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I have had to order chive seeds 3 times from 3 different sellers the 3 rd sellers arrived today but the other two haven't even responded to messages I have left them.

I love chives, the taste is great in cream cheese, I love to have them on crackers and they just go together.

I have read that chives are also good for our pollinators once they reach flowering stage so I thought what an opportunity to grow a great tasting plant and help the pollinators at the same time.


I started by prepping my compost, as it has been in the greenhouse for a little while it had dried out so adding 1.5L of water to a mound and giving it a mix helped bring it from a dry sandy texture to a nice workable compost.

I then popped the soil in a seed tray.


The chive seeds I have look like grains of coal, so small but I ordered 600 of the organic type.


When they are on the soil you can still see them as they are a black colour.


I then lightly covered the seeds with a little bit more compost and made a little sign so I know what they are once they start growing. I also covered them with a clear lid.

Other plants have started to pop up as well, I have noticed that my creeping thyme has started to pop up and so have my snap dragons as well. this years garden should be so beautiful when I have finished.

I have also been thinking about changing the lay out of the garden, every night when I get in bed I start to think about the garden and what would be the best for it.
I have already put a brick boarder in place but I don't like the feel too it and I think it looks too structured and not as free flowing as it could be.

I have been watching gardening shows for many years and I feel like I am letting myself down if I was to leave the garden in the lay out that I had already chosen.

I am thinking about opening the garden up and making it a bigger area instead of having a oval boarder in the middle. I do however want to have a covered bench to be able to sit on and watch nature.

There is so much running around my head it is starting to keep me up at night.

I like the idea of growing my own food but I do have a problem with the land, under the soil only about 6 inch there is rubble and other nasty things that the last owner had decided to leave for me to clear up.

I am however also thinking about having some raised beds to grow things like my strawberries, I can add a net cover while they grow and removed later.

I just feel a little lost but I know that it has to be something that other people with gardens must have faced at some point or another.

there is so much to think and do and I am finding it hard to process everything and time is starting to get away from me.

happy steeming guys


Congratulations, your post has been selected to be included in my weekly Sustainability Curation Digest for the Minnow Support Project.

I feel your pain with the rubble problem, I have it too. Flowers will probably cope but I couldn't grow vegetables successfully until I actually just gritted my teeth and sieved the soil properly. Your other option is of course raised beds: I couldn't do that because my climate is too dry but that's also worth considering

I thought about raised beds but I wanted to go for a more country look for the garden space with the odd vegetable scattered between plants so its not just all green.
I have gone through some of the soil with my sieve but the amount that was coming out was a lot. I might run the tiller back over it again and see what it turns up but I am not looking forward to what I find.
Might just move house, that would be easier :D

Hahaha. Moving house was not an option for me and it took weeks to clean the front 3m X 3m space where I grow vegetables. I just accepted that it will be a very long process to get a decent garden in my yard and I tackle one area a year, I do the backbreaking labour in winter, when it is cool enough to work outside all day

I planted some chives last year - they are just poking back up now.

Definitely worth having some raised beds if you can - makes it easier for me to build up soil fertility.

Today, I got hold of an allotment chair person, and she has got an allotment for me, this has made today an amazing day for me as I have been on the list for one for nearly 2 years for rotherham. going to look at it sometime this week, if the rain holds of enough, as she said that she only goes there when it isn't raining.
I am going to have some raised beds their aloud on the plot.

Excellent. Look forward to 'Tales from the Allotment'.

Thinking about doing videos of both the garden and the allotment, should be an interesting watch. lol. maybe a tour once a month and video updates of what I am adding to each plot. I don't know yet but it will keep me busy :D

Sounds good. Will look out for them.