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My 1st ever blog post & the FUN / Liberty based backstory is here for you below.

It was on Bushcraft / Self Reliance & Off Grid life and interests for me. It was posted on Sept. 23, 2016, about 6 weeks after I signed up LOL.

I did not feel comfortable here, everything was so new, I did not know how to format ANYTHING, and I was feeling my way out around this new place, so yes, I relate to new people -- and remember that DAILY in my posts, series I run, and replies.

That's the TLDR version, if you want the longer story, keep reading or just skip to the comments and let us know here your first blog and why you posted it!

And I want to see your first one that you authored on here, and WHY you chose that topic!

Some of my Backstory for you:


As I just mentioned above in brief, I was not comfortable MAKING a blog post with everyone on here knowing blogging, formatting, making their posts look pretty, I basically joined Steemit the first week of August 2016 -- August is my birthday month so I will always remember that. I believe it might have been August 7th, as some others have now posted their milestones and official "Steemit joining anniversary" dates and I was named in some of them - showing August 7th.

I spent the first weeks here reading and commenting on posts.


I have always said I am not a blogger.... I am just a guy that blogs.

-- And there is a big difference.

I kind of fell into this due to my pursuit of Liberty.

Crypto/Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency/Blockchain is all a part of that journey.

I've always been an activist type person and like helping people, and informing them of things going on in the world that affects them.

I guess all my public activism for years as such, the run for City Council to actually challenge the corrupt establishment and help people.... led me to the research, speeches in public forums, publishing of videos over the years on these things, along with running my Real Estate business, and constantly posting on Social Media like Fascistbook etc - to try and make a difference for humanity.

It eventually over the years led me into the Off Grid / Bushcraft / Outdoors community as I had always had an interest in it, am a bit of a hippy by most standards with my daily beliefs and practices in life for the world around me, the environment, and using sustainable / best practices in my life and belief systems.

My first post ever @Steemit post - the main picture/graphic - and link to it in late Sept. / 2017:




Why did I pick this topic?


Because I want to live a more self reliant lifestyle. I do not believe everyone should be forced to remain connected to the Matrix and the Grid by the government by force, manufactured and uninformed consent, and coercion if they don't want to be.

I desire to lead a simpler life than we are conditioned daily by media and the agencies to think we need.

Being able to live simply yet well, is something attainable

Primitive skills of self reliance are completely being lost for homesteading / off grid life if you wish to live that way and be connected to the simple, more primitive life and forced to remain connected... to The Grid.

How did my idea for this new series come about?


I was talking a lot one day around March of 2016 with the wordsmith @dwinblood who is a very sharp and engaged guy about some of this.

As usual, when I am online or offline, my mind continues to work on ideas to build community, try different things, and I came up with this idea later to do this

"get to know your neighbour" series...


It also serves as a regular reminder / library for people to use to find their FIRST POST which is always special. Some of the series I do, like the STEEMIT NEEDS series - also serves this purpose.

An archive you can always come back to, or someone else can, to find something in particular.

E.2 of this series was posted a long time ago!!! March of 2017 - nearly 5 mths ago, I have quite a few things I work on and they get buried at times, oopsy. (:


I think it is unique and functional! That's why I have come up with a few different series' that I run weekly!!!

I am excited actually to do it so I can engage more with you, as a community and resident on Steemit -- and learn more about you!

The first post you gingerly step out and do on here, as a Minnow, likely says something important about you and I want to listen to you, and learn WHY you chose that topic!

I had an hour's worth of comments typed back and forth with @dwinblood over the March 5th and 6th 2017 period.

One comment that led me to start thinking about doing this series can actually be found right here on our friend @thecryptofiend's post about a topic I focus on regularly and had talked with him on this the night before he made this post:




Pls. Resteem / Share the link on others pages where you feel you can and invite people. New people! Older Steemians! Everyone is welcome!

Try to engage and help others, we are SteemitFamily I always say!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

If you liked this blog post - please Resteem it and share good content with others!


Some of my recent blogs:








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While it isn't my "first" post (my actual first post was just an introduction), I consider it to be the start of my actual steem profile. The post was my first meme analysis Titled "Meme Analysis: Book of Facts". Before I actually starting posting, I noticed how memes on this platform tended to be either stolen or using old templates. So instead of only posting my own memes, I wanted to help bring the memers on this platform "up to speed" by introducing the new meme templates and explaining them. It turned out to be a success at the time, earning a whole 0.12 sbd. While of course it feels insignificant now, it was a great feeling getting a reward for, well, original content regarding memes.

Link: https://steemit.com/meme/@meme-nexus/meme-analysis-the-book-of-facts