.

I remember promoting crypto in the early days and meeting a lot more resistance than as of late. Seems as though the enlightenment movement has helped a lot with this, once someone starts to question reality itself it is much easier to question the existence of money. For me there is not separation between the paper sea shells we trade today and bitcoin aside from the latter being much easier to use in the larger scheme of things.

The biggest counter to this is "what if the internet goes down?". At the current state of things total loss of the internet globally would cripple every aspect of society beyond the worry of spending your bitcoin. The financial industry is already digital and those credit cards will not do any good without internet either.

We are there, the future is now, and crypto is money. Money is only the beginning and the first step towards the liberation of a small number of people deciding what has value. Soon it will be up to collectives to decide how to run their organizations and up to other organizations on how to interact with them. Each with their own defining sets of rules and principals to govern their operations.

A brave new world lies before us more challenging than ever but we have some amazing tools at our disposal to solve these issues. I can already look back from the future and say man what a ride, it was really looking dark before the dawn. We are in for some turbulent waters but listen to your heart and stay focused on your goals. We are the future of the world and it is ours to run how we see fit!


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