Are you searching for another curation trail? Then this post is for you.

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Hello Steemians

Hope, all are okay.
and I'm also good.

Here I'm promoting a curation trail.


© 2018 - CC0 Creative Commons - Source - Photo by Mohamed_Hassan.

Yeah you heard it right.
Here I'm promoting a curation trail service that I'm managing myself.

Have you heard about the curation trail of @successteambd?
You don't?
Yeah that's normal to not know about that as that's not something big.

But together we can make it big.

So the reason behind this trail is... we; a Bangladeshi team that are trying to get successful in steemit are sticking together for a long time.

I had this idea to make a curation trail so that we can share our upvotes among us and it's open for others also.

Anyone can follow the trail and they'll be followed back also if they do follow the trail.

23 accounts are following the trail right now.
And you guys are welcome to our trail.

You'll not lose a lot of your VP as most of us don't have lots of SP so we'll not waste your vp too much.
We'll set the voting weight on basis of users SP so i think that would be cool.

For more info... Go check the official post of @successteambd.
Here is the latest update post...
Update of @SuccessTeamBD Curation Trail: 08 April '19.

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That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


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